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red_fez_of_el_jebel2016 The Potentate's Message


Nobles, the most important fundraising event of the year for El Jebel is almost here!  The 8th Annual Sportsmen’s Raffle will be held on August 25, 2018 at the Douglas County Events Center in Castle Rock from noon to 5:00 pm.  As you know, there is a prize drawing every three minutes.  The exclusive “Sellers” raffle will once again be held during the September Stated meeting.  Nobles, this event provides a substantial part of the operating budget for El Jebel and we need your help to make it a successful event and meet our budget goals for 2018.  Nobel Perry Mittler is coordinating ticket sales at Bass Pro in Denver and Colorado Springs, Tanner Gun Show and other locations.  We need volunteers to come out and work with your fellow Nobles to sell tickets at these events.  We also need your help to get ticket books for yourself and perhaps sell them to your friends, coworkers and neighbors.  Join the members of the Divan by participating in this important fundraising event for El Jebel.

Are you ready to go to the High School Throwback Party on Saturday September 8, 2018?  Dust off your high school sweater or letterman’s jacket and get ready for a fun filled evening of music, dancing, games and great food!  The High School Throwback Party will be held at the Lakewood Elks Lodge, 1455 Newland St, Lakewood, CO.  The fun starts at 5:00 pm with a buffet dinner at 6:30 pm.  We will have a DJ playing songs from the 50’s 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s for entertainment and dancing pleasure.  Please note that the Lakewood Elks has a CASH ONLY bar, so plan ahead.

We will be holding our Fall Ceremonial on October 20, 2018 at the Denver Consistory just prior to this year’s Oktoberfest.  Nobles it is never too early to be talking to your friends and lodge Brothers about becoming a Shriner.  Please get petitions into the hands of perspective Shriners so we can make the Fall Ceremonial a rousing success!

Summer is quickly becoming a thing of the past with only the Wheat Ridge, Arvada and Broomfield Parades remaining on August 11, September 8 and September 15, 2018 respectively.  Remember that the Broomfield Parade will be followed by our annual barbecue. 

Believe it or not, the September 10, 2018 Stated meeting is just around the corner.  Plan on coming out to share an evening of fellowship and the Raffle “Sellers” drawing followed by the business meeting as our Ladies move to their separate “Sweet Treat” meeting.

Let’s keep the spirit of fun and fellowship going by joining in with your fellow Nobles in all the activities and parades coming up during the remainder of the summer!

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Imperial Session

and other happening

 The Imperial Session was held 15-18 July in Daytona Beach, Florida.  As mentioned last month, this is a summary of those Call actions taken that have an effect on El Jebel Shriners:

  1. An associate member cannot con currently hold elective offices in any of the Temples of which he is a member or concurrently hold elective office in any of the units or clubs of the temples of which he is a member.

  2. The Imperial Potentate may grant a special dispensation to allow more than two Temple stated meetings during a calendar year to be held elsewhere than the Temple location but within the exclusive or concurrent Temple jurisdiction.

  3. A Noble who has served two years as Potentate can serve an additional two years as Potentate if he has served at least two years subsequent to his previous terms as Potentate in an office on the official Divan other than as Potentate and there are no other eligible candidates offering for election to the position as Potentate.

  4. Temple could organize new nonprofit corporations for purposes other than those previously limited to having no purpose other than that of acquiring, owning, selling or otherwise disposing of, and mortgaging real estate, and the erection, maintenance and operation of buildings thereon, for its own use.

  5. A candidate for any elected office, Board of Director position or trustee position in Shriners Hospital for Children must submit for publication in the Notice of Annual Meeting, a Resolution, which states that the candidate is seeking election to a specific office, Board of Director position or Board of Trustee position, that the candidate has authorized that a Personal Background Check be conducted and that the Department of Legal Affairs is authorized to disclose immediately prior to the election for the office that the candidate is seeking, any information in a Personal Background Check obtained pursuant to the authorization which, in the opinion of the Department of Legal Affairs, is relevant or material to the qualifications of the candidate in holding the office for which the candidate is seeking election.

Two Resolutions that passed may be of interest to you as Shriners.

  1. Shriners International has granted a Charter to Amal Shriners, U.D. Sao Paulo, S.P., Brazil pursuant to Shriners International By-Laws, Article 29.

  2. Shriners International has granted a Charter to Bolivia Shriners, U.D. pursuant to Shriners International By-Laws, Article 29.

These two new Temple bring the Temples total to 198.

The long awaited Flag Pole in our Building’s front is now fully approved and will be installed within the next few weeks  It will be just to the left of the current entryway concrete.  The installation will be followed by a replacement of the memorial bricks, the design of which is currently under review.  The Red Fez is your best source for updaters on all El Jebel activities.

The Temple Summer Party has been rescheduled for 8 September.  Keep reading your Red Fez for details, it will be a blast for all attending. 

To really glean the most from your Temple membership, join in the fun at our remaining El Jebel Parade Schedule.  Mark your calendars to be at every one:

            11 August       Wheat Ridge Parade

            8 September    Arvada Parade

            15 September  Broomfield Parade and our annual cookout

            10 November  Veterans’ Day Parade, Denver

            30 November  Louisville Parade of Lights

Last but certainly not least is your needed support for our annual fundraisers.  We will only be successful if each Noble recognizes that his support is required as well as those in his family that give of their time and efforts which is so appreciated. 

The Sportsmen’s Raffle is fast approaching and ticket sales are sorely needed if we are to meet our expenses, much less make the amount required in our annual budget.  Get your tickets at the office or from another Noble and sell.  Also include our 50/50 tickets in your efforts.  Work them with the raffle tickets.  It’s not that hard. 

Our Craft Fair/Cowboy Christmas will be in the fall and we need your assistance in obtaining vendors.  Talk with those that your may do business with or are your friends.  This is a great opportunity to create a win-win situation that will allow a vendor to increase their sales while providing a source of income for El Jebel.

With each of us, as Nobles being active in all that we do, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.  All that is required is you!

Finally, our regular meetings will resume on 10 September with our Stated Meeting at 7:00 pm, preceded by dinner at 6:00 pm.  We look forward to greeting each of you then.


James C. Bobick. Recorder

El Jebel Shriners


Calendar of Events


1 Evening of Laughter – Comedy Works South

11 Wheat Ridge Parade

18 Fraternal Family Picnic & Car Show

22-25 CSSA—Branson, MO

25 Sportsmen’s Raffle


8 Arvada Parade

8 Throwback Party

10 Stated Meeting (Ladies Program)

15 Broomfield Parade/ BBQ

25 Walk for Love—Salt Lake City

26-30 Potentate’s New Orleans Trip

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Shriners Hospitals for Children

From                                                                       In Memory of

Dick Welle                                                            Donation

Phyllis Campbell                                                Wes Campbell

Diane Campbell                                                  Wes Campbell

Toni Teague                                                          Wes Campbell

Lyle & Francis Adams                                       Wes Campbell

Elizabeth Schultz                                                Wes Campbell

Harold & Nichole Potter                                  Jim Graves

Kendy & Greg Rindone                                     Wes Campbell

R.E. & J.M. Nutter                                              Donation

David & Iris Krogh                                             Virginia Meek

David & Iris Krogh                                             Bill Ellicott


Transportation Fund

From                                                                       In Memory of

Floyd & Carmella Scoggin                              Jim Graves

Lisa & Herminio Gomez                                  Jim Graves

Jim & Jean Ashley                                             Jim Graves

Carlin & Susan Joslyn                                      Jim Graves

Gary & Kaye Vanner                                         Jim Graves

World’s Highest S.C.                                        Walter Mosgovoy

Shrine Hospital                                                  In Honor of:

David & Iris Krogh                                            Jerry Nisbit 70 years a Mason

Rod & Rosalee Johnson                                  Jerry Nisbit 70 years a Mason

Sam Okner                                                           Donna & Ernie Edwards 50th Anniversary

MailChimp header_BLACK CAMEL

 In Memorium 

Walter V. Mosgovoy

Ronald E. Walker



Arab Patrol:


Norm O’Kelly

Gene King


John “Just John” DeWerff

Dune Buggy Patrol:

Bronwen Cheney

Rob Cheney

Deborah Elsloo

Tommy Houston

Gerry Villhauer

Jeffco Shrine Club:

Becky Jewell

Keystone Kops

Greta Lawlor

Jeralyn Westerhoff

Kemry Wait II

Erin Micciche

Keystone Kops:

Legion of Honor:

Jack Harlan

Grieg Lang

Ginny Gray

Dorothy Riglin

Glenita Emarine

Provost Guard:

Dick Karns, P.P

RV Roamers:

Dicky Showalter

Jeannette Nail

Betty Scheer

Roger Barnes

Ken Conway


Stu Asay

Ken Behrens

Curtis Bradley

Fred Henning

Bill Hutchison

Judy Proctor

Annette Stewart

Barbara Stoner

Gerry Villhauer


Les Mayer

Ed Rendon, P.P.

Dave Sherburne

Bob Paustian

Dick Karns, P.P.

Bob Patten


Duane Hiebert

Mark Huskins

Jim Long, P.P.

Erik Phillips

Membership circle

Membership Report as of: 7/31/2018

Regular Members: 1033

Associate Members: 49

Creations: 4

Affiliations: 0

Restorations: 0

Total Added:  4

Demits: 0

Suspensions: 0

Expired: 2

Expulsions: 0

Resigned: 0

Total Membership: 1035          with Associates: 1083






John S. Russell, 33°

On the 100th anniversary of the playing of the Stars Spangled Banner at the 1918 World Series the Colorado Masonic Band Camp was invited to play the Stars Spangled Banner for the opening of the game between the Rockies and the Giants on July 2nd. The Band Camp is a scholarship program supported by the Masonic Family and friends in Colorado. The students are 9th through 11th grade high school students recommended by their High School Band Director. The students come free as the Colorado Masonic Family and friends raise the money to support the Camp. The Camp is held from June 30 to July 4th every year in Greeley Colorado on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado. Students are housed and fed on the campus. The Colorado Masonic Family provides the chaperoning. The University music department and staff are hired to provide expert instruction to the students. The Camp plays a Patriotic Concert on the 3rd of July open to the public and concludes by participating in the Greeley Stampeded Parade on July 4th. In the 17 years the Camp has existed it has taken many first places in the parade. This year the Camp consisted of 108 students from 61 different High Schools scattered throughout the state of Colorado.


By Jeanne Thompson

The Caring Ladies of El Jebel met on July 11 at the Chalet Restaurant.  We appreciated the attendance of Divan Representative Chaplain Jim Oliver.

We enjoyed the usual camaraderie and banter which makes our meetings so special.  Miss Kitty made her rounds collecting donations for the Shrine Travel Fund.

All widows of Shriners and Masons are cordially invited to attend our meetings which are held at the Chalet Restaurant, 7340 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge, on the second Wednesday of every month, at 11:30 a.m.  If you are a widow, please give us a try.  We order from the menu or specials board, the food is good, the service is excellent, dress is informal, and we share in the joys or woes of the members.  We find there is much more joy, a lot of laughter, some light teasing, and all in all, a good time.  Please call Kay Bell, 303-430-9001, so we will know how many chairs to put around the table.  

We want to meet you!


By Swede Nelson “Cuddles”

Hospital Clowns

Nearly all of the articles provided for you have had an underlying assumption of, if not a statement about, clowns in parades.  But there are other venues.

One that is of tremendous importance in the Shriner Clown world is the Hospital Clown.  These are not just every day, run-of-the-mill clowns.  For the most part, they are very well trained and have spent a lot of time in clown classrooms.  The El Jebel Shrine Clown Unit is fortunate enough to have two such clowns – – “Tiny” and “Fuzzy”!  Every month they make their appearance at one of the Denver hospitals to do their shtick for patients’ enjoyment.

Hospital clown work is different.  In particular, it is the rules that have to be followed that make it a difficult “gig.”  These rules are in place to ensure that there is no hindrance to patient’s recovery.  For instance, latex gloves might be worn by clowns.  However, today’s latex gloves worn by clowns (in a hospital room) need to be free of powder that is sometimes placed in the gloves.  (Powders may cause an allergic reaction – – something not needed by a hospital patient.)  Certainly, permission needs to be granted by the nursing staff for a clown visit, and permission from the parents of the child-patient needs to be given.  Usually, touching the patient is not allowed; same for the parents and other guests in the room (that can work for the clown’s well-being, too).

When you see a clown in a hospital, it would be most warmly welcomed by the clown to hear a “Thank You”!  They put a lot of work into what they do, and they deserve our gratitude.

Cooler Nobles

By: Cooler Krew

Welcome Cary Williams and his Lady Jutta; our new member and Nobel from the last Ceremonial.  We enjoyed fun and fellowship before the Castle Rock parade at breakfast hosted by Tommy Houston and his Lady Barb.  Thank you for your hospitality and good eats.  Under the guidance of Noble Tommy, we have been practicing parade maneuvers and having fun at practices.  Join us for fun at the next parade.

If you are a Noble seeking fun and fellowship, come join us!  We are a fun loving bunch looking for like minded parade and social members.   To join or for more information about the “Cooler Nobles”, contact Ken Jones at 303.588.4785 or

Ceremonial, June 30, 2018




By Paul Altimier

Daraja had a Good Showing for Buffalo Bill Days in Golden. With Nine Riders participating the day was Cool and the crowds were Hot! Golden Lodge #1 arranged for an all Masonic Parade unit that included T-Nobles and several other Masonic units. After our traditional ride through the Ace High Bar, we celebrated the Successful maneuvers with a BBQ lunch at Don and Mary Kirby’s house. We missed Rider #6 (CR) but plan to see him back on his bike for the next Parade!

Did ya Know?

By ejgw

If you look through the archives you would see that an Aide Emeritus is the honorarium given to a Noble who has been an Aide ten times.  So what do you do with a Noble who has been an Aide a whopping fourteen times?  Make him Chief Aide.  How about twice?  That is Sam Wittner.  He is what might be described as busy, or involved, or helpful, or a hard worker – he is all of these.

Sam was born in the old Fitzsimmons Hospital a few years back.  Obviously, he was an Army brat, for at that time Fitz was only for the military.  But when he answered the questionnaire he wrote he was a graduate of Bad Kreuznacher American High School.  Now we all know some people have various sobriquets for their alma mater (some of which are less than flattering), and some have less than fond memories, but to call it “bad” really piqued my interest.  Turns out that is the actual full name of his high school – it’s in Germany where his father was stationed at the time.

Sam met his wife Mary of 55 years at a skating rink here in Denver.  She was from Oklahoma and he says he just had to feel sorry for anyone from Oklahoma.  So he rescued her and they had a boy and a girl, five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.  Among his accomplishments while employed by Honeywell was the design and construction of containers to enclose and protect tape systems (for missile fire-control) that had to be dropped by parachute in that fun part of the world known as Viet Nam.  He worked there eighteen years, then on to TCI cable, and wound up formal employment as a slot tech for Bonanza Casino.  (Writer’s note:  That most likely was the “funnest” of them all!)

Sam is also very involved in all manner of Masonry, especially the youth as is evidenced by all the DeMolay and Job’s Daughters counseling he has done over the years.  His granddaughter Alaina was Miss Colorado Job’s Daughter and will be running for Miss International.  It says a lot about a man who works for the betterment of our youth.

And for himself he is a Radop, in the Classics and Jefferson County Shrine Club, and is a former T-noble.  That’s when he isn’t busy being an Aide.  He has a sense of humor as well.  Didja know (according to a little bird in the office) that his favorite response to questions he would rather not be asked is “You stepped in what?”



By:   Don Weiser

            Another Month of Parades and summer activities has finished, and once again, the Dune Buggy Patrol was very busy.

            The month started out with the July 4th parade in Brush. On July 3rd, 9 couples stayed the night at the Sands Inn. There were 20 of us that met for dinner and socializing afterward. We were out in force with 6 buggy’s on parade. Since the streets of Brush are so wide, we had ‘Lots of Room’ to do our maneuvers. We had a great time, as usual, and 24 met for breakfast before the parade in Fort Morgan.


            On July 8th, we once again traveled to Evergreen for our summer social at Connie and Don Strand’s mountain home. Everyone brought a dish to share and the Strand’s furnished brats and dogs hot from the grill. Following lunch, we made homemade ice cream furnished by Ron and Robyn. Once again, a great time was had by all that attended.

            July 11th was our monthly meeting, at Garrison ST. Bar and Grill. We had another well attended meeting.

            Finishing out the month, the Castle Rock parade was on July 28th. We met at the IHOP for breakfast. There were 8 Buggies on parade with our ladies able to ride, as it’s hard to maneuver with the crowds.


            Wednesday, August 8th, we will hold our monthly meeting. As usual, meeting at the Garrison St. Bar and Grill. Let’s see everyone out for this month’s meeting.

            August 11th is the Wheat Ridge Carnation Parade, which is a CALL OUT. Let’s see if we can once again get a great turnout for this parade.

            On August 22nd – 25th, CSSA will be happening in Branson, Mo. The Weiser’s will be traveling to enjoy the festivities and compete in Show Car Class again.

            The annual El Jebel Shrine Sportsman’s Raffle will be held on August 25th. Let’s all get out and support our Shrine by attend and BUYING OUR TICKETS!!


            Bronwen Cheney August 13th                                                          

            Rob Cheney        August 18th

            Deborah Elsloo   August 25th

            Tommy Houston August 25th

            Gerry Villhauer  August 27th                         

Everyone have a wonderful month of August!

El Mejdel Temple No. 47

Daughters of the Nile

PQ Carole Bolduc

            Hot, hot, hot! Hopefully, the heat will end soon, and we can get back to Colorado weather.

            The “El Mejdel Day at the Rockies” in July was a big success, despite the heat! Everyone enjoyed themselves at a good game.

            The Summer Function/90th Birthday Celebration went over with a big bang.  The new Supreme Appointees were introduced and congratulated.  The entertainment for the 90th Birthday Celebration “Decades” was a lot of fun; the memories brought back from those days were a delight to see on the faces of everyone in attendance.

                        The bus to Black Hawk will be making its monthly trip on Thursday, August 9th; meeting in the north parking lot of Highlands Masonic Temple at 10:00 a.m.  Come and bring your friends.  It’s a good time.

            Please remember the Annual Nile High Tea coming up on Saturday, November 3rd at Highlands Masonic Temple. The cost is $20.00/person and seating is limited.  An invitation flyer is included in this issue of the RED FEZ.

            On Thursday, August 16th, will be the Queen’s Event; an afternoon of Colorado and Denver History.  We will meet at Highlands (carpool) at 11:00 a.m., lunch at noon; tour at 1:00 p.m. which will last one hour. Spouses welcome.

History Colorado Center – 1200 N. Broadway (Parking across street) Lunch: Rendezvous Cafe` (Menu ranges) $7.00-$15.00 Tour and Admission: Adults: $10.00; Seniors – $8.00

    Please call or e-mail your reservation to: Queen Kendall Cusick-Rindone

H – 303-694-4052       C – 303-947-5123  E-mail:

Don’t forget the “Walk of Love” in Salt Lake City on Saturday, September 15th.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Jeffco Shrine Club

By Jim Cram

            The weather and our Annual Picnic on 20 June were just perfect.  President Herb Schillereff welcomed all and requested everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Herb also brought a box of JeffCo jackets for anyone that might need one.  Gary Jewell was able to find one he liked and wore it home.  Shriner Chaplain Jim Oliver provided the Invocation. The festivities started out with the ‘quarter raffle.’  The winners were Jack Russell, Carolyn Irwin, Jeanne Thompson, Phil Hause, and Dan Kamunen.  The food and company were great.

            After a two-week break we met for our regular luncheon and were pleased to have Divan Rep Jim Oliver in attendance.

            Congratulations to Herb and Lorna Schillereff who will celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary on August 25th.

            Jack Russell is working on details of the Bronco football contest for September.  The object is to pick the number of wins the Broncos will have during the regular season and the team that will win the Superbowl.

            Birthdays for August – Becky Jewell

By Larry N. Clark, P.P.

In July the Kops participated in several events, the Brush Parade, the Shrimp Boil at the Consistory, and our meeting with the El Jebel Motor Corps.  Of course, each Kop also had their vacation trips and family functions.

Some of the Kops made it to the Brush Parade on the 4th of July.  We got up very early and found our way to Brush.  We met at the Brush High School, home of the Beet Diggers, we then wandered down Edmunds Street, actually rode our vehicles, circled back around on Mill Street and packed up for the trip home. Brush is always a good parade.  The people of Brush are friendly and appreciate the El Jebel Shrine attending their parade.

A few Kops chowed down at the Denver Consistory Shrimp Boil.  It was a great time.  We had boiled shrimp, salad, potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage, shrimp, bread, and deserts.  The deserts were ice cream with various toppings and smoooores. Good food, good people, and a great time.

We still have time to sell sell sell Raffle Tickets.  When you sell the tickets get the money and ticket stubs to the office quickly.  We want your winners to have the ticket stubs in the drum for the drawing. 

Plan on attending the Sportsmen’s Raffle August 20th.  Watch your August calendars for upcoming parades.  We have a parade in Castle Rock, and Wheat Ridge.

See you all at the El Jebel Motor Corps / Kops meeting August 30th.



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Dow Jones Industrial Average

January 2, 2018                        24,809.35

June 18, 2018                              25,090.48

July 23, 2018                              25,058.12

Year to date:   Up  248.77


From our last meeting in June to our July 23 meeting, the Dow was down 32.36, stay the course!  

We hope you did as well as we did in your portfolio, (2017 – up 9.7711% year-to-date) and (2018 – up 9.2395%).  If not, come check us out!

If you would like to come to our next meeting on August 20, 2018 and see what we do, please e-mail and we will send you an invite for the club.

necscLogo_blue walk

North East Colorado Shrine Club

By Jerry Wardrip

Our president Noble Gerald Thorndyke called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge of allegiance Nobel Cecil Souders then offered the prayer.  The minutes of our last gathering were reviewed and approved as printed.  Treasurer Noble Earl Craddock gave the treasures report.  It was unchanged from the last report.   The report was accepted as reported.  The High Plaines Rendezvous was our next summer project, it was held on the 23rd of June.  For the early arrivals they met at the Grill at River City.  Saturday morning, we had coffee and donuts for early risers and then the work started.  The Rendezvous was right during our fireworks sales, so tables were moved around to accommodate the lunch program.   We had a great meal for lunch and the work was completed and conferred with perfection.  We had a short conversation about next year’s fireworks and it was decided we would continue this discussion after a plan for next year sale has been laid out.  On July 4th we had a hamburger and hotdog cookout and invited family and friends to participate.  We have three or four young men interested in masonry and we wanted to

get to know them.  This family gathering seemed to be a good time to meet them and watch the city fireworks show right across the street, had a great show this year.
            As we seem to have covered all our necessary business it was now time to move on to the rest of our day.  The president Jerry Thorndyke closed the meeting at about 7:25 AM with peace and harmony prevailing.  Our next function will be the Logan County Fair.

      You all have a standing invitation to come out and meet with us the second Monday of each month here at the Overland Trail Café at the Atwood interchange at 6:00 A.M. That is the Sinclair Station at Exit 115 off I-76.  Good food and Great Fellowship.


By J & J Taylor

The Optars are NOT dark this summer—in fact our lighting is perfect!  And our timing includes the Sportsmen’s Raffle in August.  We know you will want to buy some tickets to the main event, and also for the Optars’ table raffle; the club is offering a Full Drone Flying Kit with camera attached!  Tickets are $5.00 for one or $20 for five. 

            Some of you say, “But I’m not a drone-person!”  And we answer, “But most of you have children and grandchildren, who LOVE to play with modern technology!”  Here are some specs:

            This Mini-drone, “Spark”, is hand-held and responds to hand gestures and facial recognition. It can also be controlled with a smart phone or the included remote control for extended range.  “Spark’s” camera has an f/2.6 wide-angle lens with a 25mm equivalent focal length—incredible image quality for you to push your creative boundaries!

            We could tell you more, but the video shows its wide capabilities; write Taylors (; or call 303-795 3278 for any info.

By Kent Burns

August already?  Seems like just yesterday we were dying Easter eggs – now we’re getting ready for football.  It’s been a fast summer, and an interesting one with the heat, then rain, then more heat.  And soon it will be time for some to complain of the cold of fall and winter.  At least with the cold, you can add layers.  Or gloves.  Or coats.  But with the heat, there is only so much you can take off.  And still be socially correct and/or acceptable.

For those who have never had the thrill of wearing eight or nine yards of wool on a sweltering +90o day (especially when the humidity is up there, like right after an afternoon thunderstorm), take it from those who have that the end result is similar to the steam room at the local YMCA.  Surprisingly enough, all that wool affords little warmth in the winter, but it sure adds heat in the summer.  Actually, the Scots would dip their kilts in the stream to get them wet, then roll up in them for the night.  When the wet wool froze, the result was a nice warm sleeping bag of sorts (like a cocoon) that provided comfort on a long cold winter’s night.  Of course, those guys were a bit more rugged than we are.  Don’t know how quickly I would roll up in a wet blanket in the winter.

We were the duty band at the Sunday edition of the Elizabeth games again this year.  Per the organizers we had seven mini-concerts, starting with the usual Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan and ending up playing the Elizabeth version of the pied piper of Hamlin – it is our “job” to march out of the grounds playing that old standard Scotland the Brave.   The idea is to “suggest” to the crowd that it is time to go.  And it works fairly well.  We cheated a bit and started five minutes earlier than scheduled.  Good thing we did as we barely made it to our cars before the clouds opened up and dumped on the games.  A rather fortuitous early start as we would have been soaked had we not fudged the time.

It seems like the Band likes to live on the edge.  So, after dodging the rain that weekend we took another shot at it the last weekend of July.  A Past Master of Golden City Lodge is always trying to promote Masonry, and one of his favorite venues is the annual Buffalo Bill Days Parade in Golden.  Every year we get a call about doing something for this event.  Like marching up to the actual shrine playing pipes.  Well, that ain’t gonna happen!  (At that altitude we of-a-few-years have enough trouble filling our lungs with air, let alone filling up those infernal bags as well!)  And the parade is usually out also.  The biggest problem the Worshipful Sir has is that most weekends in the latter part of the summer are already scheduled way ahead – like by years – and participants are hard to come by.  Although he did good job in getting various Masonic units to be in the parade, our part was to promote interest in his lodge’s Child ID tent at the “fair grounds.”  Rightly so he figured bagpipes draw a crowd, so if we played by that tent, people would come to check out all the noise and possibly get interested in what the lodge was doing – which is a great public service.  Naturally (as far as this year goes, anyway) the forecast was for possible showers which, thankfully, failed to materialize.  So, we dodged yet another rain bullet.

Oh, and one of the other things about all that wool we wear – when it gets wet, it smells like the proverbial wet dog.  Not a good thing.  And it is hard on the kilt as well.

If any are interested all this fun and frivolity, come on down to the Shrine center any Thursday evening around 1900 and check us out.  Admission is free.



By J & J Taylor

Again, we’re writing after 5 fun-filled days at one of the Roamers’ favorite Outings—Mountaindale, south of Colorado Springs.  The weather was almost perfect—rain one afternoon and early part of that night—which didn’t hamper anyone’s activities (we even got a soak in the outdoor hot tub that morning!) 

            We were happy to see Jim Oliver joining us as a new RV Roamer; he brought his new camper and an old parrot—“Apollo” that talks up a storm, except when eight bodies are watching him!  Other pets joining us this time were Kohlweys’ new heeler, Talkingtons’ new pug-mix, and JoAnn’s parakeet.  Marolyn Kent brought her large potted flowers that go everywhere with her.  In former outings, the Umsteds have brought Yoriko’s fighting fish in separate little dishes!

            On Thursday we all ate at one of the well-known places in the area—a 5th-generation family restaurant called Juniper Valley, where we all celebrated the Cromwells’ 43rd anniversary (see their picture).  On Friday we had our traditional “heavy hors d’oeuvres”, and our even more traditional (when Jerry Kent is there) “Card Bingo” (see that picture, too).

            Richard & Heidi again fixed our breakfast on Saturday, with French Toast (WONDERFUL).  Then in the afternoon, the “Brown Bag Auction raised $300 to donate to the Shriners’ Hospital in Salt Lake!  What fun we had, with everything from gag gifts to fire extinguishers to a $25 gift certificate, won by Ellen.  Our evening meal was another tradition, a “cookout-with-dish-to-share”.  Afterward, Mountaindale served THEIR traditional $2.00 ice cream dishes, which reminds us of Henry—see his picture from two years ago.

            Anyway, that gives you all a run-down of the fun we have as Roamers.  Won’t you join us?  You don’t even have to have a rig—many of our members rent a cabin (usually on site), or like Barneses, rent a motorhome for the Caravan in September.  Call us to find out our schedule, “try us out”, and/or book your vacation!  If you want to see all 130 pictures of the Mountaindale weekend, go to:

By Claude Akridge

The last meeting was held on June 27th at 11:30 AM at the Golden Corral Restaurant located at West Hampden Ave. @ South Santa Fe Drive.

President Randy and Vice-President Carl were both out of town, so our Secretary and Treasurer Dan Kamunen conducted the meeting.

Golf outings played in July were South Suburban Golf Course on July 12th and Ute Creek on July 26th. There will only be one outing in August at Walnut Creek on August 9th. There will be two outings in September to close out golfing for the 2018 season. We thank Jim Teagarden for his efforts.

The Divan report was given by III Sir Rich Silver. Rich brought us up to date on the upcoming Ceremonial and the Sportsman Raffle, and the 50/50 drawing to be held August 25th.

President Randy has arranged a Sandblaster Summer Brunch Soiree Party for Sunday August 5th @1:30pm at HILLTOP INN 9009 Metro Airport Ave. Broomfield, CO.  You can sign up on the sandblaster website or give Randy a call for all the details (303-635-0357) or (303-596-3008). Thanks Randy,

I received word from Jack Kimpton that Carolyn is recovering great from her back surgery.  Carolyn, the sandblaster family is wishing you a speedy recovery. GET WELL SOON.

In closing please remember guests are always welcome at our meetings which are the last Wednesday of each month.  We are happy that Jim Curran was at the meeting.  Jim has gone to the AZ Winter outings with the sandblasters. Hope to see you again soon.



By Bobby Juchem, Secretary-Treasurer


By Wayne Covert

Summer is winding down and we still have a lot of activities left. The Sportsman’s Raffle, Parades that are left, and our V.I.P. Cookout. This year it will be held at Wayne and Vivian’s, September 23rd. more details to follow next month. We went dark for the summer due to vacation and other personal events. Our Patrol has really taken a hit on health issues. Evelyn Barnard fell and broke her hip and is home after rehab and doing good. Jennie Viburg is going in for a hip replacement, Gloria Covarrubias is due to have surgery on her elbow, and Keith Meakins has been under the weather. My best goes out to all our members that are going through hardships. I hope everyone recovers so our unit will be solvent again. I’m so impressed at our new Fez case in our lobby. my understanding is our flag will be flying soon. Our Shrine has come a long way in a short time, and my hat goes off to the people who took it on to make this happen. As our number of members shrink we are working to rebuild for the future. Always remember we are all Masons first, KEEP IT ON THE SQUARE, AND ON THE LEVEL.


By Steve Thomas

Tri- County by Steve Thomas:

We had a great time with our Masonic Brothers at the Montrose Elks Lodge cookout. Brothers Jim Ditmore, Mark Wallen, their ladies and crew did an excellent job with the meal. Had a very abbreviated meeting and about all we decided on was to go dark in August. The only weekend we had open is Labor Day weekend and thought most families would like to be together. So, our next meeting will be in September.

 Sickness and destress: Sky Fairlamb had a total knee replace June 12th and is doing rehab at Cholow Center in Delta. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Good thing he won our 50/50 cash prize last meeting. It will help him cover expenses and loss wages from work.

WCSC Clowns by Steve Thomas:

            Paonia Cherry Days parade was a blast as always. We had a good showing of clowns and a lot of fun for all. Jim “Gassie” Ditmore did this one as his first parade as a WCSC Clown and he was overwhelmed with the crowd cheering for the Shriners.  Gunnison Cattlemen’s Days parade saw 4 WCSC Clowns show up. Fred “Scooter” Carson, Jim “Gassie” Ditmore, Steve “Mugsy” Thomas and Bob “Boomer” Beeson. However, Boomer broke a throttle cable and had to go to the pits. 

More parades coming in August. We have Rifle County Fair parade August 4th line up at 9am. Delta County Fair parade in Hotchkiss August 11th line up 9am, “Which I won’t be able to attend because of a family gathering on that day”. Then Palisade Peach Festival parade August 18th line up at 8am.

            Then we go to Ridgway for Labor Day and Ouray County Fair parade on Monday Sept. 3rd 9am which is a very fun


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