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Illustrious Sir Rich Silver

Welcome new Nobles!  We created four new Nobles at this year’s Summer Ceremonial.  Please join me in welcoming Cory Bales, Harry Livermore Jr., Diego Rodriguez and Cary Williams.  Keep an eye out for all our new Nobles at parades, the Summer Party and the September Stated Meeting so you can personally welcome them to our Shrine.  There were two more candidates, Roman Buzionv and Asher Thoeming that will be part of the October Ceremonial.  Nobles it is never too early to get petitions in for the next Ceremonial!

It’s no secret, we are in the middle of Parade Season.  Come out and join us on:

                        July 4                       Brush Parade – Official

                        July 28                     Douglas County Parade – Callout

                        August 11                 Wheat Ridge Parade – Callout

                        September 8           Arvada Parade – Callout

                        September 15         Broomfield Parade & Cookout – Callout

                        November 10         Veteran’s Day Parade – Callout

                        November 30         Louisville Parade of Lights – Official

Come Join the Party!  The 2018 Potentate’s Trip is going to New Orleans!  We will depart for the Big Easy on September 26 and return on September 30.  The trip includes a Hospitality Night at the Rusty Nail, dinner at the Bourbon House, Pascal’s Manale and GW Fins, hotel and air fare.  We have planned several tour options and many other fun activities.  There will be an information meeting at the El Jebel Shrine Center on Monday, July 23, 2018 at 6:30 pm, dessert will be served.

El Jebel has another opportunity raise money for the Shriners Hospitals for Children at the Foreigner Concert on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at the Pepsi Center.  Nobles, ladies and friends are encouraged to be there to help sell CDs, let people know about Shriners Hospitals and enjoy a great concert.  We will gather at the Pepsi Center at 5:00 pm, wear your fez and stay for the show.  Parking is free.

The date for the Summer Party has moved to September 8, 2018.  Due to circumstances beyond our control the party originally scheduled for August 4, 2018 had to be rescheduled.  More details will be available in the coming weeks.

Nobles, the time is NOW to get out and support this year’s Sportsmen’s Raffle.  There are multiple ways for you to get involved in making our Raffle a financial success.  As you know, this is our only fundraiser and it is critical to El Jebel for it to be successful.  If each El Jebel Noble would buy/sell just two Raffle ticket books, the overall revenue would exceed $200,000.  This year we have also started selling 50/50 Raffle tickets prior to the day of the Raffle.  So far, these sales have exceeded $3,000 and the pot will grow substantially by Raffle day.  Each Noble should have a supply of Raffle and 50/50 tickets in their possession to sell to your friends, Brothers, co-workers and family.  Just as important, we need Nobles and their ladies to volunteer to help sell tickets at various Bass Pro stores and other locations on select weekdays and weekends.  Noble Perry Mittler is coordinating our sales teams and he needs your involvement.  Non-Parade units are especially encouraged to get your members involved in this effort.  Perry can be reached at (303) 437-0287 or perrymi@comcast.comLet’s join hands and make this year’s Sportsmen’s Raffle an overwhelming success!

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Summer is Fun Time for El Jebel

The summer for our Shriners began with a fun filled event.  On Saturday, 2 June, we had a great turn-out for the Johnstown Parade with many units being represented.  It was a beautiful day and the crowds all along the route were really enjoying El Jebel “passing in review.”  After the Parade, many Nobles and their ladies/families went to Erie for lunch at the Old Mine. The Old Mine owners are a continuing contributor to the Shriners Hospital for Children.  We had the back yard almost filled with Shriners with tables and umbrellas, it was a relaxing time for all.

Sunday, 3 June at the Highlands Lodge Temple, the El Mejdel Temple, Daughters of the Nile began their annual White Rose Celebration to honor Queen Kendall “Kendy” Cusick-Rindone and her officers.  The dress for the occasion was unique to Kendy’s love of the Broncos as everyone was encouraged to wear their favorite team’s sports attire.  Needless to say, the vast majority of those attending were indeed dressed in Broncos paraphernalia.   Before the celebration, there was a great time of folks talking with friends, meeting new friends and enjoying the camaraderie of the event. 

To begin the formalities a procession line was formed by the guests to welcome Queen Kendy to her throne.  Several gifts were given to the Queen of which many had a “secret” meaning behind them, thus providing much laughter.  Then, introductions were made of distinguished guests including several Past Potentates and the current El Jebel Potentate as well as others that came to congratulate Kendy. 

The El Mejdel Oriental Band provided apt entertainment for the Queen and her guests.  The El Mejdel Chaplain gave an invocation and a buffet BBQ lunch was served followed by an assortment of ice dessert treats that truly were enjoyed by all.  The El Mejdel Temple Chimes played their bells followed by the El Mejdel Temple Singers and each rendition was very inspiring to the gathering.  The traditional Presentation of Roses to the Queen by the Officers was a moving event to observe as was the El Mejdel Dancers and Pageantry that followed.

Queen Kendy thanked everyone for their participation and thanked the El Mejdel members for a wonderful celebration.  I am confident everyone enjoyed their time with El Mejdel and all those that came to celebrate with Kendy.  We all wish Queen Kendy a most successful and entertaining year as she leads the El Mejdel Temple, Daughters of the Nile.

Our Chief and Assistant Rabbans met again with the Flag Pole Contractor, Noble John Seebeck, to determine progress to date and scheduled installation.  John updated Bobby and Joe that he has the replacement pole and Flag and he will pull the City permit after which installation should be complete within a few days.  John also let them know that the Flag should be replaced annually at a cost of $174.00.  This has been a lengthy process but, hopefully, the Flag will be flying as you are reading this.

Our Ceremonial Team started their practices for our 29-30 June Ceremonial.  Nobles!  Check your Blue Lodges on a regular basis for eligible Shrine candidates and ask them to become an active member of the Shrine.  As the Ceremonial is after the due date for July Red Fez Articles, results will be reported in the August Article.

On 9 July, the scheduled barn cleaning took place with only seven Nobles joining together to make things happen.  Even with so few Nobles, it was a successful event and the barn is in better shape than it has ever been – repaired, clean, neat and in order.  A heartfelt thanks goes to those Nobles that volunteered their time to make El Jebel better.

On 23 June, El Jebel’s “Day at the Races” was well attended.  Noble Don Myers and his Lady Karen truly accomplished another marvelous task this year in working with the Arapahoe Park folks to make our time there a lot of fun.  Nine races with great seats, plenty of drinks and food, all in an air-conditioned venue; who could ask for more?  This is one more example of the fun you can have with your Temple. 

Let all Nobles and Ladies know that you should be checking the El Jebel calendar faithfully.  As has been said before, if you miss any event, you are not taking your best advantage of enjoying the fruits of El Jebel membership.  We are a Fraternity dedicated to philanthropy and fun.  The fun comes from your continuing participation in all El Jebel events.  Don’t miss out!  Look at the schedule above and mark your calendar to be there.  These are your benefits offered to you as a participating member.  Please don’t sit on the side lines.  Be an active El Jebel Noble and you will never regret it.

To keep you informed, the Imperial Session will be held 15-18 July in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Your Representatives will be attending to ensure El Jebel, as one of 197 Temples, is heard.  This is an open event for all Shriners.


James C. Bobick. Recorder

El Jebel Shriners


Calendar of Events


4 Brush Parade

15-19 Imperial Session-Daytona Beach

21 Shrimp Boil—Consistory

28 Douglas County Parade


1 Evening of Laughter – Comedy Works S

11 Wheat Ridge Parade

18 Fraternal Family Picnic & Car Show

22-25 CSSA—Branson, MO

25 Sportsmen’s Raffle

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Shriners Hospitals for Children

From                                                                       In Memory of

Welle, Dick                                                           Donation

Cram, Jim                                                             Mues, Max

Albi, Dr. Roberta                                                Bonham, Ellen

Schweitzer, Kirk & Kathy                               Bonham, Ellen

Harlan, Jack                                                        Bonham, Ellen

Anderson, Carol                                                 Bonham, Ellen

Lear, Jim & Eleanor                                         Campbell, Wesley


Transportation Fund

Langland, Dwight & Jan                                  Campbell, Wesley

Shrine Hospital         


From                                                                        Honor of:

McItosh, Alex                                                       Youngmann, Marty 

MailChimp header_BLACK CAMEL

 In Memorium

 Wesley L. Campbell

Gene L. Freeman

James D. Graves

Leroy Schonberger

Clark I Schrack



Arab Patrol:

Vivian Waldron


Mike Trevathan, P.P.


Dune Buggy Patrol:

Marianne Neff

Natasja Budzitowski

Deborah Elsloo

Jeffco Shrine Club:

Jim Cram-102nd

Dan Kamunen

Keystone Kops:

Carol Clark

Jim Moffett 

Legion of Honor:

Wanda Stretch

Linn Armstrong

Don Emarine

Patricia Gilchrist

Provost Guard:

Bruce Lawlor

Casey Campbell

Mike Trevathan, P.P.

Sallie Lewis

RV Roamers:

Jill Johnson

Merv Bauer

Barbara Christensen


Shyrlee Anderson
Betty Bethune
Bill Greene
Michael Marcus
Jim Stewart, P.P.
Bonnie Petersen
Rich Wall


Rich Wingate


Bobby Marner

Rich Wingate

Membership circle

Membership Report as of: 6/30/2018

Regular Members: 1038

Associate Members: 49

Creations: 0

Affiliations: 0

Restorations: 0

Total Added:  0

Demits: 0

Suspensions: 0

Expired: 5

Expulsions: 0

Resigned: 0

Total Membership: 1033          with Associates: 1082




By Jeanne Thompson

Caring Ladies of El Jebel held their usual meeting on June 13 and enjoyed a nice turn-out of members.  Here we find our friends share our joys and support us in our woes.

Miss Kitty, in her journeys around the tables, has gathered enough funds that we will be able to make a donation to the Shrine Hospital Travel Fund when the Shrine reconvenes in September.  It is our pleasure to make regular contributions to this worthy cause.

We encourage all widows of Shriners or Masons to come to a meeting.  We meet at the Chalet Restaurant, 7340 West 38th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, at 11:30 AM on the second Wednesday of every month.  We order from the menu or specials board, enjoy a good meal at friendly prices and with excellent service. If you can come, please call Kay Bell at 303-430-9001 so we will know how many chairs to place at the table.  If you need a ride, let Kay know and we will find a member who lives near you who would be happy to bring you.  Please come!


By Swede Nelson “Cuddles”

Rules in a Parade


You might be surprised about rules that govern our (all units) behavior in a parade.  I will share some of them with you.

Candy: I’m very sure most of you have seen clowns and others toss candy to kids who line the parade streets as we roll along from the back of vehicles, etc.  In the Shriner-parade world, this is a “no no.”  The rule has been in place for some time, and the reason is very simple: Safety (this includes liability).  Tossing candy is dangerous.  Perhaps it will be an errant piece of candy striking a child in the eye or maybe breaking glasses and causing injury.  Yes, the entire incident might be as innocent as could be imaginable; however, . . .

High fives: Another safety factor has been instituted (also having a potential liability issue).  We Shriners can no longer do “high fives” from our moving vehicles in a parade.  If we want to do them, we need to stop our vehicle, get out or off of it, and then walk towards kids and others for handshakes, high fives and other fun ways to physically connect with onlookers.  When older adults look perplexed, I simply stop and explained the rules to them, and they are very quick to understand.

No Riding in a Parade Vehicle: It is tempting to give an onlooker a ride in my clown car.  One clown has a neat motorcycle, and it’s tough for him, too.  But Imperial says we can no longer do the practice as we did years and years ago.  Again, potential liability issues are strong influences.

RATS!!!  Space has me limited again to tell you more!

Cooler Nobles

By: Cooler Krew 

kooler photo

Picture 1 of 1

           We enjoyed a fun time at the Johnstown parade as well as the camaraderie at the Old Mine social.  A good time was had by all.  Best part, Ken made it through the parade without incident.  We are looking forward to welcoming our new Nobles at the Ceremonial.  See you at the Brush Parade!

            If you are a Noble seeking fun and fellowship, come join us!  We are a fun-loving bunch looking for likeminded parade and social members.  To join or for more information about the “Cooler Nobles”, contact Ken Jones at 303-588-4785 or 



Did ya Know?

By ejgw

We all know El Jebel and its various units are facing hard times, especially when it comes to membership.  Sadly, this malaise infects us all, but the Band has found a way to forestall some of the problems.  We older fez-wearers have often called it “the Big Band,” a misnomer that usually brings a cascade of corrections – “It’s the Band,” “There is no such thing as a ‘Big Band’,” and so forth and so on.  The Band is one of the oldest units of El Jebel and still one of the largest.  Among other things, it can be “broken down” into various other orchestral units depending upon the genre desired – Dance Band, German Band, various Dance Compos, the Masonic Family Band which now allows any musician to play, Mason or not.  (‘Course as with some of the other units that allow non-Shriners, it is hoped that by doing so it just might generate some interest in becoming Masons and/or Shriners.)  Members play in each as their time, talent, and temperament allows.  They practice at the Shrine Center every Wednesday evening.  Directed by Marv Feldman, they play for stated meetings (non-Shriners leave after dinner and before the meeting is tiled), dances both at the Shrine Center and elsewhere as directed, the annual Masonic picnic, and so forth.  Noble Marv has even tried to have Tea Dances, but with today’s harried schedules, few attended other than the players and their spouses.

But the biggest didja know of all is the Masonic Band Camp.  Marv knew that Kansas and Nebraska held summer camps for high school students each year.  The local Blue Lodges and Shrines help fund these schools which were held at various universities around the two states.  They even made a few trips to the Shriners’ Hospitals to entertain the children.  So, he put his music aptitude to good use and seventeen years ago started the Masonic Band Camp at UNC in Greeley.  Various lodges and the York Rite help sponsor this week-long adventure for ninth- to eleventh-graders which starts each year on 30 June and runs through 4 July, culminating in the Greeley Fourth of July parade.  High school band directors all over the state of Colorado recommend students to Marv who carefully reviews and accepts them with an eye (or should I say “ear”) toward a balanced band – after all, no one would want a band with 47 clarinets and only 1 trumpet.  This year there will be 117 smiling and eager young faces awaiting him and the other instructors, all of whom teach in Greeley.

This year, not only will they perform in the parade on Independence Day, but they have also been invited to play the National Anthem at Coors Field for the opening of the Rockies game on Monday, 2 July against the SF Giants.  Might be a great way to spend a warm Colorado evening – after all, what’s more American than a ball game with a cold one (preferably a Coke for me, but there are some out there who prefer the stadium’s namesake beverage), following a tribute to Old Glory by the pride of our Colorado youth?

And a smaller “didja know”:  Our Chief Rabban donated a golf cart and scooter for the camp, and stores and maintains them at his shop.  Makes running around keeping watch on a bunch of energetic teenagers a whole lot easier!



By Carson Ribble


By:   Don Weiser

            July is upon us and the summer heat is here. We have enjoyed the month of June, with the FibArk parade weekend. The parade was once again a wonderful day with 4 Dune Buggy’s in attendance. The day started with cool temps in the early morning but warmed up nicely for the parade. Thanks to all that came out to show our colors!

            Following the parade, we gathered our usual local riverside café for an enjoyable couple hours with great food and drinks We were joined with several others including the Potentate and First Lady.A great time of socializing was had by all.

            Our June meeting, on June 13th, was well attended. Normal business was attended to. We welcomed back the Tucker’s from their annual winter in the warmth. We were also joined by Ron and Patti Pitcock, past members of the Dune Buggy Patrol. They have moved back to Denver metro area, and have petitioned to rejoin our fold. We voted and accepted their petition, so with great pleasure, we say “WELCOME HOME AND WELCOME BACK”.

            The Dune Buggy Patrol will once again do a table at the annual Sportsman’s Raffle, with our own Raffle of a $500.00 Edwards Meats gift certificate. We need all of our members to get out and sell those Raffle tickets for this, as we won’t have anymore dates to sell at Edwards Meat Market.

            Our July meeting will be held at the Garrison Bar and Grill, 608 Garrison, on July 11th.

            El Jebel Shrine has a block of rooms now contracted for CSSA, in Branson, Mo. We will be at the same hotel as Al Kaly Shrine so there should be lots of great times to enjoy.  If you are interested, contact Don Weiser, 303-489-4390, for more details.

            The Dune Buggy Patrol want to say “WELCOME” to all our new Nobles that are joining El Jebel Shrine on Saturday, June 30th.  Remember, your welcome to ask to ride in a Buggy at the parades.

            Upcoming Events:

  1. July 3rd and 4th Brush Parade this is an Official Parade. The uniform is the Flag Shirt with black pants.  Many of us will be staying the night of the 3rd in Ft Morgan. Breakfast this year will once again be at the Home Plate restaurant, in Ft Morgan, at 7 am. Parade information should be forth coming soon.

  1. July 8th            July Social Gathering at Don & Connie Strand’s house above Evergreen. Check your emails for details.

  1. July 11th           July Dune Buggy Meeting at Garrison Bar and Grill

  2. July 28th          Douglas County Parade is a Call Out Parade

            Birthdays for the Month:

                        July 6th     Jean Bobick

                        July 13th   Barb Houston

                        July 16th   Robyn Williamson

                        July 30th   Sandy Tucker

If you’re looking for an Inner Body to join that is very active, consider the Dune Buggy Patrol.  There is currently a Buggy available to purchase.  Please contact Mike Palmer, 303-775-1439 for details on his Buggy.


El Mejdel Temple No. 47

Daughters of the Nile

PQ Carole Bolduc

            Summer is here, and we’re all going to be glad for the break; however, Supreme Session in Cincinnati during the last part of June was a great time. The meetings were very informative, and we learned a lot.

            The “El Mejdel Day at the Rockies” is Sunday, July 15th, and we hope you all have your tickets; the Rockies vs the Mariners, and it should be a great day…. on the winning side, we hope!

            The bus to Black Hawk will continue through the summer, and we hope you will participate.  Thursday, July 12th is the date, and we will be meeting in the North parking lot of Highlands Masonic Temple, 3550 Federal Boulevard at 10:00 a.m. This is always a good time; please feel free to bring friends and family.

            On July 31st, we will be celebrating El Mejdel Temple’s 90th birthday. Our Queen Kendy has been working on some special plans for this celebration.

            Please remember the Annual Nile High Tea coming up on Saturday, November 3rd at Highlands Masonic Temple. The cost is $20.00/person and seating is limited.  An invitation flyer is included in this issue of the RED FEZ.

            We hope you all have a happy and safe summer. Remember….you have many choices in life….choose to be happy!

Englewood Shrine Club

by Don Phelps

At our June meeting the board voted to make a donation to the Eastern Star Masonic Center of $625.  In return wed will receive twenty-five tickets to their annual Comedy night on August 1st.

Our July meeting will be on July 14th.  It will be at the Eckley’s house with ribs on the menu.  We would lo0ve to have you come and join us.  The cost for the dinner is $15.  If you are interested call me (Don Phelps) at 303-471-2481 or  

Jeffco Shrine Club

By Jim Cram

All systems are ‘go’ for the annual El Jebel Jeffco Shrine Club Picnic on June 20th at Fairmount Park.  We trust the weather will be kind to us.

Congratulations to Frank (Smoky) and Minnie Yoritomo who celebrate their wedding anniversary on July 20th.  

Our sympathy is extended to Reyta Mues and family.  Services for Max Mues were held on June 6th at the Olinger Crown Hills Chapel of Peace. He was laid to rest at the Tower of Memories following the service. He was a successful contractor and enjoyed flying. He owned a 2-seat airplane and used it for both business and pleasure. Occasionally he would take Lewis Maxon on his flying trips.

A Get Well Wish to Becky Jewell who recently had cataract eye surgery. Her other eye was successfully done on June 12th. 

Birthdays for July – Dan Kamunen, Jim Cram.

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Dow Jones Industrial Average

January 2, 2018                        24,809.35

May 21, 2018                              24,715.09

June 18, 2018                              25,090.48

Year to date:   Up  281.13


From our last meeting in May to our June 18 meeting, the Dow was up 375.39, what a ride, but stay the course!  

We hope you did as well as we did in your portfolio, (2017 – up 9.7711% year-to-date) and (2018 – up 9.7755%).  If not, come check us out!

If you would like to come to our next meeting on July 20, 2018 and see what we do, please e-mail and we will send you an invite for the club.

necscLogo_blue walk

North East Colorado Shrine Club

By Jerry Wardrip

          Our president Noble Gerald Thorndyke Couldn’t make this month meeting, so the meeting was called to order by the 1st vice president Nobel Cecil Souders who then offered the prayer.  The minutes of our last gathering were reviewed and approved as printed.  Noble Earl Craddock was unable to attend this meeting and the treasures report was reported unchanged from last month, which was accepted as reported.  Noble Jerry Wardrip reported that we have all our permits for this year’s Fireworks sales. 
          We still have things going on in the York Rite and degree work in Blue lodge.  We have the pasture degrees went very well and the High Plaines Rendezvous is our next summer project, coming up this month and will be in Sterling and right during our fireworks sale. 
           As the sun was now up above the horizon and the day was looking brighter, and we seem to have covered all our necessary business it was now time to move on to the rest of our day.  The 1st Vice president Cecil Souders closed the meeting at about 7:10 AM with peace and harmony prevailing.  The meeting was short and attendance was light, there seems to be a lot of things coming up to keep us busy.  We wish you all a safe and fun 4th of July Holiday.

           You all have a standing invitation to come out and meet with us the second Monday of each month here at the Overland Trail Café at the Atwood interchange at 6:00 A.M. That is the Sinclair Station at Exit 115 off I-76.  Good food and Great Fellowship.


By J & J Taylor

          The Optars again met at the Kennedy Golf Course Restaurant for dinner before the meeting.  Eight members enjoyed the food, and then traveled across the street to the Shrine for the meeting and program.   

            For the program, pictures were shown of the last two club events—the first, of the photoshoot done in the Shrine with the Williamsons’ Grandchildren, Sydney and Austin; the second set of pictures was of the “Zoo-Op”.  In case you don’t know what a “Zoo-Op” is, it was the special June 3rd photoshoot at the Denver Zoo, in preparation of the November Optarama.  Five members met at the Giraffe House at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 3rd.  And five cameras clicked away, creating a collection of hundreds of pictures.  No, we won’t make you look at ALL of them—Ed Hamm will go through them and come up with a program that won’t last all night (he has 5 months to do it).

            We are overjoyed to see that the Potentate/Divan picture

Board is finally up!  Additionally, the Fez Case is up and filled with Fezzes on the main floor!  (See the pictures.)  When the new flag pole is erected, Optars will have to have a Photoshoot to celebrate—all members can bring their cameras, and we can have pictures for another Optarama!

             Remember, we’re “dark” in July and August.  The next dinner meeting for Optars will be in September, on the 4th, at Kennedy Golf Grill.

By Kent Burns

As we head into the “heart” of summer, the Pipe Band is looking for a few good men.  Our illustrious Chieftain is on a medically-imposed sabbatical preventing him from blowing up those infernal things.  Seems as how the doctors, in their collective infinite wisdom (or should that be “finite wisdoms” or some other combination thereof?) have issued a no-no to Dean using the scare tactic of “if you blow them up, you could blow yourself up.”  (I’m being a tad sarcastic to ease the seriousness of the situation.)  But those in the white coats do have a point – if someone has an aortic aneurism, huffing and puffing can blow out the “bulge” in the artery and that would not bode well for the one so huffing and puffing.  So, we would prefer Dean to take is easy for a while.

For those who have never tried to play bagpipes, it requires a lot of air to make ‘em work.  It is always amusing to see someone try to get any kind of noise out of one.  Scarcely an event goes by without a curious member of the crowd asking one of the following: “How long did it take you to learn to play the pipes?”  Or “Is it hard to blow the bag up?”  Or some such question.  And usually one of the pipers will offer to let the uninitiated have a go at “playing” them.  Which inevitably results in lots of air expended with little noise and less music realized.  And always a “Wow, that’s harder than I thought!”  It’s even funnier when the novice blower is a young, healthy kid who has plenty of wind.  Say like one of the Air Force Academy cadets in the drum and bugle corps, for example.  And they have been playing brass instruments for a while.  On the other hand, one would think that an attorney would have no trouble coming up with wind – after all, they seem to be pretty long-winded when in court.

The Band is headed into that part of the year when we have several Highland Games.  While not as many as in past years (when we performed in as many as five), we are the “duty band” for two – Elizabeth the latter part of this month and the granddaddy of them all around here, Estes Park in early September.  Our usual performances at Elizabeth have morphed from two or three impromptu shows in the vendor area (to entertain the vendors and their patrons) into six mini-concerts on the hour throughout the day.  The organizers are trying to boost libation sales so we will now be playing near that area where adult beverages can be obtained.  This will prove to be beneficial to all – it will not doubt increase event income which should translate into Band income, but it will also give the Band a chance to showcase our repertoire since each “concert” is themed and we were able to divide all our tunes among the various themes (although those which are the standards for pipes and brass á la RP&B are “reserved” for those performances only).

So, if any good men are interested in contributing to all the pomp and circumstance of these kinds of performances and/or having a good time with great musicians and Masons, come on down to the Shrine center any Thursday evening around 1900 and check us out.  Admission – and instruction in piping and drumming – is free.



By J & J Taylor

We are writing from Winding River Resort as we are getting ready to leave.  It has been a fun filled time, Sunday to Thursday.  We had meals at Barnes, Taylors, Umsteds and at Azteca in Granby.  We had breakfast in Grand Lake, toured the country side, rode horses, had an ice cream/Square Dance event, and went to Hot Sulphur Springs for a “dip” for 3 hours!  See the pictures of the fun things Roamers do.


RV Romers “Outing” to Mountaindale RV Resort

By Claude Akridge

The last meeting was held on May 30th at 11:30 AM at the Golden Corral Located at West Hampden Ave.@ South Santa Fe Drive.

President Randy Penn opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance to the flag and P.P. Jack Patten led the prayer. President Randy said he was working on plans for a Sandblaster summer function to be held on Sunday August 5th. More details to come at our next meeting.

Golf Manager, Jim Teagarden gave a report on the dates and places of the 3 golf outings to be played in June. There will be 2 outings in July.

July 12th @ South Suburban and July 26th @ Ute Creek. Members and Guests are welcome, if you want to play sign-up on the sandblaster web site or give Jim a call (303-422-5637. Dan Kamunen has some green saver discount golf books left so if you need one or if you have a golfer friend that wants one give Dan a call @ (303-972-3790).

III Sir Rich Silver (our Divan Rep) brought us up to date on the Sportsmen’s Raffle and the 50/50 ticket sales and other functions of El Jebel coming this summer. Again, this year the Sandblasters will have a table at the Sportsman Raffle.  Member Marvin Hart is providing his condo (2-night weekend) in Estes Park again this year to the winner.  We THANK YOU VERY MUCH MARVIN.

Please remember guests are always welcome at our meeting on the last Wednesday of the month, come join us we are a friendly group and if you have any news for the sandblasters give me a call (303-369-5756)



By Bobby Juchem, Secretary-Treasurer

Greetings Nobles and Ladies, the T-Nobles have been busy my friends.  This June started with a work party at the El Jebel Shrine Yard.  It was moving day and the T-Nobles answered the call.  A special thanks to Chief Rabban Bobby Marner, Assistant Rabban Joe Kent, and Treasurer Bill Schwartz for their assistance in acquiring the new container and coordinating the organization and upkeep of the yard.  After a couple of hours of manual labor, the T-Nobles regaled one another with stories of greatness, embarrassing moments and serving the Craft.  We found a new station on Pandora thanks to Illustrious Phil Hause, Jethro Tull Radio, which offered a backdrop to our fellowship.  There was no doubt that peace and harmony characterized our time together, and we parted each other’s company better men ready for the Memorial Day Parade the next day.

On Memorial Day, the T-Nobles awoke at the crack of dawn to spread joy and happiness to the participants of the Memorial Day Parade, minus Captain Ryan Puckett who remained under the weather for the parade.  We had a masterplan to park at the end of the parade and then drive our T-cars back to the beginning.  A brilliant plan, we were unable to execute.  The parade was well attended and we were greeted by smiling faces and full hearts.  Our plan seemed to work and all our vehicles made it through the parade without incident.  Then, as the best laid plans of mice and men, our plans were foiled; as luck would have it at the end of the parade we could not make it back to the parking lot due to closures and strict enforcement by the Commerce City Police Department.  So, we pulled up at a side street, waited patiently and enjoyed the end of the parade.

Our next adventure was the Salida Parade, which was attended by Byron Walker and President Chris “Ironman” Weymouth.  President Weymouth was just coming off shoulder surgery, a procedure that would hang up the steering wheel of a lesser man.  But Noble Byron Walker came to his aid, and towed him throughout the parade, which was a hit.  This picture illustrates the bond of true friendship: an injured brother, friend, Noble and Shriner, being helped by his brother.  Ladies and Gentlemen, that is the epitome of being a Freemason and I charge you to find two greater examples of the most excellent tenets of our institution than Nobles Byron Walker and Chris Weymouth.  

Finally, the Sportsmen’s Raffle is right around the corner, so please sell your tickets.  This year the T-Nobles are raffling off “One fine pig!”  No, I am not talking about Charlotte, I am talking about approximately a 240 lb. wet weight pig, butchered to your specifications and smoked to your desire.  It is important to note both the pig and processing are included.  So, if you want a piece of the action, it’s $5.00 a ticket or 5 tickets for $20.00, get with a T-Noble or reach out to me (my info is in the directory). 



By Steve Thomas

 We met at Daveto’s in Delta on April 28th and my lady Jacki won the 50/50 cash which she invested at Clubb’s Dept. store next door. Our president. Gary Weiszbrod won the door prize. We had a good turn out with 19 folks showing up.

 At our May meeting on the 19th at Viva Mexico in Montrose we talked about getting ready to help with the Grand Junction Shriner Circus. Then those who could did enjoy working with the kids and families at said circus. Sky Fairlamb won the 50/50 and is going to use it for an all-expense paid trip to beautiful downtown Sawpit Colorado. I won the door prize which is a beautiful table torch and a humming bird feeder. Not all in one.

 We decided to move our June meeting to June 30 because of the parade schedules and Our Masonic Brothers are having a cookout at the Montrose Elks Lodge at that time so we thought it might be nice to join them. 

 July 28th, we are going to RJ’s Steakhouse in Cedaredge after the Clowns among us do Deltarado Days parade. The lunch happens at 1pm.

WCSC Clowns by Steve Thomas:

 Well we had a great time at the Western Colorado Shrine Circus and the Western Colorado Board of Directors had a great lunch catered for us, Illustrious Sir Rich Silver and his guest from Denver and the Western Colorado Board of Directors at the KOA camp just east of the fairgrounds.

 I was very pleased and humbled the Sir Rich presented me with my Gold Collar at the Friday evening show. As I said the only problem was that there should have been more of them. One for my lovely bride of 58 years and one each for my family who have been a great help for me over the years. However, we didn’t do it for the collar or for me. We did it for the people we can help in our Shrine work. The kids who get to our great doctors for the treatment and love they need.

 We had a good turnout for Crawford parade but the bad news is the train broke and it is major breakdown. The transmission busted to pieces. The good news is Fred “Scooter” Carson our clown car mechanic had Walt “Stubby” Wright’s pickup all redone and it is beautiful. 

 More parades are coming. Glenwood Springs June 16th lineup at 9am. Eagle June 23rd at 9am. These will have passed when y’all read this. But wait! Paionia July 4th at 9 lineup. Gunnison Cattlemen’s Days July 14th. Montrose County Fair July 21st and Deltarado Days July 28. These all line up at 9am. Come and join us.

 At our meeting June 12th we decided to junk the train and Gary “Zeke” Weiszbrod is looking at one of the other vars we have available.






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