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red_fez_of_el_jebel2016 The Potentate's Message

As we approach this Holiday Season Lady Janet and I want to turn our focus towards its true meaning.  With the barrage of commercials and retail sales pointing at material things, it is way too easy to forget the true meaning of the holidays.  Please take time to gather with family and friends and give thanks for all of God’s gifts.

El Jebel will once again host our Annual Children’s Christmas Party at Highlands Masonic Temple on December 8, 2018.  The festivities will begin at 12:00 pm and continue till 3:00 pm.  There will be food, drinks, Goodie Bags for the kids and a special visit from Santa.  Please come out and bring your children and grandchildren to this fun event.  As always, this Children’s Christmas Party is open to everyone.  Take this opportunity to invite your friends and neighbors to bring their kids to this wonderful event.

Plan on attending the December 12, 2018 Stated Meeting and exercise your right to select your Divan for the coming year.  It has been my distinct pleasure to work with the officers you elected last year, and I strongly encourage you to continue to look toward the future of El Jebel and chose your leadership for 2019!  Dinner will be served at 6:00 pm and the Stated Meeting will begin at 7:00 pm.  During the Stated Meeting our Ladies will gather to share the Holiday Spirit.

The El Jebel 18 Piece Band will be celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Denver Clarion Hotel with great music and dancing.  The evening will include a dinner buffet and midnight champagne followed by a buffet breakfast.  This will be a fun way to bring in the New Year with your friends and fellow Shriners.

Looking towards January, tickets are available for the El Jebel Shriner Night at the National Western Stock Show on Friday, January 18, 2019.  Shrine Night at the National Western is always a great time to share fellowship with Nobles and Family, enjoy the rodeo and support Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Let’s keep the fun and fellowship that we have experienced over the past two years going as 2018 winds down!

red_fez_of_el_jebel                 recorders_desk_3_small










Our Shriners Hospitals for Children are Strong

            The potentate greeted all at 6:00 pm and asked the Chaplain, Jim Oliver, the give a prayer after which the Potentate led all in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of our Nation.  The Chanters led all in the National Anthem.  A buffet Thanksgiving Dinner was served with a pumpkin pie dessert.

            At 6:50 pm The Potentate opened our Hospital Night Meeting with our Chaplain giving an Invocation.  The Potentate introduced the Dignitaries attending as follows: Past Grand Master Claud Dutro; Past Potentates Illustrious Amer Plaisted, Jim Fitzpatrick, Jim Stewart, Matt Raia, Larry Clark, and Rich Silver; Denver Scottish Rite Secretary Matt Raia; and York Rite Grand Chapter, Council and Commandery Treasurer.

            Illustrious Rich welcomed two new El Jebel Nobles and their ladies: John and Tianna Bales and Mike and Corina Lazalde who is transferring from Texas. 

            The Potentate then introduced our Shriners Hospital Child, Cameron Watters and his family.  With Cameron were his grandparents, parents, sisters and other family members.  Cameron spoke about his experiences at the Salt Lake City Hospital, especially the toys, fish tanks, and fun with other kids and the staff.  Cameron’s father talked of his time in a Shriners Hospital and expressed his thanks for excellent work done for Cameron.  Cameron’s grandfather spoke of the continuing care received and his countless thanks for the services received at the Hospital.  Cameron then introduced his family.  Everyone was awed by Cameron’s poise, happiness and expressed thanks for such a young boy.  Continued applause let Cameron and family know how much their presentations meant to those there.

            Illustrious Rich then introduced Noble Rick Frohlick, member of the SLC Hospital Board-of-Directors for his update concerning the SLC Hospital and our Shriners Hospitals in general.  He discussed the several services offered such as In-patient, out-patient, surgical, braces, fitted wheel- chairs, and prosthetics.  Issues facing the hospital now are telehealth, changing from primarily in-patient to out-patient effecting insurance payments based on beds. Used by Federal and State Laws.  The annual Hospital Day, “Walk and Roll for Love,” had 801 attendees with 141 patients.  Fun was had by all with achieving the highest revenue reached in the USA.  Next year’s Hospital Day will be 21 September 2019 with their Open House.  You should put it on your calendar to attend.  A real treat was the Halloween wheelchair decorations and Trick or Treat enjoyed by the patients. 

            Imperial evaluation of all 22 hospitals unite all revenue and services to best use our facilities to the best advantage while ridding that which no longer serves a purpose in todays and future medical needs.  For example: Salt Lake City Hospital is working with local hospitals to identify and divide work required to best accomplish care needed.  Medicate issue concerning “Hospital Days” credit for insurance payments is being addressed to determine what updates are required.  Another issue is there are more operations being done in Tijuana than in Pasadena requiring shifts in staff and finances.  Overall, our 22 hospitals are doing very well in meeting our goal of treating children regardless of their capability to pay.  This will always remain our goal and success no matter the form the future requires.

            Remember, our Shriners Hospital for Children (SHC) depend on donations large and small.  Have you made yours?  You may send it to El Jebel marked for or written to the SHC.  We, all Shriners, appreciate your support.  Noble Rick was thanked by a round of applause for his report and many years of service to the SLC Hospital and the SHC.

            The Potentate called on Noble Perry Mittler who presented a $1,200 check to the El Jebel Transportation Fund for the revenue received in the Shriners Rifle Raffle.  Then Illustrious Rich called on Ron Williamson who presented a check for $282.96 donated from Old Mine Restaurant and $253.00 collected from the evening event for a total of $535.96 to El Jebel.

            Noble Don Weiser was called by the Potentate to give an update on our Children’s Christmas Party.  The Party will be at Highlands Lodge on 8 December at 11:30 am with lunch at 12:15. Santa and his Elves will arrive at 1:00 to talk with each child and have their photo taken with Santa.  Don needs nobles to help volunteer with the party.  Please call Don with your support.

            Illustrious Rich made the following announcements: December Election Meeting will be 10 December with dinner at 6:00 pm and the meeting at 7:00 pm.  All nobles are encouraged to attend this vital meeting that will set the tenor for 2019.  The Potentate closed the meeting at 7:50 pm, peace and harmony prevailing.

            On 18 November, The Potentate had a luncheon for his 2018 Aides and their ladies as well as the Divan.  Over forty folks attended with camaraderie and libations beginning at 12 noon followed by a great Italian catered lunch.  Fun and fellowship was had by all.  Illustrious Rich ended the celebration by thanking all his Divan and Aides for their support to him and Janet throughout the year.  Our Potentate was then thanked for the exceptional leadership he and Janet provided in so many ways and in so many varied activities.  Also, appreciation was expressed for their kindness and the token presented to all.

            A new year approaches.  Please remember to get your 2019 dues paid no later than 31 December 2018!



Calendar of Events


7 Louisville Parade of Lights

8 Children’s Christmas Party

10 Election Meeting (Ladies Program)

31 New Year’s Eve Party



6 Potentate’s Trip Presentation

12 Unit Meeting

14 Stated Meeting & Installation/Ladies Program

18 Shrine Night at Stock Show



9-10 Grand Junction Installation

11 Family Night


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Shrine Club

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MailChimp header_BLACK CAMEL

 In Memorium

Sherman Burry

Robert Carpenter

Harold Ostertag



Arab Patrol:

          Delores Frye

Dune Buggy Patrol:

          Cliff Cantrell

          Marlene Jones

        Patti Dunsmore

        Ken Jones

        Jack Neff

        Ernie Edwards

        Jessica Schwartz

Legion of Honor:

        Pam Richards

        Cynthia Ryan

        Arlene Rayburn

        Vicky Dexter

Provost Guard:

        Patty Dunsmore

        Pam Richards

        Paul Stembel

        Elmer Willingham

RV Roamers:

        Bruce Hepp

        Kent Eckley

        Matt Raia, P.P.

        Arlene Kohlwey

        Dave Kohlwey

        Harlow Leeper

        Tootsie Dougherty


        Emit Hurdelbrink
        Patricia Marcus

        Sherry Powell

        Jim Schneider

        Mike Schwartz

        Mary Wittner    


        Kent Eckley


        John Loerwald


        Matt Raia, P.P.

        Bill Barnard

        Joe Kent

Membership circle

Membership Report as of: 11/30/2018

Regular Members: 1022

Associate Members: 48

Creations: 0

Affiliations: 0

Restorations: 1

Total Added:  1

Demits: 2

Suspensions: 0

Expired: 2

Expulsions: 0

Resigned: 0

Total Membership: 1019          with Associates: 1067




Jewel of El Jebel

Dreher, Jodi

Silver Ribbon

Covert, Wayne


Abbott, Meade

Akridge, Claude

Anderson, Andy A.

Anstine, Art

Barnes, Roger

Bobick, James C.

Burns, Kent B.

Bush, Don

Clark,P.P., Larry N.

Covarrubias, Phil

Covert, Wayne

Cox, Ron

Cram, Jim

Dare, Phred

Dattilo,P.P., (Tony)

Davis, Jerry

Dawkins, Jim

Dial, Charles

Dreher, Jodi

Ferguson, David

Fitzpatrick, P.P., Jim

Frohlick, Rick

Hamm, Ed

Harris, John S.

Heath, Richard

Hecox, Richard

Hilbun, Otis & Melvin

Hinds, Brett

Hoblit, Bob

Hubbard, Steve

Jewell, Gary

Johnson, Thomas

Jones, Ken

Juchem, Robert W.

Kesig, John

Kimpton, Jack

King, David

Kohler, Loren

Krogh, Dave R.

Langland, Dwight

Lighthill, Michael

Loberg, Gary

Lucy, Robin

MacDonald, Lee

McKenna, Shawn

Markell, Dick

Marner, Bobby

McCaffery, Jack

McConnell, Dean A

McCullough, Bob

McCune, Dan

McIntosh, Alexander J

McLain, Travis

Melton, Greg

Mittler, Perry

Myers, Donald W.

Newland, Lloyd

Nordberg, Nils

Oliver, James

Palmer, Michael

Patten, P.P., Jack

Patten, Bob

Paul, David

Paustian, Bob

Peabody, Rodger

Penn, J. Randy

Petersen, Charles D.

Plaisted, P.P., Amer

Pratt, Dale

Puckett, Ryan K

Raia, P.P., Matt

Richards, Edward

Rindone, Greg

Robinson, Bobby

Salazar, Bob

Schillereff, Herbert G.

Schwartz, Bill

Seebeck, John

Sichterman, P.P., Don

Silver, Richard

Simons, Doug

Soto, Tom

Soule, Ron

Strand, Don

Stretch, Bob

Taylor, Jim

Terry, Mike

Thoeming, Jim

Titterington, John

Tucker, P.P., Steve

Umsted, Billy

Varner, Hos

Viburg, Ken

Villhauer, Gerry

Walker, Byron G.

Walker, Victor

Weiser, Don

Wall, Richard H.

Weiszbrod, Gary

Weymouth, Chris

Williams, P.P., Dick

Williamson, Ronald J.

Wingate, Rich

Wittner, Sam

Zeaphey, John

Zoufaly, Howard




By Jeanne Thompson

The Caring Ladies of El Jebel had a small but congenial group for the October meeting.  As usual, friendship was warm, food was delicious, service was great.

            Our December gathering is social only, so this is a great time to come visit us.  We are widows of Shriners and Master Masons who gather on the second Wednesday of each month, 11:30 am, for an informal lunch and camaraderie.   We meet at the Chalet Cafe, 7340 W. 38th, Wheat Ridge.  If you can join us, please call Kay Bell, 303-430-9001, so we can have a chair for you.  But if you decide at the last minute, just come on down – it’s easy to add another chair!  ‘ 

            We regret the loss of long-time member Shirley Dietrick.  We will miss her “Hello Darlings” as she entered the room.  


By Swede Nelson “Cuddles”


            Yes, there are a few, but very few, people who are afraid of clowns.  You might know a person or two who are frightened by them.  HOWEVER, there is actually NO category for a phobia of clowns in the American Psychological Association’s listing of phobias.  Bottom line: It’s a fear or phobia that is created in peoples’ minds.  That doesn’t mean for a moment that it is any less real to them, of course.

            For those of us who have been in parades and other places where clowns do their “work”, we have seen kids and young adults (including a very few older adults) who are genuinely concerned about being in the presence of a clown. For me, it’s fun to smile at them and try to hug them, if I can.  I do it just to show them how much of an everyday guy I truly am.  It works on occasion; however, there are a good many people who are frightened and want nothing to do with me!  They would not give a hoot in hell for a bunch of us!

            “It” was a movie starring John Ritter (a Stephen King adaptation).  Who else but Stephen King can bring out our fears like that guy?  He depicted a very scary clown that was one evil character, no doubt about it.  In turn, the fear spilled over into some peoples’ thoughts, and look what we have today! Of course, there were a couple of other “bad clown” movies, too! All of them seem to be major contributors to some of the fear we see today – – it is interesting to note that we didn’t see much fear at all of clowns in the not-too-distant past.  DARN!!!



By Jim & Judy Taylor

            The November 13 meeting was started with lunch at New York Deli with 12 present.  Following lunch, the group convened at El Jebel on the second floor for the meeting with 9 present. President Ken Behrens opened the meeting at 1:00 and followed the normal agenda.

            Divan Rep Ron Williamson agreed we could temporarily suspend the bylaws and hold elections in November.  Ken will (and has) prepare a bylaw change to change the Election date from December to November.  A vote passed to allow a combined Sec./Treas.  The 2019 Officers elected are Ed Hamm – President, Ron Williamson – Vice President and Jim Taylor – Sec./Treas. 

            The Nile – High Tea pictures and the children’s Christmas Party photo shoot were discussed.  Dianne White and Ed Hamm along with Jim & Judy Taylor and some Optars will handle the photo shoot with Ed using his camera & computer rather than the club’s.

            Next meeting will be on December 11, with lunch at Village Inn at 11:30 AM, meeting at the Shrine at 1:00 PM.  The program will be discussion on the Children’s Christmas Party and possibly an education session.

            Ron Williamson, our Divan Rep, gave a report on the happenings at El Jebel.

            After the business meeting, we discussed possible programs for December and 2019.  2019 programs will include: Home Network Security; Mobile Apps; How to Clean your Computer; How to Update Unit Information on the website; Replacing Your Hard Drive with Solid State; Excel; Power Point; ask outside vendors to present a program (Scott Henke, Best Buy, etc.).

            All Shriners are invited to join our club; dues are $12.00 per year. Wives, guests, and curious people are always welcome. 

            If you have any questions, please contact Jim Taylor, 303-795-3278,



By:   Don Weiser

            November has passed with the celebration of Thanksgiving. I hope we all remembered to   give Thanks for all of the Blessings we have received this year. We now look to December, and the final month of the Shrine year.


            November 10th was the Veterans Day Parade and Bass Pro Santa Parade, with only 2 Buggies on parade. It started out cold, got warm during the Veterans Day Parade, and then the weather front came in just before the Bass Pro parade.

            November 12th was the Shrine Family Night and Hospital Report. We had a great attendance and the turkey dinner was wonderful.

            November 14th was our monthly meeting, at Garrison ST. Bar and Grill. We had our Annual meeting, with 7 of our active members present. 4 of our Lady Bugs were present and Ernie Edwards daughter joined us also. We had a great meeting with our new 2019 officers elected. Ron Williamson, president; Jay Bobick, 1st Vice President; Ron Pitcock, 2nd Vice President; Don Strand, Sec/Tres; and Jay Bobick will take over as Red Fez Reporter.

The Annual Reports were presented and accepted. Ron Dunsmore, President 2018, expressed his thanks to all for their support and participation this year.

            UPCOMING EVENTS:        

  1. Wednesday, December 5th Dune Buggy Patrol Christmas Party, Homestead Grill 11532 W. Hampden Pl.

  2. Saturday, December 7th Louisville Parade of Lights. This will be our second year at this Holiday parade.

  3. Last year those of us that went had a cold but great time. This is a very well attended parade with thousands of kids lining the streets. Let’s all get those battery-operated Christmas lights and garland out and decorate our Buggies to show off our Holiday spirit.

  4. Shrine Children’s Christmas Party, 3550 Federal Blvd., Highlands Masonic Lodge. 12 noon to 3 pm. RSVP to Shrine Office by December 3rd.

  5. Monday, December 10th, El Jebel Annual Meeting and Election of Officers for 2019. Please plan to be present and support El Jebel Shrine. Social 5 pm, Dinner 6 pm, Meeting 7.


            December 4th   Cliff Cantrell, 10th Marlene Jones, 11th Patti Dunsmore, 12th Ken Jones, 19th Jack Neff, 23rd Ernie Edwards, 23rd Jessica Schwartz.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a safe & Happy New Year!



El Mejdel Temple No. 47

Daughters of the Nile

By PQ Carole Bolduc

            Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Doesn’t seem possible it’s December already and a new year just around the corner.  Elections are finally over; no more annoying political TV ads, at least for this month.

November was an exciting month for El Mejdel.  First, the Annual Nile High Tea was held on Saturday, November 3rd and was a great success.  With over 275 people, we found ourselves busier than the proverbial bee. It was a fun day with good food and good friends both old and new. This has been a great fundraiser for our Temple, and we hope to keep it going as long as possible. If you have never attended, please plan to do so next year. You will thoroughly enjoy it. A big “thank you” goes out to the Nobles, Masons and DeMolay who helped with the serving and cleanup for this event.

Our Supreme Queen, Shirley Henley made her Official Visit to our Temple on Thursday, November 8th. We had a beautiful Ceremonial, initiating five new members. The Past Queens hosted our Founders’ Day Luncheon which everyone enjoyed, and the day concluded with a Banquet and performances by our Temple Units. We have had a new Unit established at our Temple, the “Showstoppers”. Their first performance was given at the Supreme Queen Visit and was a big hit. We had a long, but enjoyable day.

Don’t forget our Mystery Dinner Theatre “Murder by Denial” coming up on January 23, 2019.  A flyer is included in this issue of the FEZ with more information.

Also, there have been a lot of renovations and “fix-ups” at the Highlands Masonic Temple, and we’d like to show them off. More information will be coming out soon regarding this.

Holiday parties and get-togethers for this month with family and friends are fast approaching.  Enjoy the season and be safe.

We want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Englewood Shrine Club

By Don Phelps

At our November 17th. meeting we elected the following officers, Larry Clark President, Lloyd Newland 1st. Vice President, Don Phelps Secretary, and Emit Hurdlebrink Treasurer.  Our outing for December is Scrooge at the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse in Johnstown on December 1st.  We have twenty-six people going.  We are looking forward to a great new year.

Jeffco Shrine Club

By Jim Cram

 Happy Holidays to everyone!

            Sympathies are extended to the family of Chapin Blake, whose memorial services were held on November 17th.  He was Club Secretary for many years, and he and Jean were faithful to deliver and maintain a supply of magazines at Lutheran Hospital. He went on an Honor Flight to the Washington D.C. Memorials that was welcomed by Bob Dole. He was from Maine and loved lobster. He also loved ice cream, featured at his Memorial reception.

            Herb Schilleriff’s hunting party to southern Colorado bagged an elk. But the annual excursion was a little more challenging this year because Herb injured his leg packing for the trip. Thankfully, he is almost back to normal.

            Get Well Wishes are appreciated for Jim Cram, who recovered nicely from a broken arm in September but who recently fell again and had to spend several days in the hospital. He earned some stitches and a couple of black eyes but also injured the top of his spine. He is home with an ‘aspen collar’ to support his head and neck during the healing process but is improving daily and hopes to rejoin the weekly luncheons soon.


Legion of Honor


By Don Phelps

At our November 27th. meeting we elected the following officers to serve for 2019, Commander PC Ed Richards, 1st. Lt. Comm. PC Eddie McGrady, 2nd. Lt Comm. PC Hos Varner, and Adjutant/Finance Officer PC Dave King.  Installation of Officers will be at our January 22, 2019 at 13:00.  Installing officer will be PC Don Phelps.  All are welcome to attend.  We meet at Black Hawk Lodge on Morrison Road.  We will have refreshments after the installations.


Click for our web pageNassab Logo

We learn to earn

Dow Jones Industrial Average

January 2, 2018                        24,809.35

October 22, 2018                      25,444.34

November 19, 2018                   25,413.22


Year to date:   Up  603.87


From our last meeting in October to our November 19 meeting, the Dow was down 31.12, what a ride, but stay the course!  

We hope you did as well as we did in your portfolio, (2017 – up 9.7711% year-to-date) and (2018 – down 10.3019%).  If not, come check us out!

If you would like to come to our next meeting on August 20, 2018 and see what we do, please e-mail and we will send you an invite for the club.

necscLogo_blue walk

North East Colorado Shrine Club

By Jerry Wardrip

November meeting of the Northeast Colorado Shrine Club                     

November Meeting of the Outpost #1 Colorado Consistory 

Our meeting was called to order by Vice President Nobel Cecil Souders.  He then led us in the pledge of allegiance followed by a prayer.  The minutes of our last gathering were reviewed and approved as printed.  Treasurer Noble Earl Craddock gave the treasures report.  It was unchanged from the last report.   The report was accepted as reported.  
     We discussed the project we are working on to help at Santa’s workshop at the Sterling Home Depot.  We will help the kids with their building projects, they will have kits furnished by Home Depot, to build and take with them.  They will also get to visit with Santa and have their picture taken.  We will be working this project on the 1st and 3rd weekends in December; starting at 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM.
      The Sterling Knights Templar will have their Christmas program on December 15, with a lunch at noon followed by the program.
As we seem to have covered all our necessary business it was now time to move on to the rest of our day.  The VP Nobel Cecil closed the meeting at about 7:25 AM with peace and harmony prevailing. 

      You all have a standing invitation to come out and meet with us the second Monday of each month here at the Overland Trail Café at the Atwood interchange at 6:00 A.M. That is the Sinclair Station at Exit 115 off I-76.  Good food and Great Fellowship.


By J & J Taylor

            On Tuesday, November 6, we met at the Shrine Building for a pot luck dinner before the meeting.  Pot lucks always turn out to be a real surprise, with assorted dishes that seem to all go together.

            The meeting was opened by our President, Ron Dunsmore.  Nominations for next year officers were held; it was voted that last year’s officers were on the docket.  If any others are willing and able, get the names to those in charge (probably the President, and he might likely lobby for them!)

            Also, in the meeting under Sunshine and Shadows, three names were mentioned:  Jim Cram, who broke his arm; Judy Weymouth, who got a stomach bug after the Crafts Show (!); and Wendell Martin, who has been battling eye problems for over a year.  We wish them all the best for a total recovery soon.

            The Annual Christmas dinner is coming up on December 4, again to be held at Homestead Grille.  A few other units have been invited so as to “fill the Grille”.  The entertainment will be an electric trumpeter—“excellent, and very entertaining”, according to Ron.  Hope you’re on the list to come!

            Optars’ program for the night was our annual “Optarama”; this time pictures were shown from members who had attended the “Copper Door Coffee Roasters” coffee tour last month.  It was interesting to see what the photographers had zoomed in on, as Ed pointed out.  Some were detail-oriented, some focused on the process, some on the people, etc., etc.  And we all got to see the burlap, which Robyn and Kerri had snatched up, and Kerri had sewn into aprons (“never again!” —she had WASHED the burlap!)  Taylors made Halloween costumes to wear square dancing out of their burlap.

            So, if we don’t see you at the Optars Christmas dinner, maybe you’ll be at the Children’s Christmas Party, on December 8.  Optars and the Computer Club will be taking pictures of Santa and your grandkids (and you if you want!)  Stay focused…

By Kent Burns

Tempus fugit.  And how!  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we welcomed in this year?  And now here we are about to usher it out and welcome in its replacement.  It is not just that we are getting older – this year was busier than the last few years for the Band.  There were sad times:  One of our favorite semi-annual “clients” was disbanded – the Northern Colorado Honor Flight out of Ft. Collins, due to the death of its “founder”; we attended far too many funerals and memorial services not only to play Amazing Grace but also as grieving friends of the newly departed; we all added a candle to our own birthday cake.  But there were also fun times:  We again performed with the Air Force Academy cadets in Aspen; we looked forward with anticipation to our weekly practices not only for the fellowship and practice, but also to see if that “structure” just to the west had collapsed yet; and we found out that the Northern Colorado Honor Flight just might be resurrected for those deserving veterans yet to make the pilgrimage to our nation’s capital.  We continued playing concerts with the Rocky Mountain Brassworks four times (two different concerts twice each).  Such is a brief recap of this year. 

But enough about the past – let’s look forward.  We will again be trekking to Aspen for Winterskól with the AFA cadets.  We have been invited to make the annual schlep to Snowmass for the Mardi Gras parade.  (These fun trips are as much for the camaraderie as the chance to perform.)  We will be honored to welcome home more Honor Flights.  We will learn more new tunes to play with the Rocky Mountain Brassworks.  We will be escorting the flags at graduation ceremonies for CSP and other such agencies.  There will be the usual Memorial Day events as well as Estes Park and all those other games.  We will stand ready to render honors to fallen veterans, fellow Nobles, and Brothers even though such things are not happy “fun” events.  And our schedule will be gradually filled in as the year progresses.

So, as we hang up our stockings with care, let’s hope good ole St. Nick will fill them with health for Band members and Brothers and Nobles all, patience to continue perfecting our craft, wisdom to choose the correct paths in life, fortitude to stand firm for the weak and defenseless, and compassion to temper all our actions and reactions.

So mote it be.



By J & J Taylor

           On November 18th, Roamers met at Las Delicias in Littleton—a wonderful Mexican restaurant. There were 24 members (4 more didn’t show) —a wonderful turnout!  We think all except one couple will be at Mt. Vernon, two weeks from this November “Inning” (more about this later). 

            A two-part meeting began after ordering and continued when we were finished eating.  Mentioned, along with some not mentioned, were those who have passed away in the past year:  John Korenic, Jim Graves (we were happy to have Patty join us in November), Bob Briscoe, Will Salz, Cheryl Sanford, and Shirley Dietrick, & Ben Hartman, and now, Linda Pattison who died on 12-1-18.  We miss ALL our former members.

            Most of the talk was about future “Outings” and “Innings” and voting on officers for 2019.  There were lots of great places suggested—it should be an exciting year.  Remember to pay your dues ($25.00) to get in on the fun!  Tony Dattilo gave the Divan report, reminding us to come to the Children’s Christmas party to see Santa. 

            When you read this, we will have already attended the December Christmas dinner at Mount Vernon Canyon Club—Richard and Heidi Talkington are our hosts.  This has been a traditional Christmas celebration for the Roamers—we hope you joined us! 

            FYI again:  RV Roamers members do not have to have an RV; it’s a good thing, because ours was declared totaled by the insurance company because of an expensive roof repair.  We don’t see why—the tarp with bricks held up well all the way to Santa Fe and back…

By Claude Akridge

            15 Sandblasters met for lunch and our Annual Meeting November 14, 2018 at the Golden Corral Restaurant at S. Santa Fe Drive at West Hampden Ave.  President Randy opened the meeting and shortly after the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer called on Golf Manager Jim to review the golf outings for the 2018 season. Jim reported that 11 golf courses were played during the season with 17 Sandblasters and 11 Guest participating. Jim will be in charge of the golf outings for 2019.  Thank you, Jim.

            President Randy called on Dan Kamunen treasurer report, Dan gave us a very detailed report and it appears we are solvent for another year. Dan will be sending the statements out for the 2019 Sandblaster dues. Please send your check in promptly with any changes you may want for the 2019 roster. If no changes are needed please write on the statement “No Changes Needed”. He will appreciate it and “thank you” for your promptness.

            The Sandblasters voted to make a donation to the Kid’s Christmas Party which is on Saturday, December 8th from Noon to 3:00 PM at Highlands Masonic Temple 3550 Federal Blvd.

            Randy has arranged the Christmas Party for this year at the Lakewood Country Club on December 2nd at 1:30 PM. Lakewood Country Club is a great place for a party.

            2 of our members, PP Steve and Sandy Tucker, PP Don and Marilee Sichterman have gone to Arizona for the winter months. Also, members Don and Pat Schultz who make their home there year around.  Jerry and Patricia Davis usually spend their winters in Tucson. Play lots of golf guys and have fun in the dessert.

            On a sad note, former Sandblaster Bob Carpenter passed away November 1st. Bob and Jeanne were active members in past years. Several of the Sandblasters and members of El Jebel were present at Bob’s service, he will be missed by all that knew him.

            The officers for 2019 were elected and are as follows, Carl Gaumer, President, Larry Bangert. 1st Vice-President. Dan Kamunen Secretary/Treasurer, Jim Teagarden Golf Manager and Claude Akridge will attempt to be the Red Fez Representative. 

            The Sandblaster Winter Trip for 2019 will be February 20th, 2019 – February 26th at the Crown Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort in Chandler Arizona, Carl Gaumer is in charge. The notices have been mailed out and if you have any questions please call Carl or Margaret for any details (H 303-934-4527-  C 303-929-7962-  O 303-722-6450). It will be a great trip. Guests are welcome.

            Randy closed the meeting by thanking all the officers and a special thanks to PP Phil for the web site work, Jim Teagarden for arranging the golf and Marvin for furnishing the Raffle prize.





By Steve Thomas

Tri-County by Steve Thomas:

            We had guest again at Remmington’s in Montrose. Our Son-in-law Micky and and our daughter Jeni joined us. David Keogh and his lady Iris came in from Grand Junction to join in the fun. Here are the Nobles who attended Sky Fairlamb, Steve Thomas, VP Jim Ditmore, Pres. Gary Weiszbrod, Sec. Treas. Walt Wright, guest David Krogh and member Jay Jenkins. We had 3 Nobles and their ladies who had some last-minute things come up and couldn’t make it.

            Jim Ditmore was nominated for President, I was nominated for VP and Walt Wright was nominated for Sec. Treas. We will be open for nominations from the floor Nov. 17th at Daveto’s in Delta and then have our election for 2019.

            Micky won the 50/50 cash and is going to use it for an all-expense paid trip to Sawpit Colorado. Gary got the door prize and I’m sure he will replace it with something as special as it was.

            We had our November meeting at Daveto’s in beautiful downtown Mayberry RFD, no wait that is Delta Colorado RFD. The nominating committee open for any more nominations and Steve Isle was nominated for Sec. Treas. No other nominations were made, and we elected Jim Ditmore for President, Steve Thomas for VP and Steve Isle for Sec. Treas.

            Jacki Thomas won the 50/50 cash and used it to shore up the club funds. Twila Weiszbrod won the door prize and was told the new rules for replacing it. Now we try to get the most unusual and useless thing we can as the door prize.

            The outstanding individual in the fire truck (Below, right) is our new Tri-County President! I’m underwhelmed.

WCSC Clowns by Steve Thomas:

 At our Oct. meeting we nominated Walt Wright for our fearless leader, me for second fearless leader and Gary Brown for Sec. Treas. 

We enjoyed honoring our Veterans at Grand Junction Veterans Parade. Had 4 clowns. Scooter, Zeke, Gassie and yours truly Mugsy. 2 beer cooler guys Bill Hirt and Bill Brassette, and President of Western Colorado Shrine Club Lynn Armstrong along with our Sec.- Treas. Ray McDaniel in his Smart car.

 Then we all went to the WCSC election meeting and voted for the officers for 2019.

 At our November meeting Gary Brown declined to run for Sec. Treas. so the committee notated Michael Briscoe. So, we voted Walt Wright as President Steve Thomas as Vice President and Mike Briscoe as Sec. Treas.







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