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red_fez_of_el_jebel2016 The Potentate's Message






Thanks for the memory

Of picnics in the park

The Divan after dark

Parades that never end

And children with their grins

For better or for worse

How lovely it has been


            The Shrine is where we as Masons can let our hair down and have fun!  The memory of all the great times shared with Brothers will be with me always.  Through all the fun times, never losing sight of the incredibly important job of helping the kids by supporting Shriners Hospitals for Children!

            There are many to thank for this journey that began over 10 years ago.  The memory of my Masonic father whose mentoring led me to become active in El Jebel.  Without the guidance provided by Clarence Cox, none of this would have happened!

            This message could go on for pages recognizing the many Nobles and ladies for their help and encouragement.  Thank you to Past Potentate Jim Long for asking me to join the Divan.  Lady Janet and I could not have made it through 2017 without the friendship and support from Nobles Ron Dunsmore and Ron Williamson and their Ladies Patty and Robyn.

            I was blessed in 2018 by the support of the entire Divan.  More specifically I am thankful to Nobles Bobby Marner, Joe Kent, Ron Williamson, Ken Jones, Bill Schwartz and Jay Bobick for stepping up for El Jebel, bringing back a cohesive team atmosphere.  We worked together to focus on the business of the temple, all the while not losing sight of the welfare of the Nobility.  A big thank you to Nobles Sam Wittner and Don Myers and their Ladies Mary and Karen. 

            Thank you, Susan Boles, for your friendship and support over this entire seven-year journey!  You were always someone I could turn to for help and assistance.

            As Lady Janet and I look back over the past seven years, what we take with us as we move forward are the memories of our time working on behalf of El Jebel and all the Nobles and Ladies that crossed our path and moved with us hand in hand. 


Thanks for the memories!

Rich Silver, Potentate



Potentate Elect 

                      Bobby Marner                     


Happy New Year! Let me begin by thanking you for electing me your Potentate for 2019. It is hard to believe that Lisa and I are already saying goodbye to 2018. Plans are well underway to make the coming year one that will continue to provide positive growth for El Jebel combined with fun and fellowship. The 2019 calendar will be posted on our web page shortly.

I look forward to working with the following elected members of the Divan that will be installed at the January 14th, 2019 Stated meeting:

Chief Rabban – Joe “Birthday Boy” Kent

Assistant Rabban – Ron “I got this” Williamson         

High Priest & Prophet – Ken “Let me take a look at it” Jones

Oriental Guide- Ron “I’m back and ready to help” Pitcock

Treasurer – Bill “Hey buddy what do you need” Schwartz

Recorder – Jay “Just send it to me” Bobick

The January meeting will be a Class “A” or “Unit” uniform theme. Units, come out as we will also install your officers for 2019 during this meeting. Our ladies will have a separate gathering during the business portion of the Stated Meeting.

            El Jebel Shrine night at the National Western Stock Show is Friday, January 18, 2019. As always, we have obtained prime seats for this event and they are available at the Shrine office for only $25. The National Western Stock Show is a great event for the entire family and it is an opportunity to introduce friends and family to El Jebel and Shriners Hospitals for Children.

El Jebel Shriners will journey to Grand Junction to support the Western Colorado Shrine Club (“WCSC”) on February 9th, 2018. Information will be out shortly.

Our “Membership Chairman” Cary Williams has got a lot of great idea’s heading into 2019 (some old and some new). Ken Jones is assisting him on this endeavor and together they have a positive approach to our membership issues.

Please remember “You are the key” to El Jebel Shrine. Be positive, Be polite, Be helpful and always remember “Many hands make light work”.

Yours in the Faith, Bobby Marner Potentate Elect El Jebel Shrine 2019 


red_fez_of_el_jebel                 recorders_desk_3_small











The 2018 year came to an excellent end for our El Jebel Temple on 10 December 2018 as our Nobility met for the Annual Election of Temple Officers for 2019.  One-Hundred-Three Nobles, Ladies and Family attended the Annual Meeting (78 Nobles).  By 5:00 pm, many had gathered in the “Hospitality Room” for refreshments and socializing. There were a wide variety of conversations with all folks enjoying themselves.  The evening began at 6:00 pm with a Ham and Scalloped Potato dinner followed by Christmas cookies and attended by 63 nobles and 26 ladies/family.  The weather was unusually nice allowing many to be there who might not have come had foul weather prevailed.  

From the Scottish Rite attending was Illustrious and Worshipful Matt Raia, Secretary.  The York Rite was represented by Steve Hubbard, Grand Royal Arch Right Eminent Treasurer, Grand Council Right Illustrious Grand Treasurer and Grand Commandery Right Eminent Grand Treasurer.  Two new Nobles attended: Harry Livermore and Cary Williams with his Lady Jutta.

This was a great evening in that we had 12 El Jebel Past Potentates attending: Illustrious Dick Williams, 1993; Amer Plaisted, 1994; David Powell, 1995; Jim Fitzpatrick, 2000; Ron Cosens, 2003; Tony Dattilo, 2007; Jim Stewart, 2009; Dennis Proctor, 2011; Matt Raia, 2013; Larry Clark, 2016 and Rich Silver, 2017!  With Illustrious Roger Mendenhall, Al Kaly, 2013 making a total of twelve.  It was great to have so many past presiding officers and their ladies at this meeting.  It was a time no one should have missed, and we thank all our Past Potentates for being there.

After dinner, the Potentate asked our Chaplain Jim Oliver to conduct the “In Challa” (As God Wills) Service.  This is our memorial to those El Jebel Nobles who answered the Call Home in 2018.  Alphabetically listed are: Nobles Warren Alden, Earl A. Anderson, Robert M. Briscoe, Robert G. Buffalow, Sherman Burry, Richard W. Cain, Wesley L. Campbell, Robert Carpenter, Robert H. Coe, Herbert M. Connelley, George Corkle, Kent O. Davis, Gray C. Dean, Marvin L. Dyer, J. Bruce Espy, Gene L. Freeman, Robert L. Gilbert, James D. Graves, Benjamin R. Hartman, Stanley W. Henson, William E. Ingram, Jr., Orville J. Kubat, Greig W. Lang, Alan L. Langfeldt, Robert E. Lavoie, Fahey D. Law, Marvin H. Lewis, Leroy J. Marx, Jr., Richard L. Moore, Robert M. Moore, Walter V. Mosgovoy, Howard U. Motz, Louis Mozer, Robert L. Oberg, Harold W. Ostertag, Guy Phillips, Joseph Primrock, Edward E. Pugh, Hulbert E. Reichelt, N. Carson Ribble, III, Leroy Schonberger, Clark I. Schlack, Winston W. Scott, David D. Swift, Ronald E. Walker, Johnnie Wasson, Alan D. Wheeler, Charles E. Wyant, and Marty Youngmann.  May God hold these Nobles in His Everlasting Hand.  

At 7:30 pm, the Illustrious Potentate Rich Silver started the annual meeting with an invocation by our Chaplain, Jim Oliver followed by opening in due form at which time he presented the gavel to Illustrious Tony Dattilo as Proctor to conduct the annual elections.  Ill. Tony began by quoting the Imperial By-Laws concerning the proper conduct of Shrine Elections and reminding all nobles that we are bound by our by-laws in the performance of our duties.  The Proctor then appointed two Tellers for the purpose of balloting procedures. As per the By-Laws, 325.9, a Leadership Search Committee was formed to make recommendations to the El Jebel Nobility as to eligible El Jebel Nobles qualified to assume the elected positions.  Their report was given to the Proctor and he, in-turn, asked each nominating noble to read the position on the floor and the nominee.  The first position was for Potentate and the nominee read was Noble Bobby Marner.  The Proctor then asked thrice for any other nominations.  There being none, Bobby Marner was declared 2019 Potentate by acclamation.   The Chief Rabban nomination read was Joe Kent.  The Proctor then asked thrice for any other nominations.  There being none, Joe Kent was declared 2019 Chief Rabban by acclamation.  The Assistant Rabban nomination read was Ron Williamson.  The Proctor then asked thrice for any other nominations.  There being none, Ron Williamson was declared 2019 Assistant Rabban by acclamation.  The High Priest and Prophet nomination read was Ken Jones.  The Proctor then asked thrice for any other nominations.  There being none, Ken Jones was declared 2019 High Priest and Prophet by acclamation.  The Oriental Guide nomination read was Ron Pitcock.  The Proctor then asked thrice for any other nominations.  There being none, Ron Pitcock was declared 2019 Oriental Guide by acclamation.  The Treasurer nomination read was Noble Bill Schwartz.  The Proctor then asked thrice for any other nominations.  There being none, Bill Schwartz was declared 2019 Treasurer by acclamation.  The Recorder nomination read was Jay Bobick.  The Proctor then asked thrice for any other nominations.  There being none, Jay Bobick was declared 2019 Recorder by acclamation. 

The Proctor then returned the gavel to the Potentate Elect who then continued the Order of Business by placing in nomination for Imperial Representatives: Nobles Bobby Marner, Joe Kent, Ron Williamson and Ken Jones.  There being no other nominations, these nobles were elected by acclamation.  The Potentate then placed in nomination Central States Shrine Association Representatives: Nobles Bobby Marner, Joe Kent, Ron Williamson, Ken Jones and Ron Pitcock.  There being no other nominations, these nobles were elected by acclamation.  See below for the list of Temple elected and appointed officers.

Noble Perry Mittler nobles that the 18 January 2019 Stock Show Tickets are now on sale and the El Jebel Band Clarion Hotel New Year’s Eve Party Tickets are available from any Band member. 

Noble Don Weiser thanked all nobles, ladies and family members who assisted in making the El Jebel Children’s Christmas Party another resounding success.

Noble Bill Schwartz gave an update for the 2019 Sportsmen’s Raffle and Craft Fair.  It was recommended, discussed, motioned, seconded, voted and approved that the said events be combined and held on the Craft Fair 2019 dates of 25-26 October.  Friday, 25 October will be set-up day and the Raffle will be on Saturday, 26 October with some crafts pertaining to the Raffle sold as well.  As in the past, our only success will be if all nobles actively sell tickets!

The Potentate Elect thanked all attending for their following Shriners International procedures throughout the meeting and acting for the good El Jebel.  This is our Home, El Jebel and we need your participation throughout the year.  Finally, we need to push membership!

The Potentate thanked the 2018 Divan as his friends and said they will ever be so.  It was a long two years but he enjoyed being our Potentate.  Most of all Rich thanked Janet for not one but two great years as our El Jebel First Lady with a special thanks to all who continually supported Janet throughout those years.  Illustrious Rich asked that we keep Ron Dunsmore in our prayers after his cancerous ear surgery.  Finally before closing, our outgoing Potentate congratulated Noble Fred Groom on his 90th birthday.

At the end of a lengthy and productive night, the elected officers were congratulated at which point there being no further business, the Potentate closed the meeting in due form, peace and harmony prevailing.


James C. Bobick, Recorder

El Jebel Shriners



Calendar of Events


12 Unit Meeting

14 Stated Meeting & Installation/Ladies Program

18 Shrine Night at Stock Show

19 East/West Shrine Game Watch Party


9-10 Grand Junction Installation

11 Family Night


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Transportation Fund

From                                                                                                                                         In Memory of

Little, Karolin                                                                                                                        Ribble, Carson

Rindone, Greg & Kendy Cusick                                                                                       Mozer, Lou

Rindone, Greg & Kendy Cusick                                                                                       Carpenter, Bob

Rindone, Greg & Kendy Cusick                                                                                       Meusburger, Bill

Blackmore, S. & G.D.                                                                                                           Grossenheider, Howard

Myers/Schmittiou, Josephine & Dick                                                                           Donation


Operating Fund                                                                                    In Memory of

Davis, Jerry & Patricia                                                                                                         McDonald, Lee

Hess, Duane & Eileen                                                                                                           McDonald, Lee

Hess, Duane & Eileen                                                                                                           Carpenter, Bob

Mitchell, Dick & Helen                                                                                                         Donation

Shriners Hospitals for Children                                                    In Memory of

Welle, Dick                                                                                                                              Donation

Fishel, Glenn & Linda                                                                                                          Donation

Dominguez, Mr. & Mrs. Ron                                                                                             Donation

Taylor, Jim & Judy                                                                                                                Donation

Claxton, Janet                                                                                                                         Donation

Krogh, David & Iris                                                                                                               Kendrick, Joe

Leeper, Harlow                                                                                                                      Leeper, Marilyn

Travis & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Terry                                                                                 Leeper, Marilyn

Howell, Harry & Judy                                                                                                         Marcus, Eleanor

Vikman, Duane & Farrel                                                                                                    Donation

Krogh, David & Iris                                                                                                              Chase, Ed

Hogan, Don                                                                                                                             Donation

Mayer, Les & Sharon                                                                                                           Kulm, Allen

Dutro, Mr. & Mrs. Claude                                                                                                  Donation

Johnson, J.L. & Joyce                                                                                                         Donation

Brewing Company, The Old Mine                                                                                  Donation


Operating Fund                                                                                    In Honor Of

Bedlan Family, The Laura                                                                                                 McCullough, Bob

Shriners Hospitals                                                                              In Honor of

Harris, Dolores & Herb                                                                                                       Grooms 90th BD, Fred

Mittler, Florence & Leo                                                                                                        Mittler, Perry

MailChimp header_BLACK CAMEL

 In Memorium

Earl M. Anderson

Edwin D. Chase

James Cram

Robert W. Hansen

Harold J. Kendrick

Lee MacDonald

Edward E. Pugh

Jack Zerobnick



Arab Patrol:

Joan Shaffer     


Ken Pearce


Don “Rusty” Rushton

Dune Buggy Patrol:

Cathy Villhauer

Ron Budzitowski

Ron Dunsmore

Ron Williamson

Jeffco Shrine Club:

Herb Schillereff

Frank Yoritomo

Keystone Kops:

Legion of Honor:

Ed Richards

James Joseph Michael Fitzpatrick, P.P.

Provost Guard:

Provost Guard:

Ron Dunsmore

Ed Richards

Amer Plaisted, P.P.

RV Roamers:

Nancy Kipers

Nikki Clements

Donna Driver

Nancy Burgardt

Sharon Olson


 Harold Bethune        
 Milt Bonham
 Ron Budzitowski
 Jeremy DeBard
 Sameen DeBard
 Jim Fitzpatrick, PP
 Cathy Villhauer


Amer Plaisted, P.P.

Jim Fitzpatrick, P.P.


Bobby Juchem

Frank Morrison

Chris Weymouth


Randy Penn

Don Rushton

Membership circle

Membership Report as of: 12/31/2018

Regular Members: 1019

Associate Members: 48

Creations: 0

Affiliations: 0

Restorations: 1

Total Added:  1

Demits: 6

Suspensions: 72

Expired: 8

Expulsions: 0

Resigned: 0

Total Membership: 934          with Associates: 977




By Jeanne Thompson

             The Caring Ladies of El Jebel enjoyed their monthly 

gathering at the Chalet Restaurant.  Since we have no regular meeting in December or January, the time was spent eating, laughing and sharing news and anecdotes with each other.  Some unusual Christmas stories entertained us and reminded us that what happens at Caring Ladies stays at Caring Ladies.

            The January meeting will also be a social only time with no business conducted.  Miss Kitty will make her rounds and great food ordered from the menu will be enjoyed along with sharing of our Christmas experiences.  This is a great time for us to greet new members, so if you are the widow of a Shriner or Master Mason, please join us at the Chalet Restaurant on the second Wednesday of January.  Please call Kay Bell at 303-430-9001 for a reservation or just come to the Chalet, 7340 West 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge.  We’ll happily pull up another chair for you.


By Swede Nelson “Cuddles”

Up Close and Personal

The El Jebel Clown Unit has wrapped up its clown season.  We performed our last events on Saturday, December 8th.  Some of, including yours truly, attended the IBEW #41’s Annual Christmas Party.  They are by far our largest sponsor, and we are thrilled when we get to do their summer picnic and Christmas party!

While I was at the IBEW party, however, I noticed a peculiar behavior going on.  What it was: Kids (mostly 4 years old and younger) were staring at me.  I did a close inventory of my costume . . . yes, even my zipper was up (although I wear a swimming suit under my clown pants).  I was also pretty sure that my makeup was not THAT bad.  In fact, I had just checked it in a mirror.  Quite honestly, the curiosity was beginning to really raise my interest.  Finally, I got the attention of one of the Moms, and I told her what I was seeing.  She laughed and said, “They’ve never seen a clown up close before.  They’ve seen them in parades when they are half-way across a street and when they are far away at a circus.  But they have never seen you up close!”  Ahhhhh, now I knew.

This is your time to shine as a Shriner Clown.  Those little kiddos will be taken by you – – they’ll stare a hole right through you.  YOU need to join the El Jebel Clown ranks to experience that kind of adoration.  It will just about melt you!

Be a part of us . . . if you think you are man enough, especially man enough to be stared at!



By J&J Taylor

             The December 11 meeting was started with lunch at Village Inn with 6 present.  Following lunch, the group convened at El Jebel on the second floor for the meeting with 8 present. President Ken Behrens opened the meeting at 1:00.

            Previous minutes and Treasurers Report were approved; the $200 donation to the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Salt Lake City was included in the report.  There were no bills or petitions.  Ron Dunsmore is recovering from an ear surgery, and Jim Cram, loyal Optars member, was in hospice (update: Jim passed away on December 19).

            We discussed the Children’s Christmas Party Photo Shoot.  Ed’s camera & computer worked well without the cumbersome strobes, so the process was much easier and simpler.  The question now is what to do with the equipment (we will discuss in 2019).  We gave one free 4×6 picture for each child and made $70 printing extra copies for some.  Afterwards, Ed made a CD for Santa-Tony (Tony has a CD for each of the years he has played Santa).

            The By-Laws change to have election in November instead of December was approved.  It was voted to give the points from the donation the new officers.  It was agreed to split the proceeds from the extra prints between the Optars and the Computer Club.

            Next year’s first meeting on January 8 will start with lunch at Wendy’s (south of Dartmouth on Parker) at 11:30 and the meeting at the Shrine at 1:00.  Our new President, Ed Ham will review 2018 success& failures; look at program suggestions for 2019 and present his success in converting his Hard Drive to Solid State Drive.

            Divan Rep Ron Williamson mentioned the El Jebel elections, the NYE Dance, the January 14 Divan installation and the mass Unit Officer’s installation at the regular meeting, and the 1/18 Stock Show.  Ron was thanked for consistently attending and for joining the club.  Meeting adjourned for the program.

            The program consisted of discussing possible program subjects for next year.  Ed had wanted to have us watch him replace his Hard Drive with his new Solid-State Drive, but the

Wi-Fi wasn’t working, and he had determined that it was too risky to do the procedure on his main computer under pressure.  Better to do it at home and document the procedure to present to the club in January.

All Shriners are invited to join our club; dues are $12.00 per year. Wives, guests, and curious people are always welcome. 

            If you have any questions, please contact Jim Taylor, 303-795-3278,




By Wayland L. Britt, Reporting

We lost Marvin Lewis, Carson Ribble and Bill Plant this summer. I promised to name all previous Drovers that I knew at the time of their passing.  With Reverence I provide the following names of those who had been members of the Drovers: Monte Squire, Chuck Strong, Ken Kirkpatrick, Bud Warner, Dick Cook, Bill Wildes, Roy Spradin, Jim Vanderlinden, Bryan Bradley, Marvin Lewis, Carson Ribble, Bill Plant and others.  I want to write the entire article about each of these, but that will have to wait until future months. A lot is happening, but the reporting does not belong in an article announcing the Glorious passing of such fine of men as I have listed herein.

See you cowboys. On the Trail.

Wayland Britt


El Mejdel Temple No. 47

Daughters of the Nile

By PQ Carole Bolduc


     Happy New Year everyone! Hope your Holidays were special with family and friends.  Now, we begin again; a new start to an exciting New Year!

     Our December Session was an enjoyable one with the Officers’ Luncheon and the Christmas Program that followed.

     Our Mystery Dinner Theatre is coming up January 27th, and the reservation deadline date of January 23rd is fast approaching; $20/adults, $15/12 and under, children under 3-free. Please contact Pr. Juldine Cohen for reservation information at 303-745-3497.  We are looking forward to a full house and a good time. Also, keep in mind our Bus to Black Hawk on Thursday, January 10th.  We meet in the North Parking Lot of Highlands Masonic Temple at 10:00 am. A new year to try your luck!

     At our Ceremonial in November, five new members were initiated, and we hope these ladies will become involved in our Temple activities.

      We have a new performing Unit in our Temple; the Showstoppers.  They have performed twice, once at our Supreme Queen’s Visit in November and at our December Session at the Officers’ Luncheon.  Needless to say, they are a fun group, and everyone enjoyed their performance. Keep up the good work, ladies!

     El Mejdel Temple is looking forward to the New Year with many exciting events yet to come.



Legion of Honor


By Don Phelps    

     This is my last article for the Red Fez as I have found someone to take my place.  The Legion of Honor will hold their installation of officers on January 22, 2019 at Black Hawk Lodge. The time is 13:00 hour.  The installing officer will be Past Commander Don Phelps.  The Legion of Honor has a special installation of Officers.  The uniform is (dress), blue jacket, gray pants, white shirt, LOH tie, and black shoes.
     The objective of the LOH is to foster a spirit of Patriotism and Love of Country and Flag; to perpetuate the memory of our Comrades in Arms who made the Supreme Sacrifice by giving their lives for their country while members of the Armed Forces.    


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We learn to earn

Dow Jones Industrial Average

January 2, 2018                        24,809.35

November 19, 2018                   25,444.34

December 31, 2018                   24,100.51


Year to date:   Down  708.84


From our last meeting in November to our December 17 meeting, the Dow was down 1,343.83, what a ride, but stay the course if you did not get out in September!  

We hope you did as well as we did in your portfolio, (2017 – up 9.7711% year-to-date) and (2018 – down 17.4761%).  If not, come check us out!

If you would like to come to our next meeting on January 22, 2019 and see what we do, please e-mail and we will send you an invite for the club.



By J & J Taylor

            On Tuesday, December 4, Optars had their annual Christmas dinner at the Homestead Grille in Lakewood.  The food and serving was excellent, the friends and guests were (and are) wonderful, and the entertainment was outstanding!  The electric trumpet, played by Gary Sattazahn, made the Holiday spirit come forth in all of us.    If you haven’t seen the pictures, they are available on the link:

            President Ron greeted all the members present and introduced three guests, including Dianne White, who has been with us before, helping in camera-taking opportunities!  We’re always happy to have guests at our meetings and dinners. 

            It was good to see Wendell at the Optars Christmas dinner; he has been battling eye cancer for a while.  We missed Chris and Judy Weymouth—she is still fighting a stomach bug, which is being diagnosed at this time.

            Sad news about Jim Cram:  he passed away in Hospice on the 19th after breaking his arm and contracting pneumonia.  Jim was 102 years old and still very active in the Shrine. 

            At the Children’s Christmas Party on December 8, Optars and the Computer Club took pictures of Santa and all the kids on his lap (not all at once, thank heavens; Tony had enough of a load with all the Shriners and ladies who wanted their turn).  Everyone had a great time, and really enjoyed the pictures—4 X 6 prints, which Chris Weymouth expertly snapped, and Ed Hamm created out of nowhere.

            Optars will be taking pictures of the Divan on January 14th before the dinner and installation of new officers.  We’ll be using a backdrop and Ed Hamm will be using his camera.

            The next Optars meeting will be held a week later because of New Year’s Day being on OUR USUAL NIGHT.  Don’t know how they scheduled the new year on our night, but some things you just don’t have control of… It will be on January 8th, starting at 5:30 at Village Inn.  The program later at the Shrine, will be “How To Sell Your Photos”, and Ron will talk about photo releases and publishing.  Come and join us!

By Kent Burns

     I sincerely hope that all had a great holiday season – that Santa brought all you wanted/needed and that you woke up on the first day of the new year without too bad a hangover.  And now starts that long, cold, dark part of the year when the sun and the thermometer are both low – one on the horizon and the other in the glass tube.  But there is a small glimmer of warmth – spring is only three-four months away.  But for the Pipe Band, one of the brightest spots on our horizon is just around the corner.  We are always happy and proud to perform with the Air Force Academy Cadet Drum and Bugle Corps at the Aspen Winterskól festivities, this year on 12 January.  So, we load up in what is sometimes referred to as “Air Burns” at the aptly-named (especially this time of year) Wooly Mammoth park-n-ride off I-70 near Morrison and head on up the hill.  Of course, one of the best parts of all our pilgrimages into the high country is the trip itself.  We are a very close-knit group, and comradery is a major part of all we do. 

     The same thing can bf said for most Masonic organizations.  We all share more or less the same values, and all have more or less the same opinions and outlook on life.  That is part of the bond we all avow at the various altars at which we have knelt during the course of our Masonic journeys.  Some extol the philanthropy of the Shrine; others the chivalric attitude toward widows and orphans; and still others the charitable causes of the other various bodies.  However, the recurring thread running through all of these is the desire to help others either directly or through our endeavors.  All the inner-bodies work to support the hospitals and we all do it “for the children.”  We in the Pipe Band have plaques or other “name plates” that say, “Were it not for the children, we would be just another pipe band.”  The same can (or should) be said of the other inner-bodies.  We all try to have fun, but the underlying reason is support of the hospitals.

     So, as we venture into a new year, let us all try to put aside those “childish things” (to paraphrase Paul) and work to ensure the continuance of our hospitals.  That stature that guards the front entrance of our new home should be an inspiration to each and every one of us whenever we pass through “our portals.”

(Just the ramblings of a tired mind – 2018 was one hell of a year!)



By J & J Taylor

            On December 2, Roamers had their annual Christmas Dinner at Mount Vernon Canyon Club.  There were over 30 members and guests who enjoyed the many varied dishes at the buffet; since we didn’t have 50 (this year’s “rules”) we had to go upstairs for our meal!  But it was delicious, as usual.  Richard and Heidi Talkington were our hosts.

            The annual special award of “Roamer of the Year” went to Roger Barnes.  Tony Dattilo presented the award with a summary of Roger’s deeds up at Winding River in Grand Lake.  Roger had worked all day repairing the hydraulic system on the Hepps’ RV (after it had lost its brakes and steering at the bottom of Trail Ridge Road!)  And it was Roger’s birthday, to boot!

            “Shadows” for Nicole Potter; here’s what she said (after falling on a loose sheet of glass!): “I have a tear in my cornea and a tear on my lower eye lid. In 5 days I can have the stitches removed in my lower eye lid.

Dr said I am going to be blue, yellow, green, purple on 1/2 my face.”  Good heavens, Nicole!  After all you’ve been through…

            FYI again:  RV Roamers members do not have to have an RV; we have lots of social members who just join us for the “innings” 8 times a year, and even others who rent an RV or else a cabin for “outings”.  Come give us a run!


By Claude Akridge

The Sandblaster’s last regular meeting was held in mid-November and the election of officers for 2019 was held. Randy Penn, last year’s President, arranged for the Club Christmas Party at the beautiful Lakewood Country Club on December 2nd.  It was well attended and was a great Party.  Thanks again Randy for your leadership for 2018.

Our new president, Carl Gaumer is busy planning activities for the new year.

First on the list is the winter golf trip to the Crown Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort in Chandler Arizona starting February 20th thru February 26th.  Carl tells me several have signed up to go but there is plenty of room for any El Jebel members and their guests. For all the details and cost please call Carl or Margaret H-303-934-4527, C-303-929-7962 or W-303-772-6450.

Carl plans to have some other activities for this summer, maybe a mystery trip along with the regular golf outings at different golf courses locally. You can be sure it will be a fun 2019 for the sandblasters.

On a sadder note a former Sandblaster, Jack Lenon passed away in November, Jack served as our president in 2000. There were no services per Jack’s request. Jack was a fun guy and one heck of a Texas holdem poker player.

Several sandblasters were at the December 10th Shrine meeting for the election of officers for 2019. The dinner was good and some of us had a drink or maybe two.  Our next meeting will be January 30th at the Golden Corral @ West Hampden Ave. and South Santa Fe.  Come join us for lunch and fellowship. Meeting starts at 11:30 AM.




By Bobby Juchem, Secretary-Treasurer

     Greetings Nobles and Ladies, as we sign our name to the end of this year we are reminded of all the great adventures (the Winter Social at the Governor’s Mansion), the not so great adventures (illness and injuries), and triumphs that the T-Nobles experienced this year.

     This year started with the mighty T-Nobles welcoming two new members to our ranks: Jodi Dreher and Diego Rodriguez.  When new members join a team, there always seems to be a transition, however with these two Nobles this was not the case and all will admit, it feels like they have been with us for years.  Noble Jodi and Lady Meghan Dreher were chefs on a pioneer wagon trail, and by the sounds of it gourmet chefs.  They had a tremendous adventure and would do it again with more help; so if you have any inclination to literally serve others this may be the job for you.

     ‘El Presidente’ Noble Chris Weymouth went through a couple of shoulder surgeries to ensure that he was superhuman.  Throughout this year, he was a driving force in the T-Nobles and a true ambassador for the Unit.  For when Noble Chris Weymouth puts his name on the rolls, you know that his heart is in the work. 

     In spirit of being an Ambassador Noble Travis McLain traveled to Peru and met with members of the Grand Lodge there.  In fact, he brought a T-Noble label pin, and it is recorded amongst the archives of the Grand Lodge that there stood an upright honest man, Mason and Shriner.  Noble Travis remains our ‘International Shriner’.

     Noble Don Myers as a Co-Chief Potentate’s Aid, brought a level of pride and professionalism to all he did.  Although injured early on in the parade season, he pushed through and was a radiant presence in all Shriner events this year.  From Ladies Luncheon, through the Sportsman Raffle and ending at his Tree of Wine, he brought the heart to the T-Nobles this year.

     Amongst our injuries Fireman and Noble Paul Stoltman turned in his two skis for a snowboard, and that snowboard for a head and shoulder injury.  For those of you who know Noble Stoltman, it will take more than that to keep him down.  As the New Year approaches he is going in for a shoulder injury, in January our thoughts and prayers are with him.

     The T-Nobles had a wonderful social at the Governor’s Mansion.  As we rounded the curve to the home stretch of the parade season in the fall, the T-Nobles took some time to thank those that made it all possible, our Ladies and Families.  Thank you for making us the men we are today.

      One of the greatest gifts of our socials is seeing our social members and bringing them back into the fold.  Noble John and Kathy Loerwald we love that you are back, and it has been great seeing you my friends.  But no year of blessings can be complete without acknowledging the ‘work horses’ of our Unit.  Ryan Puckett, Byron Walker and Illustrious Phil Hause, much can be accomplished when you are in the picture.  I would be remiss if I did not recognize your tremendous contributions to the Craft and the T-Nobles, thank you my true friends and brothers.

     As the year came to a close, the T-Nobles saw the creation of another Potentate from our own ranks.  Although not actively parading due to a back injury, Illustrious Sir Bobby Marner, will tell you that his heart will always be with the T-Nobles. 

     Finally, I leave you with this thought from MWB Benjamin Franklin:

     “Masonic Labor is purely a labor of love.  He who seeks to draw Masonic Wages in gold or silver will be disappointed.  The wages of a Mason are earned and paid in their dealings with one another; sympathy begets sympathy, kindness begets kindness, helpfulness begets helpfulness, and these are the wages of a Mason.” 

Always proud to be a Shriner!


By Wayne Covert

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope that everyone had a great Christmas. Now that we are starting 2019 I hope that we make this year better than last year. We had a fun Christmas party at Highlands Country Club, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I want to thank Phil Covarrubias for the time he took out of his busy schedule to help me set it up.

 2019 Divian has a lot of plans for making this a fun year, I hope that each one of our members try to take the time to get involved. Participation is the key to success of our Shrine. YOU JOINED FOR A REASON. How soon we forget and let hard feeling get in the way.

We have had some hardship in 2018, we have been visited by the Black Camel 49 times last year.

We want to send our prayers and best wishes to our own member Bro. Dave Cooley, for a speedy recovery. He has been fighting infection in his good leg for most of the year.

I would like to thank our members who have taken part in the parades, but we need more. Now we have come to the point of trying to find a place to have our monthly meetings. I would like some suggestions from you. This is your club not mine, your help is needed. I look forward to this coming year working for The V.I.P.’s. I enjoy the camaraderie.

DUES GENTLEMAN ARE DUE. You can mail them me.  Our monthly luncheons schedule will be sent out soon.

Always remember, keep it on the square and on the level.


By Steve Thomas

 Tri-County by Steve Thomas:

 Not much to report this month as we are dark.

 We will have a meeting at RJ’s Steak House in south metro Cedaredge, Colorado Jan. 26th at 1pm. For those who don’t know were Cedaredge is, it’s just north of Eckert, Colorado.

 Hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and looking forward to a great year coming up.

  WCSC Clowns by Steve Thomas:

 We had 3 clowns entertain kids at Grand Junction “Breakfast with Santa” at the Consistory. Jerald “Grunpy” Conyers, Gary “Hearts” Brown and Micheal “Bubbles” Briscoe did us proud with that project on Dec. 1st. Then Gary “Zeke” Weiszbrod and myself had a good time with the kids and Santa in Montrose at the Pediatric Rehab Center. I don’t think Santa is buying my story about my evil twin doing all the bad stuff so I told him I’d just buy all my own stuff this year.

 Here’s to a bigger and better New Year. 



Building the Leader of 

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January Stated Meeting & Installation of Officers

Monday, January 14, 2019

6:00 p.m. Dinner – 7:00 p.m. Installation

Garden Salad w/Vinaigrette dressing

Bread & Rolls w/butter

Old Fashion Meatloaf w/Brown Gravy

Mashed Potatoes, Market Fresh Vegetables

Blueberry Cobbler w/Whipped Cream



Ladies Program: We will be playing a dice game called Left, Right, Center

All ladies that want to participate will need to bring 15 $1.00 bills

After dinner coffee and tea drinks will be provided