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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, this is a good time to reflect on the many blessings in our lives!  Our November Family Night / Hospital Report will highlight some of these tangible blessings provided for our kids by the Shriners Hospitals for Children.  It is easy to take for granted all the miracles that take place for our Shrine children each and every day.  This month will feature Shrine child Cameron Waters and his family, and we will be treated to an update on the goings on at our Salt Lake City hospital from Board of Governors Member Noble Richard Frohlick.  Family Night starts at 6:00 pm on November 12, 2018.  Don’t miss this special evening and bring your friends and family to introduce them to El Jebel and Shriners Hospitals for Children!

We created three new Nobles at our Fall Ceremonial this past month!  Please join me in welcoming Roman Buzinov. Richard Hale and Asher Thoeming.  Following the Ceremonial most of the new Nobles attended their first El Jebel social event at the 2018 Oktoberfest, which was held in conjunction with the Denver Consistory.  This year approximately 160 people had a wonderful time.  Keep an eye out for all our new Nobles at the November Family Night and future El Jebel functions and personally welcome them to our Shrine.

The 28th Annual El Jebel Craft Show was a fun time for all the Nobles and Ladies that worked to support the event and those that were there to shop.  We had a terrific group that worked tirelessly to prepare for the Craft Show and make sure it went off without any significant issues.  A huge thank you to all those that made a big job go so well.  We had good feedback from the majority of vendors for this year’s Craft Show.

Nobles, El Jebel will be parading three times in November.  We will participate in two parades on Saturday, November 10, 2018 to celebrate Veteran’s Day.  In the morning, we will be in the Denver Veteran’s Day Parade and later that day some of our Units will be at Bass Pro in Northfield.  And on the evening of December 7, 2018, El Jebel will participate in the Louisville Parade of Lights.  The number of kids that turn out for the Parade of Lights is amazing.

Let’s keep the fun and fellowship that we have experienced throughout this year going as this year winds down!

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Time Marches On


We are approaching the completion of 2018, a year of significant success for our EL Jebel Shriners.  There have been a fine variety of meetings from the formal annual and stated to the summer party and the Chili Cook-Off.  If you missed any of these, you will need to make sure you don’t in 2019 as the meetings and social events are only going to get better.

Yet, now is also the time that you need to renew your membership if you are not a life member in all three categories: Temple, Hospital and Per Capita.  Membership Dues are due not later than the last day of the PREVIOUS YEAR.  That is, dues for 2019 must be paid by 31 December 2018 or you will be logged delinquent by Shriners International.  Over the years, this dues payment has been an issue with so many members that remain under the impression that dues may be paid any time throughout the current year.  Unfortunately, that is not and never has been true.  Today, with the advent and growth of computer technology, tracking dues payments has become much faster/easier and thus compliance or not is much easier to detect.  That’s why you may have received Shriners International periodic notices during 2018.  Again, the fact remains that dues are due for 2019 on or before 31 December 2018.  When dues are not paid on time, officially a member is delinquent and therefore is not eligible to participate in any Shrine activities.

Please actively assist your Temple to keep our membership up-to-date and thus save money throughout the year by not having to mail reminders, contact members or complete paperwork that is easily avoided when dues are paid on time.  This is your Fraternity, your Shrine, your Unit, your Club that is asking that every member abide by the system set forth for all of us.  Let’s all pay our 2019 dues THIS YEAR. (Temple: $100; Hospital, $5.00; Per Capita, $30; Total, $135)

Our Hospital Meeting Night is 12 November with dinner at 6:00 pm and meeting at 7:00 pm.  We will have the Salt Lake City Children’s Hospital and other Shriners Hospital for Children updates given by our SLC Hospital Board of Directors; Rick Frohlick and Ed McKenna.  Our guest will be Cameron Watters, a SLC Shriners Kid with his Grand Father and Mother, Father and Mother and Siblings being with us at dinner.  Don’t miss hearing this young boy’s message that is another amazing story of our Shriners Hospital for Children making children better able to live a full and productive life.  Make sure to introduce yourself to Cory and family.

Remember our last two parades are the Veterans’ Day Parade, Denver on 10 November and the Louisville Parade of Lights on 30 November.  Don’t miss these events that are always a great time for all our Nobles tom participate and their families to be a part of the crowd watching.

Again, make sure you have put our Craft Show & Cowboy Christmas on your calendar.  It will be held at the Douglas County Fair Grounds on 26-28 October.  Admission and parking is free.  This is a great opportunity to get those Christmas presents you need with a one-stop venue.  Many items are locally crafted with competitive pricing.  Tell your friends and neighbors about the Show and invite them to come with you.  Remember, this is one of our El Jebel fundraisers that needs your support.


James C. Bobick. Recorder

El Jebel Shriners



Calendar of Events


8 Nile Supreme Queen Visit

8-10 Consistory Fall Reunion

10 Veteran’s Day Parade

10 Bass Pro Christmas Parade

12 Family Night—Hospital Report

17 Operation Free Bird

18 Potentate’s Appreciation Party



7 Louisville Parade of Lights

8 Children’s Christmas Party

10 Election Meeting (Ladies Program)

31 New Year’s Eve Party


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Shriners Hospitals for Children

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Charles E. Wyant



     Arab Patrol:

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Patti Pitcock

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Membership circle

El Jebel Membership Corner

By Cary Williams

During the first week of October, Nobles Ken Jones and Cary Williams attended the Shriners International Membership Seminar in Tampa, Florida.  The Imperial Staff provided valuable information, and lessons learned from successful Temples who have overcome their own membership challenges were also presented.

Cary Williams provided an overview presentation of membership status from the seminar to the Elected Divan on October 23rd. In sum, based on historical data since 1978 and given a current demographic projection, El Jebel requires a minimum of 55 new Nobles annually to sustain our current membership numbers of over 1,000.

As part of the effort to garner new members, a presence was set up at the El Jebel Craft Fair, 26-28 October.  Thank you to those Nobles who volunteered to take a shift at the membership booth. A special shout out to Harold “Rox” Roxburgh, the Al Kaly Membership Chair, who assisted with flyer distribution in Northern Colorado Springs and, along with his daughter, took a turn at the booth as well. The booth took in $50 for Shriners Hospitals for Children and acquired one new Prospect.

The next membership initiative will be a joint fund raising and outreach effort planned for the Google office in Boulder.  Specifically we are looking for Nobles under the age of 40 to assist with this initiative. If you are a member of the El Jebel “Shabab”—you know who you are—would like to take a shift, tour the building and get a free lunch (yes, there is such a thing in Google-land) please write to me a soonest at


Membership Report as of: 10/31/2018

Regular Members: 1031

Associate Members: 49

Creations: 2

Affiliations: 0

Restorations: 0

Total Added:  2

Demits: 2

Suspensions: 1

Expired: 8

Expulsions: 0

Resigned: 0

Total Membership: 1022          with Associates: 1071



By Jeanne Thompson

The Caring Ladies of El Jebel held their monthly meeting on October 10.  The conversation was lively, the food and service good, and information about the Shrine was appreciated.  

We are the widows of Shriners and Masons and meet year-around for camaraderie and friendship.  If you are the widow of a Shriner or Mason, or know of one, please join us on the second Wednesday of each month, 11:30 a.m., at the Chalet Restaurant, 7340 West 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge.  Our meetings are informal, marked by laughter, some gentle teasing, and news of Shrinedom.  The food at the Chalet is good, the service excellent, the prices friendly, and genuine friendships are forged.  If you can attend, please call Kay Bell at 303-430-9001 so we will know how many chairs to set around the table.  If you decide at the last minute to come, please come on down!  We can always pull up another chair and would welcome the opportunity.  If you need a ride, let Kay know and someone who lives in your neighborhood will be happy to pick you up.  Come, give us a try, and you will enjoy the experience, I promise.


By Swede Nelson “Cuddles”

Clowns are NOT . . .  (Minstrel Characters and Jesters)

It seems that I have been giving far too much attention to who and what clowns are; I’ve left out something very important.  That is, who are NOT clowns.  Let’s take a look!

Two well-known characters are NOT clowns.  They are characters of the old minstrel shows and jesters.

Many of you may well recall the “blackface” characters of the old minstrel shows (also called minstrels).  Usually, they were white people who made their faces black to project an image of a black person.  As the popularity of minstrels grew, they became very much a center of attention in vaudeville.  But it was more than just a black person that was attractive in the context of the minstrels.  The minstrels mocked people of African-American descent.  The shows began in the 1830s in Northeastern states and grew in popularity as they lampooned African-American people.  They made them look buffoonish, dim-witted, lazy or happy-go-lucky, and this was very well accepted if not attractive during the later-1800s era.  However, as the civil-rights movement progressed, minstrels lost popularity.

The other “individual” that is NOT a clown is the jester or sometimes called a “court jester.”  Jesters never were clowns, nor did they pretend to be.  In fact, they had patrons to support them, and they lived in the home of the monarch or nobleman.  To their patrons, they were very loyal unlike parade clowns who allegiance to nobody.  Jesters were most often very skilled in juggling, music, humor, acrobatics, telling stories, comedy and many other areas necessary to entertain their employers or their guests.  Over the years (actually, over the centuries), however, jesters faded out.  Interestingly enough, there are a very few that have lasted into the 21st century, but even those are few today, of course.


By Jim & Judy Taylor

The October 9 meeting was started with lunch at Village Inn with 5 present.  Following lunch, the group convened at El Jebel on the second floor for the meeting with 8 present: Ed Hamm, Mike Wallen, George Van Trump, Dianne White, Ron & Robyn Williamson, Jim & Judy Taylor.   The meeting began at 1:00 PM.  The Secretary and Treasurers’ reports were approved.

We looked at pictures of Christmas Trees.  Concern (based on last year), that the silent auction wouldn’t raise as much as we would pay for the trees, so we voted to offer the Dune Buggies $200 for a combined unit tree.  If they don’t accept, we will write a $200 check to the SHC-SL and take it to the Craft Show. (Later, we determined that we would take a check to the Craft Show.)

The group agreed to set up the camera equipment for the Children’s Christmas Party on Saturday December 8.  Taylors & Dianne White will volunteer.  We need 3 more people.  Maybe some Optars volunteers will help.  There could also be a request for the NYE Dance.

Next meeting will be on November 13, with lunch at New York Deli at 11:30 AM, meeting at the Shrine at 1:00 PM.  The agenda will include elections.  The program will be an open discussion and planning for 2018.

  Ron Williamson, our Divan Rep, gave a report on the happenings at El Jebel, including the Memorial Bricks, flag pole & handouts for parades.

After the business meeting, Ed Hamm presented an excellent program on Windows 10 Updates. 

All Shriners are invited to join our club; dues are due $12.00 per year; 1st year’s dues are free for new members. Wives, guests, and curious people are always welcome. 

            If you have any questions, please contact Jim Taylor, 303-795-3278,


Did ya Know?

By ejgw

Ever notice that group of Nobles that are always around for things like the National Anthem and some choral parts in the Ceremonial and various degrees in Scottish Rite?  This innerbody is The Chanters.  They have been around a long time and have performed just about everywhere.  Not content with simply caroling for the ceremonials, they have entertained and/or performed for the Consistory in the 22nd Degree as well as other Masonic Lodges and bodies, senior homes, the Eastern Star home, and other places they have been invited to bring their specialty.  And the Eastern Sunrise service was an annual event for them, and one which is fondly remembered by those in attendance.  

Noble Marv Feldman was very instrumental is bringing professionalism to this unit/club.  There is nothing like a person who can get you to sing on key. And Marv did that.  He was also Grand Musician in Grand Lodge.  They have been known to do all kinds of musicals and many show tunes from Broadway.  They once performed Ghost Riders in the Sky.  A past-president of the unit, Ed Richards, had a collection of western hats which the group used as props for this.  As he said, “It came out good, and we had fun doing it.”

Like most of the units, The Chanters have been decimated by attrition.  But they continue on, and still add that certain “something” to the Ceremonials.  As their members always said, “I am proud to be a Shriner.”  And El Jebel is definitely proud of them.

Didja know that the information contained herein is from a long-time chanter, Ed Richards?  Thanx, Ed, for the great input!



By:   Don Weiser

October is about finished, and we are moving into the beginning of holiday season. We are also winding up our year of parades, with 3 more to participate in, if the weather holds out.

As we finish up this parade season, let’s all get out for these last parades.

            I would like to apologize to all for the lack of an October Red Fez article. Activities of September seemed to get the best of me, and I ran out of time to get one written before time ran out.


            October 10th was our monthly meeting, at Garrison ST. Bar and Grill. We had another well attended meeting, with 10 of our active members present. 6 of our Lady Bugs were present also. We had a great meeting with lots of business discussed and taken care of. Our new Jackets have been purchased and will be sent to Cathy Villhauer for embroidery. We also have voted to give $200.00 to support the Shrine Children’s Christmas Party.

             We want to welcome back our long-time member Ed Stoumbaugh, who has been absent from our activities for some years now.


  1. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday October 26 -28th: Craft Show and Festival of Trees. Douglas County Fair Grounds let’s all come out and support our last fundraiser for 2018.

  2. Saturday, November 10th Veterans Day Parade and Bass Pro Santa Parade. Flag shirts are the uniform. Parade information will be sent our soon.

  3. Monday, November 12th, El Jebel November Family Night and Hospital Report Meeting, Social 5 pm, Dinner 6 pm, Meeting 7 pm.

  4. Wednesday, November 14th Dune Buggy Patrol Meeting at our usual place, Garrison Bar and Grill 5:30 Social time, 6:00 Dinner, 7:00 Meeting

  5. Saturday, December 7th Louisville Parade of Lights This will be our second year at this Holiday parade, and last year those of us that went had a cold but great time. This is a very well attended parade with thousands of kids lining the streets. Let’s all get those battery-operated Christmas lights and garland out and decorate our Buggies to show off our Holiday spirit.

Happy belated October Birthdays

 October 16th Patti Pitcock     

 October 20th Don Weiser

 October 21st  Judi Cantrell

 October 25th Bill Schwartz

Happy November Birthdays

November 6th Ron Pitcock

November 30th Tom Mehsling


El Mejdel Temple No. 47

Daughters of the Nile

By PQ Carole Bolduc

The Holidays are closing in, and the Jack O’ Lanterns and Trick- or-Treaters are gone for another year.

We are excited about our Annual High Tea which will be held on Saturday, November 3rd.  This event was sold out at the end of August, and that’s a great problem to have. We’re looking forward to an eager crowd and a great time; hopefully the weather will be willing to cooperate.

There will be no bus to Black Hawk for the month of November due to our Supreme Queen Visit on Thursday, November 8th. Bus will run again in December.

Our Supreme Queen, Shirley Henley, will be visiting our Temple on Thursday, November 8th. It will be a full day with the Founders’ Day Luncheon, a Ceremonial and Stated Session along with a Banquet and performances by the El Mejdel Units. We’re looking forward to her visit.

Don’t forget our Mystery Dinner Theatre, “Murder by Denial” coming up in January. This event is open to all, and we hope you will attend; it should be a good time.  Details enclosed in this issue of THE RED FEZ.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. 



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We learn to earn

Dow Jones Industrial Average

January 2, 2018                        24,809.35

September 24, 2018                  26,743.50

October 22, 2018                        25,444.34


Year to date:   Up  634.99


From our last meeting in September to our October 22 meeting, the Dow was down 1,299.16, what a ride, but stay the course!  

We hope you did as well as we did in your portfolio, (2017 – up 9.7711% year-to-date) and (2018 – down 4.3555%).  If not, come check us out!

If you would like to come to our next meeting on November 19, 2018 and see what we do, please e-mail and we will send you an invite for the club.



By J & J Taylor

On Sunday, October 21, we met for a coffee tour and photoshoot at the “Copper Door Coffee Roasters”, on 1st Avenue in Denver.  We had 9 Optars, who enjoyed this tour; it was like a wine-tasting, including pastries and coffee and a discount on their products.  See some pictures and see what you might have missed.  Robyn’s and Kerri’s big find was burlap bags for craft projects! 

            The Optars next dinner meeting will be on November 6th at the Shrine.  It will be a pot luck dinner, which usually turns out to be quite a feast!  We will show the pictures everyone took at the Coffee tour (and probably critique them!)  Come join us for some food and fun.

            Then in December we will meet at Homestead Grille for our Christmas dinner—sort of a tradition!  This will be on December 4th, at 6:00.  We invite several units to join us for a delicious meal with 3 choices, and entertainment—an electric trumpet player—excellent!  We need to tell the restaurant how many will be there (there are usually about 30 Shriners, friends and relatives), so let us know if you’re interested, by calling our President, Ron Dunsmore, at 303-279-6272.

By Kent Burns

The last few months, some of the older members of the Band were commenting on the fact that our performance schedules of late have not been as full as in years past.  Guess someone was listening, because November is the fullest we have had in a long time.  And we have the veterans to thank for that.

“Thank” can be taken two ways and was intended to do just that.  First, we ended October with one of our favorite “shows,” an Honor Flight return.  Then we have been asked to help some Aurora schools observe Veterans Day.  These are well-received requests – it is so very refreshing that some schools are now taking a proactive approach to acknowledging veterans and their contributions to this country.

We will also be in concert with another of our “brass partners,” the Rocky Mountain Brassworks.  There will be two such concerts observing Veterans Day and honoring veterans.  The first will be in Lakewood on Saturday evening, 10 November.  Then this will be reprised at Broomfield High School on Monday morning, 12 November.  If any are interested, contact Kent Burns, 720-394-6374 for more information. 

We continue to honor our veterans on the “real” Veterans Day at Ketring Park in the morning.  Remember that this will be the 100th anniversary of the end of the “war to end all wars,” which is now known as World War I.  There are many restaurants that give veterans meals gratis on their special day.  One such is the Golden Corral in River Point Shopping Center on Monday the 12th.  The Band will be there to provide a little musical distraction for those who are waiting in line.  We have done this before, and the lines are long.

The Band will also bring in the flags for the graduation ceremony of the Colorado Rangers Law Enforcement Academy at the Consistory.  One of El Jebel’s own will be marching down that aisle as well – our Treasurer and business manager, Bill Schwartz.

As mentioned earlier, we thank our veterans for the freedom to accept these invitations to perform.  If not for them, we might not be allowed to wear kilts – we would be required to wear either kimonos or lederhosen.  If not for them, we might not be allowed to play bagpipes – we might be “encouraged” to play accordions if we were allowed to play anything at all.  So, whenever a veteran requests our services, we will move heaven and earth to honor that request.  And it is always an honor to do so.

So, as we sit down to turkey and all the trimmings later on this month, we should thank the Grand Architect of the Universe for all our blessings.  And among those many blessings are our veterans, to whom we also owe a debt we can never repay in full.

If any are interested all this fun and frivolity, come on down to the Shrine center any Thursday evening around 1900 and check us out.  Admission is free.



By J & J Taylor

After the September Caravan to Taos and Santa Fe, most Roamers are bundling up their rigs for the winter, and the startup of the “Innings”.  We have found that Colorado weather is just too unpredictable to risk an October Outing— although most rigs are prepared for bad weather, it’s not as much fun to camp out in the rain or snow!

            So, our “Eat and Greet” in October was held at Mimi’s, in Lakewood.  We had 16 Roamers enjoy the meal; see the picture.  President Jim held a short meeting while we waited for our food. 

            For the Sunshine and Shadows, we were sorry to learn this day, that former member Shirley Dietrick had just passed away.  But on a brighter note, Billy and Yoriko Umsted celebrated their 47th anniversary with us today, and even brought us a home-made gluten-free cake to share! 

            The Roamers’ next “inning” is Sunday November 18th, at Las Delicias in Littleton.  Join us if you can; call Secretary Bruce Hepp (303-725-9876) to reserve your spot.

By Claude Akridge

Eleven Sandblasters met on September 26th at the Golden Corral Restaurant for lunch and monthly meeting. President Randy opened the meeting at 12:12 PM and led us in the pledge of allegiance and PP Jack Patten said the prayer.

            Golf Manager Jim, summarized the golf outings for 2018 and also said he would get more times in October for those who wanted to play, weather permitting.

            Randy brought us up to-date on all Sandblaster business and on the coming events of El Jebel. There will be a Past President’s Meeting in November prior to the regular monthly meeting November 28th. Randy is also working on this year’s Christmas Party, but a date and place has not been confirmed.

            Vice President Carl Gaumer and wife Margaret are going to AZ in late October to visit family and check on places in AZ and NV for a possible winter trip

            We all enjoyed lunch and after Randy closed the meeting most members stayed around for a while to visit.


Rule 3.B.3(G) There shall be no such thing as a lost ball. The missing ball is on or near the course and will eventually be found and pocketed by somebody else, thereby making it a stolen ball. The senior player is not to compound the felony by charging himself with a penalty.

            You are always welcome to join us for lunch on the last Wednesday of the month.


By Bobby Juchem, Secretary-Treasurer

            Nobles and Ladies as the season changes from summer to autumn we inherently take stock in what matters most in our lives.  In that reflection, we come upon this truth, accepted amongst scholars that there are times in your life, that the stars align, and you are able to be exactly where you were meant to be, with the people you were meant to be with.  For many of us, the first time we felt this is when we fell in love with our spouse.  During these instances, time seems to slow down, the colors appear brighter and you feel more at ease, as if your soul found its counterpoint. 

            On September 21, 2018, The T-Nobles of El Jebel were joined by some of the new Nobles and the Divan for an evening in downtown Denver.  The evening started at the Governor’s Residence at Boettcher Mansion.  There the Nobles, Ladies and guests were serenaded by the elegance and history of the Governor’s Residence hors d’oeuvres, wine, beer and fraternal fellowship.  The entire Executive Residence was open to our fair Nobles and guests as many participated in a self-guided tour of some of Colorado’s hidden treasures within and outside the Mansion.

            After this enchanting beginning our esteemed guests moved to a private room in Pete’s Greektown Café, for food, fellowship and drink.  ‘Ompa’, and laughter filled the meeting space as we regaled each other with stories of the parade season and treasured time together.  This all ended with a shot of Ouzo, for the health and wellbeing of the Divan, for friendships shared and the mission of the El Jebel Shrine.  Not a single individual left without a full stomach and an equally full heart.

            Finally, our great adventure ended in the Colorado State Capitol, were we received a private tour of the building, rotunda and the secret tunnels.  As you can see from the pictures we all had a wonderful time and the event was well attended.  The purpose of this event was to honor the efforts of the Shrine and the leadership of the Divan, to welcome new Nobles into the Shrine Family and the Nobles and ladies who work tirelessly for the T-Nobles.  You see my friends, we all say that we are a family, but we rarely tell each other how we truly feel.  This was an opportunity to do just that, to express the nobler purposes of the mind and the finer feelings of the heart.


By Wayne Covert

Parade season is over and we’re into the holidays. We are in the process of planning for our holiday party for the VIP’s. It’s going to be held at Highland Hills Country Club same as last year. Mark your calendars for December 9. That is when we have scheduled our Christmas party. We had a positive response from all of our members, so I felt if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it. I will be contacting all of you by phone or email to give you details on our Christmas party.  We will be discussing this at our November meeting, so please try to attend. We have had a very trying year for all of our members sickness, surgeries, and death. Hopefully we can end the year on a positive note. I want to thank all of the members who have participated in the parades and coming to our meetings. I am looking forward to next year.  There are activities that are in planning that I have had the pleasure of being informed of.  I always like to remember to remind the members that we are all Mason’s first, always keep it on the Square in on the level.


By Steve Thomas

Tri-County by Steve Thomas:

            Jim and his lady Lisa Ditmore did a fabulous job on our annual cookout at their beautiful home. All the Shrine ladies added to the food selection with some of their own side dishes. We had some guest again. Our Worshipful Master mark Wallen and his lady Denise joined us along with Brother Stan Whiteford and his lady Sherrie. Denise Wallen won the door prize and re-gifted it so that one of the club could get it. Walt Wright won the 50/50 cash prize and is going to use it to take a trip to Paonia Colorado. Our next meeting is at Remmington’s in Montrose Oct 27th at 1pm. When we appoint our election committee. We meet at Daveto’s in Delta Nov.17th and elect our officers for next year. 

 We will be dark in December because of all the Blue Lodge installations and family stuff going on.

WCSC Clowns by Steve Thomas:

 Green River Utah saw 3 clowns show up. Bob “Boomer” Beeson, Jerald “Grumpy” Conyers and Tim “Timbo” Quealy who came all the way from Eagle Colorado to be there. I had some family doings the same time as Fruita parade but understand Boomer. Grumpy and Daran “Lucky” Mahoney did a fine job for us there.

 The hospital visit was canceled as they had some local clowns showing up for that.

 At our Oct. meeting we corralled our nominating committee which turned out to be Jim “Gassie” Ditmore and myself. We will be combing through all the candidates for the 3 officers we will have open. If you want to beat the rush and volunteer lets us know. We have only 3 positions open. 

            Looking forward to Veterans parade in Grand Junction and our election of officers Nov. 10th.

We have some Scottish Rite Kids breakfasts with Santa coming up. Dec. 1st 8:30 at the Consistory in Grand Junction and Dec. 8th 8:30am at Montrose Lodge #63 at 8:30am.

 Pictured are Lucky, Grumpy and Boomer in Fruita Fall Festival Parade

If you want to have some fun in the Shrine, talk to a clown. Drop your ego and have some fun.





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