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red_fez_of_el_jebel2016 The Potentate's Message





Nobles and Ladies, the holidays are quickly approaching, and we have an outstanding opportunity to support El Jebel and put a dent in your shopping!  The 28th Annual Craft Show and Cowboy Christmas will take place at the Douglas County Fair Grounds Event Center from October 26 through October 28, 2018.  This event is a fundraiser for El Jebel and through the “Fez”tival of Trees silent auction it is also a fundraiser for the Shriners Hospitals for Children.  Plan to come out to the Craft Show to get some of your holiday shopping done and support El Jebel at the same time.  Nobles please wear your Fez when you attend the Craft Show to let the vendors know that we appreciate their participation.

Again this year, Lady Janet and I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Salt Lake City for the 2018 Walk and Roll for Love event along with more than 1,000 people.  El Jebel was also represented at the Walk and Roll by four members of the Divan and their Ladies and a contingent from the El Mejdel Daughters of the Nile.  The Salt Lake hospital rolled out the red carpet for us and it was a fantastic experience to get a firsthand look at the incredible work that our hospital does for the kids. 

This year’s Potentate’s trip took an energetic group of 38 Nobles and Ladies to the “Big Easy” this past month.  We had a great time touring and eating our way through the city of New Orleans and an even better time enjoying the fellowship. A very special thank you to Nobles Bill Schwartz and Rob Cheney for planning this trip for El Jebel!

Our Fall Ceremonial will take place on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the Denver Consistory.  Nobles, we are all membership ambassadors for El Jebel and it is our responsibility to add to our numbers by talking to our friends and lodge Brothers about becoming a Shriner.  Please get petitions into the hands of prospective Shriners so we can make the Fall Ceremonial a rousing success! 

Also, following the Fall Ceremonial on October 20, we will be celebrating Oktoberfest 2018.  This is a joint event with the Denver Consistory and will take place at 6:00 pm.  This was a great event last year, so come out for our last social event of the year.  We are looking forward to getting together with our Brothers at the Consistory for fun and fellowship.  The cost is only $25 per person and includes a great German dinner, wine, German beer and entertainment by the El Jebel Shrine German Band.  Parking will be available in the Consistory parking garage and behind the Credit Union of Colorado at the corner of 14th Avenue and Logan St.

Let’s keep the fun and fellowship that we have experienced throughout this year going as we move into Fall!


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The season to return to our Shrine meetings is upon us.  We all hope you had a great summer and were able to accomplish many exciting things.  Yet, now is time to reactivate, if necessary, your attendance to El Jebel.  Every member, to the best of their ability, needs to be an active supporter of the many and varied events planned for this fall and winter.  We want to see you and your family at as many events as possible.  Without you we will be missing an integral part of El Jebel.

On 10 September was our Stated Meeting at the Temple. The Potentate opened the meeting at 6:00 pm with the Pledge of Alliance to our Flag followed by the National Anthem led by the Chanters.  The Potentate then called on the Chaplain for a prayer before dinner.  The Chief Rabban supervised the buffet dinner of Salad, Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables and Apple Cobbler for dessert.  Drinks were available at the Bar.

After dinner, the Potentate welcomed all attending   and then called Shirley Dietrick, Aidette to be escorted to the front where the Potentate presented her with a cake to celebrate her 90th birthday as all sang Happy Birthday

Noble John Titterington offered by auction an autographed hockey puck to raise money for our Salt Lake City Children’s Hospital.  Phred Dare won the puck with a $110 bid.  Thanks, Phred! 

Kendy Cusick-Rindone, Queen, El Mejdel No. 47, Daughters of the Nile spoke about the upcoming Walk for Love at our Salt Lake City Children’s Hospital on Saturday, 15 September and invited all that are able to attend.  A group of El Mejdel Daughters of the Nile and four Divan members led by our Potentate have already made arrangements to attend.  Ron Williamson displayed our “Bear” that accepts donations for the Hospital and circulated the room with great donation success. 

The Potentate then announced our Fall Reunion to be held on 20 October in conjunction with the Consistory Oktoberfest.  He asked all nobles to be a part of those welcoming our new nobles. 

Don Myers conducted a survey to determine how nobles obtain information about El Jebel events.  This data will be used to improve our overall communications.

Ron Dunsmore who presented a Dune Buggy Patrol $100 check to support the El Jebel Ladies Parade Handout Program that has been very successful in reaching families about our Shrine Hospitals for Children.

The Potentate introduced our distinguished guests, namely Past Potentates Illustrious Sirs Dick Williams, Jim Fitzpatrick, Ron Cosens, Jim Stewart, Matt Raia, Larry Clark and Rich Silver; from the Scottish Rite Illustrious Matt Raia, Valley of Denver Secretary; York Rite Right Eminent and Right Illustrious Grand Treasurer Steve Hubbard; and Eastern Star Past Grand Patron Byron Walker.

The Soule Family Foundation has requested that the El Jebel Shriners provide an update for its two foundation members.  After discussion, a motion was made, seconded and passed that Nobles Ron Cosens and Bill Schwartz be appointed.

For the good of the order, a question’s response was given that trees for the Festival of Trees may come from any source to be auctioned at the Craft Fair. 

Don Weiser asked that Units and Clubs make donations of toys and other required items to the Temple Children’s Christmas Party to be held at the Highlands Temple on 8 December 2018.  Last year, 85 children attended with 200 lunches served.  Volunteers are also needed.  Contact Don for further details.

The Arvada and Broomfield Parades were a success even though there was an inordinate parade delay in Broomfield.  Yet, our annual Temple Picnic after the Broomfield Parade sure made up for the unwelcome morning delays.  There were over 90 Shriners and families in attendance who enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs with the usual side dishes, cookies and drinks galore.  Conversions, camaraderie and just plain fun prevailed!

The Potentate’s Trip this year was to New Orleans 19-23 September.  The trip was a resounding success to spike the occasional heat, humidity and rain.  Thirty-eight nobles and family joined in the fun and sight-seeing; the cemeteries, World War II Museum, Café De Monde and so much else.  The schedule was exciting especially with the local meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It is hard to beat Louisiana foods!  Shopping at the markets was also interesting.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your family at our upcoming events.  Make sure to check your received invitations and publications to be aware of what is happening at your Temple.



James C. Bobick. Recorder


Calendar of Events


8 Open Meeting-Chili Cookoff

20 Fall Ceremonial

20 Oktoberfest w/Consistory

26-28 Craft Fair



3 Potentate’s Appreciation Party

8 Supreme Queen Visit –Daughters of the Nile

8-10 Consistory Fall Reunion

10 Veteran’s Parade

10 Bass Pro Christmas Parade

12 Family Night/Hospital Report

17 Operation Free Bird


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Shriners Hospitals for Children

From                                                                       In Memory of

Welle Dick Donation  
Jessop Rita Mozer Lou
Cosens Ron & Judy Edwards Donna
Ziedins Astrid Jergensen Winifred
Baier Mr & Mrs Jon Jergensen Winifred
Aguirre & Family Fidel Jergensen Winifred
Jergensen Michael & Cindy Jergensen Winifred
Gallo John & Pamela Jergensen Winifred
Jergensen Kent & Kristi Jergensen Winifred
Nikurs Andis Jergensen Winifred
Rubenis Martin & Anita Jergensen Winifred
Pencis Dace Jergensen Winifred
Leeper Harlow Jergensen Winifred
Nagata Inge Jergensen Winifred
Thorne Elvera & Ron Jergensen Winifred
Fillipp Wallis Jergensen Winifred
Roundtree Family Tom & Janet Jergensen Winifred
Moody Mr. & Mrs Gary Edwards Donna
Moody Mr & Mrs Michael Edwards Donna
Miller Judy Edwards Donna
McBride Mr & Mrs Ed Edwards Donna
Willis Mr & Mrs Ty Edwards Donna
Civil War Band Colorado Masonic Donation  


Transportation Fund

From                                                                       In Memory of

Boles Debe Ribble Carson
Shepherd Jonell & James Ribble Carson
Elsbrock Ruth Ann Ribble Carson
Lewis Claude & Nancy Ribble Carson
Caring Ladies El Jebel Cusick Claire & Barbara
Card Tom & Nancy Ribble Carson
Kirby Don & Mary Ribble Carson
McLeod Don W. Ribble Carson

MailChimp header_BLACK CAMEL

 In Memorium

Richard W. Cain

Grieg W. Lang

Howard U. Motz



Arab Patrol:  

Mona Johnson-90th


Rick Frohlick

Don Long


Greg “Dazzell” White

Dune Buggy Patrol:

Jeffco Shrine Club:

Keystone Kops:

Legion of Honor:

Loudine Braun

Irene Bauer

Ruth Winton

Provost Guard:

Tony Dattilo, P.P.

Gerrie Campbell

RV Roamers:

Don Rice

Tony Dattilo, P.P.

Heidi Talkington

Mark Hogan

Nicole Potter


Christine Hause

Phil Hause, PP

Patti Pitcock

Dennis Proctor, PP

Cyndie Wozniak-Behrens


Mark Hogan

Curt Sorensen

Dennis Proctor, P.P.


Phil Hause, P.P.

Dennis Proctor, P.P.

Steven Walker

Membership circle

Membership Report as of: 9/30/2018

Regular Members: 1033

Associate Members: 49

Creations: 1

Affiliations: 0

Restorations: 0

Total Added:  1

Demits: 0


Expired: 3

Expulsions: 0

Resigned: 0

Total Membership: 1031          with Associates: 1080



By Jeanne Thompson

The Caring Ladies of El Jebel held their monthly meeting on September 12, at the Chalet Restaurant.  Turnout was small but the pleasure was great.  We enjoyed the presence of El Jebel Chaplain Jim Oliver who always brings news of the Shrine activities.

I apologize for missing a report of our August meeting.  The computer gremlins messed with my email and didn’t go away until after the deadline.  I do want to say that we welcomed the new membership of Nancy Harju and  hope she attends regularly

We are happy to announce that we are once again able to make a nice donation to the Transportation Fund from Miss Kitty’s travels around our table.  This donation was presented to Chaplain Oliver to deliver to  the Shrine.  This time we are once again dedicating the donation in the name of Past Potentate and Mrs. Clare and Barbara Cusick, founders of our club.

We are the widows of Shriners and Master Masons.  We meet monthly at the Chalet Restaurant, 7340 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge, at 11:30 a.m. for lunch (order from the menu), camaraderie, and laughter.  We have said before that while we are brought together by a common sadness, our meetings are times of joy and sharing.. If you are, or know of, a widow of a Shriner or Master Mason, please attend a meeting to check us out.  Please call Kay Bell, (303) 430-9001, so we can place another chair at the table.  We order from the menu and have a short meeting after eating.  The food is good down-home style, the service is friendly, and the friendships are sincere.  If you need a ride, let Kay know and someone will be happy to bring you.


By Swede Nelson “Cuddles”

The hospital clown has the toughest job of all clowns.  It is a job wrought with many, many rules and regulations designed for the patient’s health and wellbeing.  Newcomers to this kind of clown work would describe all of the rules and regulations much differently.

Although it is not a rule like a regulation, it’s a “rule of thumb” that hospital clowns do not work alone; they should work in pairs.  This rule is not cast in stone, however.  Our El Jebel Clown Unit has two guys who are very active as hospital clowns, and they have been doing it for a long time.  If you would like to meet these exceptional brothers, introduce yourself to “Tiny” Doug Kelley and “Fuzzy” Bob Kerr.  They are the only clowns in El Jebel having the patience and the expertise to do hospital-clown work, and they are good!

Clown “Kuz” Henry Hering (known to many of you) warned me about doing hospital-clown work.  He told me that his emotions became too much to handle in a hospital room with a very sickly youngster.  He told me to always use a partner who could take over when you had to leave the room briefly “to get yourself together.”

Special gloves (no talcum powder), no touching the patient, no toys, no this and no that make it difficult for a clown to do his “shtick” (Yiddish meaning an attention getting gimmick, a trick).  But for trained and seasoned clowns like “Tiny” and “Fuzzy”, they have their personal touch for their hospital visits!

When you see them, please take a moment to say Thank You to “Tiny” and “Fuzzy” for what they do!

Cooler Nobles

By: Cooler Krew

The Cooler Nobles were down a man during the September 8th Parade in Arvada since Noble Tommy Houston’s cooler was leaking fuel. Upon further inspection, it was determined “Clyde” had a crack in the gas tank and may have caught fire if ridden in the parade. While we are thankful Noble Tommy was prudent and safe, a flaming motorized cooler in the midst of the parade route would have most certainly put us in contention for the Grand Marshal’s trophy—oh well, safety first!

The highlight from the Arvada Parade was our privilege to meet Cameron, a young man who just returned from treatment at a Shriner’s Hospital for Children®. While he sat atop a cooler, his grandmother told us that for 16 years Cameron’s father also received treatment through Shriners Hospital. The grandmother’s profuse thanks for the assistance Shriners Hospital provided two generations of her family was only exceeded by her grandson’s glee as he sounded an air horn to welcome returning Shriner Units at the end of the parade. For a moment we evidenced Abraham Lincoln’s words: “No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child...”

A special thanks to Ron and Robyn Williamson as they opened their home and hosted us to lunch afterwards. It is always a pleasure to share fellowship with the entirety of the Dune Buggies and we are grateful of being included in your functions.

Due limited member availability, the Cooler Nobles were unable to field a unit for the Broomfield Parade, but are hard at work preparing—mentally at least—for the upcoming Veterans’ Day Parade in Denver. By then we hope to have perfected the recently unveiled Maneuver 15-The Reverse Noble Blind Drive, aka “Tommy would not approve”.

If you are a Noble seeking fun and fellowship, come join us!  (And if not, may we suggest The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes) We are a jovial bunch looking for likeminded parade and social members.  To join or for more information about the “Cooler Nobles”, contact Ken Jones at 303.588.4785 or 

El Mejdel Temple No. 47

Daughters of the Nile

By PQ Carole Bolduc

          Fall is just about upon us.  The days are showing signs, and the cooler weather is appreciated.

          We had a rather different Session for the month of September.  Since work is being done on Highlands Temple, we held our meeting in the main-floor ballroom.  It was somewhat of a challenge putting this together but everything worked out for the best, and the meeting went well.  The best news is the elevator is now working.

          Thursday, October 11th will be our Bus to Black Hawk day, we will meet in the north parking lot of Highlands Masonic Temple at 10:00 am. Please try to make the trip; the autumn colors should be spectacular!

          The El Mejdel Singers will be hosting their Luncheon/Fashion Show on Monday, October 22nd to be held at the Highlands Masonic Temple.  The fashions will be from Christopher & Banks. Tickets are $20 each and may be purchased from any member of the Singers.

          The Nile Tea which is to be held on Saturday, November 3rd is now SOLD OUT. Don’t despair, there is a “waiting list”, and if you wish your name placed there, please contact PQ Jo Ann Van Trump immediately.  Her e-mail address is

          In January of 2019, El Mejdel Temple will be sponsoring a Mystery Dinner Theatre to be held at Highlands Masonic Temple.  Information regarding this event is included in this issue of the RED FEZ.

          Our Supreme Queen Visit and Founders’ Day Luncheon will be held on Thursday, November 8th. More information will be forthcoming.

          We wish you all a Happy Halloween!  



Jeffco Shrine Club

By Jim Cram

Herb Schillereff reported an especially fine fishing trip with his son Steven, who visited from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  They went to their usual special spot in Wyoming and each caught their limit.

            A Get Well Wish to Glenn Moore, who had a metal plate extracted from his ankle (it was supposed to help but was very uncomfortable).  And another Get Well Wish to Jim Cram, recovering from a broken right arm suffered in a fall.  Both gentlemen are home following brief hospital stays and are doing well.

Jack Russell has set up a Bronco football contest.  The object is to predict the number of Bronco wins out of the 16 regular games of the season.  The second contest is a guess at which of the 32 NFL clubs will win the Super Bowl on 2 February 2019.  The following people are participating:  13 wins – Sharon Mayer (Minn. Vikings), Diane White (Broncos); 12 wins – Les Mayer (Philadelphia Eagles), Wendell Martin (Green Bay); 11 wins – Jim Cram (NE Patriots), Gary Jewell (Vikings), Herb Schillereff (Patriots); 10 wins – Sam Wittner (Patriots), Glenn Moore (NY Giants), Lorna Schillereff (Patriots), Becky Jewell (Broncos), Barbara Blake Antunen (Eagles); 9 wins – Mead Abbott (Patriots), Chapin Blake (Patriots), JoAnn Cram Joselyn (LA Rams), Nicole Weeks (Ginger McCullough’s niece – Seattle); 8 wins – Minnie Yoritomo (Oakland Raiders), Sonja Kamunen (Patriots), Mary Wittner (Eagles), Bob Robinson (Patriots); 7 wins – Bob McCullough (Patriots), Smokey Yoritomo (Green Bay), Jack Russell (Kansas City); 6 wins – Dee Jacobson (Vikings); 5 wins – Ginger McCullough (Patriots), Lance Barron (Patriots). 



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We learn to earn

Dow Jones Industrial Average

January 2, 2018                        24,809.35

August 20, 2018                         25,669.32

September 21, 2018                  26,743.50


Year to date:   Up  1,934.15


From our last meeting in August to our September 24 meeting, the Dow was up 1,074.18, what a ride, but stay the course!  

We hope you did as well as we did in your portfolio, (2017 – up 9.7711% year-to-date) and (2018 – up 4.2804%).  If not, come check us out!

If you would like to come to our next meeting on August 20, 2018 and see what we do, please e-mail and we will send you an invite for the club.



By J & J Taylor

          This month’s dinner was at Kennedy Golf Course Grill, on September 4th; the meeting was at the Shrine building.  Those attending brought a picture and told a story about it.  These were really interesting—maybe it can be done again down at the Comedy Club! 

          Ron told about how he acquired his John Denver picture, and Taylors had a story about the summer from hell (complete with video).  Robyn had a darling picture of her Grandson, peering under a carousel to see what made it work!  And Ed always tries to educate us with his pictures—sometimes it happens!  This time he showed what’s REALLY below DIA—he just retired from there—see pictures.

          ATTENTION COFFEE LOVERS!!!  Come and join us on Sunday, October 21, for a coffee tour and photoshoot at the “Copper Door Coffee Roasters”, 900 W. 1st Avenue. This tour, like a wine-tasting, will include all the pastries and coffee you can consume, as well as a discount on any of their products.  We will meet there (perhaps we can car-share) at 10:00 a.m.; it will take about 2.5 – 3 hours.  A flyer will be coming out soon, but the facility needs reservations—pay at the door ($20).  Please send Ed Hamm an email confirming number attending the photo-shoot/training as soon as possible.  If unable to send email, call and leave a voice message at 303-829-1601.

By Kent Burns

We lived through the granddaddy of all local Highland Games – Estes Park.  It was dry (except under our uniforms) and not all that hot.  The crowds were smaller than in years past, but as we have noted before, that seems to be the norm in most things Celtic of late.  The Band acquitted itself well as usual.  The Nobility can be proud of us – we are becoming a very well-known and respected “fixture” at this event.  We definitely are welcomed in the clan area bringing a little entertainment to a sometimes-forgotten area of the games.  Several made a special effort to thank us for remembering them.  Those on “clan row” are expected to be with their clans to answer questions and promote their “family” at the expense of missing out on the pomp and ceremony of things like massed bands and last post.  Our performances in their area bring a little Scottish “noise” their way.

The next weekend we continued with things reminiscent of the UK – the annual Conclave of English Cars.  This exhibition of right-hand drive vehicles is for those who appreciate small sports cars (MG’s and the like) or the more elegant Rolls-Royce.  The crowd likewise appreciated our efforts.  And it was just a figure of speech about right-hand drive cars.  Most of the ones on display are for American who drive on the right (as in “correct”) side of the road!

Some of the events we look forward to the most are the several Honor Flight returns – usually two in the spring and three in the fall – for which we have played for the better part of the last twenty-odd years.  This past month we had the honor of welcoming home two such flights, the Northern Colorado Honor Flight out of Ft. Collins and the local Rocky Mountain Honor Flight.  This was the first of two fall trips for Rocky Mountain; the second is scheduled for the last Saturday in October (the 27th).  And, sadly, it was the final Flight for Northern Colorado.  The driving force behind those Flights answered the final call last summer, and there is no one to take his place.

Honor Flights are one of only a few ways of honoring those who gave so much for this country.  Originally, they “specialized” in WWII veterans.  However, with the diminishing number of those special people, these Flights are now open to those who fought in Korea and, just lately, Viet Nam, as well as recipients of the Purple Heart.

It is always amazing how humble these heroes are.  They do not look upon their sacrifice as anything more than simply going to the store for a loaf of bread because their wife asked them to.  The humblest of all replies when thanked for their service is that one always given by of our own – “just doin’ my job.”  He exemplifies the best of that “greatest generation” – an entire generation who thought little of the deprivation they were about to endure, but who knew only that their country – this great nation – was in peril and needed defending against the greatest evil that, up to that time, had ever threatened the peace and welfare of an entire planet.  So off they went, in their own way seeking adventure and fortune, whistling or singing Yankee Doodle or God Bless America, and discounting the great price each would pay to ensure the safety of generations to come – not just Americans, but also Frenchmen, Canadians, Englishmen, Poles, Danes, Finns, Russians, Czechs, Chinese, Australians, and so on, even including Germans and Italians and Japanese.  And so, we will always be there to welcome them home and to say, “good job.”  And “thank you.”

If any are interested all this fun and frivolity, come on down to the Shrine center any Thursday evening around 1900 and check us out.  Admission is free.



By J & J Taylor

          So here we are right now, having gone on our way to Santa Fe.  The weather was perfect—no rain.  Five Roamers’ couples enjoyed our RV Caravan with the sights, sounds, smells, and cuisine of New Mexico, thanks to our Wagonmasters, Dave and Arlene Kohlwey.  They did a fine job of arranging just enough organized site tours, meals and get-togethers to keep everyone busy, yet providing free time for us to fix our rigs!

          Umsteds had Yoriko’s fighting fish there, JoAnn’s parakeet was swaying in his cage, and Talkingtons and Kohlweys both had their dogs.   We didn’t need any pets to take up our free tie—but plenty of excitement. 

          To start with, the hail in Bailey did a number on our vents, air conditioner, and roof (actually, it was leaking before).  And after taking off the canvas and bricks on the top, we drove to Taos uneventfully—until having a flat that wouldn’t pump up.  We decided to use our unused spare and deal with it later.  We did buy vent covers in Santa Fe, so we were ready to roll, as long as the weather held out (it did)!

          Our main evening entertainment was Dave Kohlwey’s “Farkel”.  We mean the GAME, “Farkel”.  Plenty of people “farkeled”, but Heidi and Roger “farkeled” the least.  That must mean they didn’t eat as much Mexican food as the rest of us.

          Anyway, see the pictures to see some of the fun we have as Roamers.  Won’t you join us?  You don’t even have to have a rig to be a member or join us, and some of our members rent a cabin or motorhome. Call us to find out our schedule to “try us out”; we have 8 months of “innings” coming up, where we meet to eat.  And if you want to see all of the Caravan pictures, here are the links:  (Bailey to Taos)  (Santa Fe)  (Chimayo, Los Alamos)  (to Nathrop)  (Mt. Priinceton, Bailey)

By Claude Akridge

13 Sandblasters met for lunch and meeting on August 31st at the Golden Corral restaurant located at West Hampden Ave. and South Santa Fe Dr.

President Randy called the meeting to-order with the usual pledge of allegiance and prayer.

Randy brought us to date on all present and future Sandblaster business and Golf Manager Jim Teagarden reported that 8 Sandblasters played the Walnut Creek Golf Outing and a good time was had by all. The September 6th golf was played At Highlands Ranch Golf Club and the final for 2018 Golf Outing played at Fox Hollow on September 20th.  Jim, the Sandblasters

Thank you for setting up all the Golf outing for 2018. You did a great job.

The Shriners Hospital Golf Tournament will be played in Las Vegas on

October 29th thru November 4th. If any Sandblaster has an interest in working that Tournament, please contact the Shrine office for all the details.

Jerry Davis had read on the internet about the “Proposed New Rules for

Seniors for the 2019 Season” Example, Rule 1. a.5. A ball sliced or hooked into the rough shall be lifted and placed on the fairway at the point equal to the distance it carried or rolled in to the rough with no penalty. The senior player should not be penalized for tall grass which the ground keepers failed to mow.  More 2019 rules to follow next month.

The Sandblasters had another successful table at the “Raffle” this year, we made $448.00 which we will use for donations to be determined later. Members who helped at the table were Dan Kamunen, Jim Thoeming, Larry

Bangert, Jim Teagarden, and yours truly. Gary Gosage also stopped by to give us a hand.  Again, thanks to Marvin Hart for donating the weekend vacation home in Estes Park to the winner. 8 Sandblasters were present at the September Shrine meeting.

Remember you are always welcome to join us at our lunch meeting on the last Wednesday of the month at 11:30 AM



By Bobby Juchem, Secretary-Treasurer

Greetings Nobles and Ladies, we trust this finds you all well and getting ready for the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  The T-Nobles have been very busy, both personally and professionally as Shriners.  On July 28th, President, Noble Chris Weymouth, Noble Don Myers and our newest member Noble Jodi Dehrer hit the blacktop in the Douglas County Parade, in Castle Rock.  Noble Chris Weymouth still recovering from recent shoulder surgery, soldiered on showing all of us that there are somethings too important to just sit by and watch.  Nobles Chris and Jodi had a wonderful time and you can see it on their faces.  Across town toward the mountains Noble Byron Walker, Noble Victor Walker and Captain Noble Ryan Puckett, were spreading peace and harmony to those at the Buffalo Bill Days Parade.  A parade named after that illustrious pioneer, is always a favorite of the T-Nobles.  In the spirit of adventure Noble Jodi Dehrer and his wife Lady Meghan had a wonderful experience being the chefs of a pioneer wagon train, in July.  For the better part of a month they served food for the entire wagon train, but don’t be fooled as the meals consisted of filet mignon, desserts and other savory treats.  As with anything they do, they brought a flavor of class and sophistication to the entire experience.  In fact, the CEO of the wagon train asked them back again, which they agreed to do on one condition, they needed more help in the kitchen.  As we all know feeding a group of any size can both literally and figuratively tether you to the kitchen.

Noble Travis McClain continues to be our ‘International Noble’ as he traveled to Lima, Peru again to visit his close friend and brother Mason from Architecture School.  In October 2017, he was able to tour the Grand Lodge of Peru, visit the lodge room, a room that can seat 600 Masons.  There is a museum on site that has artifacts dating back to Peru’s independence, with one recent addition.  While visiting Noble Travis submitted a T-Noble pin to the curator to be laid amongst the archives that a T-Noble of El Jebel has visited the facility. 

Upon his return, Noble Travis McClain also spent the summer relocating to downtown Denver and is in search of a new Blue Lodge.  In the coming months see our ‘International Noble’ at Denver 5 Lodge, Union 7 Lodge and Albert Pike Lodge.

Noble Bobby Juchem spent a large part of the July in Bayview, Idaho where he lived on his sailboat ‘The Minnie’ and enjoyed a slower pace of life.  The days were filled with sailing around Lake Pend O’Reille, swimming off the dock and drinking wine with Lady Mary watching the sunsets.  In 1966, Bruce Brown released a movie called The Endless Summer, about professional surfers Michael Hynson and Robert August.  After spending 23 days on the Lake, this author began to understand what he was talking about.  Sometimes, it is the journey and not the destination that is most satisfying.  We as Freemasons know this fact all too well. 

Well my friends that is all that is fit to print.  Until next time, be awesome and love one another.


Greetings Nobles and Ladies, the T-Nobles have been busy my friends.  August ended with the Sportman’s Raffle and the T-Nobles were in full force working toward its success.  Illustrious Phil Hause was working the electronics at the front table for the El Jebel Shrine, where he was joined by Lady Kathy Loerwald.  He ensured everything was properly recorded and in the confines of the regulations put forth by the Secretary of State.  Lady Barb Lloyd was the ‘pit boss’ of the ticket sales area.  Vice President Noble Don Myers was a man of many talents and filled in the gaps where needed.  Noble Bobby Juchem helped call the entire event with Noble Joe Kent.  As for working our table the entire parade team answered the call.  Nobles Chris Weymouth, Lady Judy Weymouth, Noble Ryan Puckett, Lady Carmelita Puckett, Noble Jodi Dreher. Lady Meghan Dreher, Noble Byron Walker and Noble Travis McLain worked the T-Noble raffle table where we raffled off ‘One Fine Pig’, the 5th Place finisher in the State Fair.  Our raffle was a tremendous success and could not have been so without the efforts of the entire unit.  Well done my friends, well done!

Now hold onto your seats as we tell tales of the Broomfield Parade.  There is a term in rural Montana called “blind your ponies”, it is where you but blinders on to stay focused on a task.  This concept became the lament of Noble Jodi Dreher.  At the beginning of the parade he was trying to find neutral to get his car all set to win the hearts and minds of those in attendance.  When all of the sudden the car shot off like a rocket, “Houston we have a problem!”  Noble Jodi Dreher and Noble Chris Weymouth chased after it and was trying to kill the engine while on the move.  Of course, fighting back the laughter of the scene, President Chris Weymouth shouted, “Just let it go, it will hit the curb.”  Noble Jodi Dreher was able to get his mustang under control.  However, it was broken for the rest of the parade.  So he was sequestered on the back of Byron’s hook having the time of his life.  However, Murphy was not done with the T-Nobles and Byron’s tow truck broke down and stranded both of them on the parade route.  Throughout this time Noble Don Myers was organizing the picnic afterward with Ladies Karen Myers and Judy Weymouth.  At the conclusion of the parade route exhausted, President Noble Chris Weymouth found that his car was locked and the keys were with his lovely bride.  Although the Shrine has stepped away from the Circus, the T-Nobles kept the spirit alive.  Throughout the entire event you could hear the laughter and jokes amongst the members of the unit.  It will be some time before we forget the midday ride of Noble Jodi ‘Flash’ Dreher.

After showing off, our Titans of the Tarmack, enjoyed a wonderful lunch and some cold beer.  You can’t buy memories like these, they must be made!  Well my friends, that is all that is fit to print, until next time keep the shiny side up.



By Steve Thomas

We had our August meeting August 25th at Daveto’s in Delta (That’s Colorado not Utah) and Lady Linda Wright won the door prize and the 50/50 cash drawing. Think we need to load this lady up and go to Lost Wages. We could all come home millionaires after investing all she won in our drawing. We will talk about the cookout next month. I’m sure the Ditmore’s will do a fine job on this project.

In October we meet at Remmington’s in Montrose and get our nominating committee appointed. Election of our officers will be in November.

WCSC clown report by Steve Thomas:

This wanted poster showed up at the Palisade Peach Festival Parade. Wanted for impersonating real people: Steve “Mugsy” Thomas, Jim “Gassie” Ditmore”, Gary “Zeke” Weiszbrod and Gerald “Grumpy” Conyers. We also had WCSC Pres. Linn Armstrong show up and do the parade with us but I don’t think he wanted to be seen with us afterward. Then we all went to Starvin’ Arvin’s in Clifton for breakfast and after eating they ran us out for eating funny.

 About the same crew showed up for Ridgway Parade, minus Grumpy and plus Bob “Boomer” Beeson and his lady Sally.

I think we shoulda had more parades this year. The last 3, we got rained on. They were probably tied in with the hay season. It only rains 3 times in western Colorado. First, second and third cutting.

 Looks like we all have lots going on with Blue Lodge and family’s the weekend of Green River Parade, so I don’t think we will have a good showing there. We’ll talk about that and the Fruita parade next month.

We are looking at getting a few to go to Shriner’s Salt Lake Children’s Hospital Oct. 31 for a Halloween party for the kids. If you are interested let me know.

Our next meeting will be at Grand Vista Hotel after the WCSC Board meeting Oct. 9th. About 1pm.

Veterans Parade is in the works and probably Nov.10th line up 1pm and then we have WCSC election of officers at 4pm that same day at the Consistory in Grand Junction.


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