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red_fez_of_el_jebel2016 The Potentate's Message





Summer 2018 was another busy time for El Jebel!  We had a great parade season, don’t forget we still have Arvada and Broomfield in September.  The Nobles of El Jebel was well represented at the Imperial Session in Daytona Beach and at CSSA in Branson, Missouri where Nobel Don Weiser won a trophy for the third straight year. 

Once again, our Nobles and Ladies went above and beyond to make the 8th Annual Sportsmen’s Raffle a success.  I am amazed and grateful to all that sacrificed their time and energy prior to and during the Raffle.  There are too many that participated in this event to name here, but I want to give special thanks to Paul Whannel, Chuck Petersen, Perry Mittler, Jim Kato and Don Myers for planning, accounting and organizing the Raffle.  We also need to recognize the Nobles and their ladies that came out on Raffle day to make sure that everything went off without a hitch!  This year’s raffle introduced the Sportsmen’s Expo where we have over 30 vendors present.  As this is our primary fundraiser, we can be very proud of everyone who worked so hard to make it happen.  A more complete report on the results of the Raffle will be given at September Stated Meeting.

The High School Throwback Party is just around the corner.  Come on out on September 8, 2018 for a fun filled evening of music, dancing, games and great food!  The High School Throwback Party will be held at the Lakewood Elks Lodge, 1455 Newland St, Lakewood, CO.  The fun starts at 5:00 pm with a buffet dinner at 6:30 pm.  We will have a DJ playing songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s for entertainment and dancing pleasure.  Please note that the Lakewood Elks has a CASH ONLY bar, so please plan ahead.

We will be holding our Fall Ceremonial on October 20, 2018 at the Denver Consistory immediately prior to Oktoberfest.  Nobles, it is never too early to be talking to your friends and lodge Brothers about becoming a Shriner.  Please get petitions into the hands of perspective Shriners so we can make the Fall Ceremonial a rousing success!  The Ceremonial will be followed that evening with the 2nd Annual Oktoberfest at the Denver Consistory.  This event will be highly attended so contact the Consistory office to get your tickets as soon as possible!

The holidays our coming faster than we want to think about, so put the El Jebel Craft Fair on your calendar.  The Craft Fair will be held at the Douglas County Event Center on October 26 -28, 2018.  As you know from the past, the Craft Fair is a wonderful place to do a lot of your Christmas shopping.  We have many vendors featuring a broad range of merchandise for your shopping pleasure.  The proceeds from the Craft Fair go to support El Jebel, so please support this event again this year.  Nobles, please wear your fez or a Shrine shirt to let the vendors know that El Jebel is appreciative of their participation.

We have had a great time this past Summer with fun and fellowship, let’s keep this spirit going as we move toward Fall!


Chief Rabban


Thank You!

To all those who were down at the Douglas County Fair Grounds for the Sportsman’s Raffle, did you have a good time?  It was a long time in planning and setting up, but only a short time to give away all that great stuff!  Of course, none of it would have been possible without the hard work, dedication, brotherhood, and the usual blood, sweat, and tears of all the Nobles and their ladies who worked so tirelessly to pull it all off.  A great big THANK YOU to each and every one of you.  If I were to list all those who put in so much effort and time, there is a guy out there named Murphy who would guarantee I missed at least one Noble, or even worse, one Lady.  So there is no list and then there will be no one left out – just a blanket “thank you” to the entire Temple.

These events are a lot of work.  They require a lot time, effort, and personal expenditures for which El Jebel is always grateful.  But when they come together like this did, it is also a whole lotta fun!  That is what we are trying so hard to re-instill in our fraternity – fun and comradery.  To all you Nobles who are looking forward to better times for our Shrine, events such as this one will – hopefully – re-establish those feelings for all of us.

And that, at the end of the day, isn’t that what it should be all about. Remember “Many Hands Make Light Work”

YITF, Bobby Marner- Chief Rabban El Jebel Shrine 2018  


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Summer Activities

The Wheat Ridge Parade was held on Saturday, 11 August and El Jebel had a great turn-out.  Our motorized units and so many other Shriners and families did a fine job in letting people know who the Shriners are and our support for the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Hopefully, those folks will also now give the Hospitals their support.  The Antique Motor Patrol, Cad-Linc, Clowns, Dune-Buggy Patrol, Keystone Kops, Legion of Honor, Noble Coolers, Optars, Radops, Sports Cars, T-Nobles, Tux-on-Trikes and so many others were there to greet and entertain the viewers throughout the parade.  Of specific note were our El Jebel Shrine Ladies that walked the entire parade length, handing out coloring books and trinkets to the kids.  Yes, everything had an El Jebel Shrine “sticker” attached.  This was an effort totally designed, funded and executed by our ladies.  When you see them again doing this marvelous deed, thank them!

The Sportsmen’s Raffle went fabulously on Saturday, 25 August at the Douglas County Fair Grounds.  Nobles showed up to assist throughout the day but, many were there by 6, 7 and 8 that morning to set-up the many activities needed to insure everything was ready to go when the doors opened.  It would not be feasible to list so many Nobles, Ladies and family members that joined in to make the raffle a success.  To each of you, thank you for a job well done!  It may sound trite, but it would not have been so successful without your individual contributions.  This year we separated the vendor program to provide them a dedicated space at the raffle with 21 vendors and 10 El Jebel units participating.  This was another innovation to provide attendees more opportunities to acquire interesting products.  Finally, no event is successful without a dedicated leader.  This year, that leader was Noble Jim Kato!  When you see Jim, thank him for a great job.

Don’t forget to join in the fun at our remaining El Jebel Parade Schedule.  Mark your calendars to be at every one:

            8 September    Arvada Parade

            15 September  Broomfield Parade and our annual cookout

            10 November  Veterans’ Day Parade, Denver

            30 November  Louisville Parade of Lights

Make sure you have put our Craft Show & Cowboy Christmas on your calendar.  It will be held at the same location as our Raffle, the Douglas County Fair Grounds on 26-28 October.  Admission and parking is free.  This is a great opportunity to get those Christmas presents you need with a one-stop venue.  Many items are locally crafted with competitive pricing.  Tell your friends and neighbors about the Show and invite them to come with you.  Remember, this is one of our El Jebel fundraisers that needs your support.

I hope you have already signed up for our Summer Party on Saturday, 8 September.  If not, call the office now and book your reservation.  It will be held at the Lakewood Elks Lodge, 1455 Newland St. at 5:00 pm with dinner at 6:30 pm.  The theme is High School Throwback.  Wear whatever was popular when you were in high school.  A local DJ will be spinning tunes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and todays.  Prizes will be given for the best dressed, so make those outfits really stand out and show your school days.  Twenty-Five Dollars per person includes dinner, dancing and a h— of a good time to be had by all.

To close, a reminder to all El Jebel Nobles that summer is coming to a close and our monthly meetings will start on 10 September.  Dinner will be at 6:00 pm and our Stated Meeting will be at 7:00 pm.  This meeting will cover a myriad of developments, issues and news that you will not want to miss.  As we enter into autumn, many Shrine activities will resume again and new ones may be added.  Come to the dinner/meeting and you will not miss what your Temple is doing for you.   

Hope to see you on the 8th and 10th of September.


James C. Bobick. Recorder



Calendar of Events


8 Arvada Parade

8 Throwback Party

10 Stated Meeting (Ladies Program)

15 Broomfield Parade/ BBQ

25 Walk for Love—Salt Lake City

26-30 Potentate’s New Orleans Trip


8 Open Meeting-Chili Cookoff

20 Fall Ceremonial

20 Oktoberfest w/Consistory

26-28 Craft Fair


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Shriners Hospitals for Children

From                                                                       In Memory of






Edward & Phyllis




El Jebel Dune Buggy












Don & Connie












Ron & Robyn












Holli & Doug




Charles & Lanola




Ron & Robyn








Mike & Robin




Charlie & Arlene




Larry & Karen




















Les & Sharon




Les & Sharon




Les & Sharon




Larry & Susan




Don & Cathie



Moon LLC





Cathryn & Michael




Walter & Jacqueline



Transportation Fund


Don & Mary




John & Sandy










N. Carson


Derle & Carlene


N. Carson


Larry & Kaye


N. Carson




N. Carson




N. Carson


Thomas & Lois


N. Carson


Maureen & Larry


N. Carson


Art & Mary


N. Carson


Chuck & Michelle


N. Carson


Jim & Jean




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MailChimp header_BLACK CAMEL

 In Memorium

Warren Alden 

Louis Mozer 

N. Carson Ribble



Arab Patrol:

Bob Van Male, P.P.


Doug “Tiny” Kelley

Dune Buggy Patrol:

Roger Mendenhall

Rod Johnson

Jeffco Shrine Club:

Keystone Kops:

Legion of Honor:

Joyce Phelps

Provost Guard:

Bryant Gilmore

Bob Zawodsky

Rod Johnson

Joe Summers

RV Roamers:

Sue Conway

Gwen Roepke

Edie Schuyler

Dottie Wetzbarger

Ken Pattison


Jane Noah

Nancy Petry

Dr David Powell, PP


Jack McCaffery


Membership circle

Membership Report as of: 8/31/2018

Regular Members: 1035

Associate Members: 48

Creations: 0

Affiliations: 1

Restorations: 0

Total Added:  1

Demits: 0

Suspensions: 0

Expired: 3

Expulsions: 0

Resigned: 0

Total Membership: 1033          with Associates: 1082



Jewel of El Jebel

Stoltman, Paul

Titterington, John 

Jewel of Honor

Kmett, Jeremy D 

Silver Ribbon

McConnell, Dean

McCune, Dan

McIntosh, Alexander

Schillereff, Herbert


Armstrong, Linn

Asay, Stuart F

Behrens, Kenneth H.

Bergquist, John R.

Bethune, Harold E.

Bobick, James C.

Bonham, Milton E.

Bradley, Curtis

Briscoe, Michael

Brown, Gary C.

Burns, Kent B.

Carson, Fred A

Clark,P.P., Larry N.

Conyers, Jerald

Corn, Larry

Cram, Jim

Crawford, Harvey

Dare, Phred

Dattilo,P.P., Anthony (Tony)

Dawkins, Jim

Ditmore, James O

Dunham, George A.

Fishel, Glenn E.

Ganskow, Steven F.

Gosage, Gary L.

Green, David J.

Greene, William H.

Groves, John W.

Haddock, Mark

Harris, John S.

Hurdelbrink, Emit J.

Jewell, Gary

Johnson, Thomas

Jones, Ken

Juchem, Robert W.

Kent, Joseph M.

Krogh, Dave R.

LaCroix, Tom

Lasater, Glenn

Loerwald, John

Marcus, Michael

Marner, Bobby

McConnell, Dean A

McCune, Dan

McDaniel, Ray

McElravy, Richard A.

McIntosh, Alexander J

McLain, Travis

Mergelmen, Les

Mittler, Perry

Myers, Donald W.

Oliver, James

Peabody, Roger

Petersen, Charles D.

Proctor,P.P., Dennis G.

Puckett, Ryan K

Quealy, Tim

Rendon,P.P., Edward

Russell, Jack R.

Schillereff, Herbert G.

Schneider, James

Seever, Jack D

Short, Mark

Silver, Richard

Simons, Doug

Sputh, Dennis

Stoltman, Paul

Thomas, Steve

Van Dyke, David

Walker, Byron G.

Wall, Richard H.

Weiszbrod, Gary

Weymouth, Chris

Williamson, Ronald J.

Wittner, Samuel L.

Wright, Sidney C.

Wright, Walter





By Swede Nelson “Cuddles”


To further our goal of supporting Shriners Hospitals for Children, we need YOU and more just like you.  We cannot contribute to our purpose as well without YOU and without other masons like you who can be wonderful and exceptional clowns for every kiddo in the countryside.  You have all the tools you need to be a great clown, NOW it’s time to step up and become a member of the El Jebel Shrine Clown Unit.  Masonry was never designed to be a spectator activity.  You will not find a place in any of your degree work that says, “It’s okay to be a spectator in the craft.   It’s ok to sit on the sidelines and let other clowns in the Shrine do the work.”  It doesn’t work like that, Brother, and you know it!

Be a hero in your neighborhood, in your community and where you work.  Stand tall when you tell others that you are a Shriner Clown, and that you stand with kids who need medical help at no cost to them or their parents.  Everybody KNOWS that a Shriner stands for integrity and rock-solid character – – and YOU KNOW that a Shriner Clown is at the top of crown in the Shriner family!  Nobody is better known in Shrinedom than the Shriner Clown . . . Nobody!

There are very few valid reasons you cannot be one of us clowns.  You can come up with excuses, but most all of them will be pretty lame when you get right down to it!  It’s time for you to get off the sofa, and it’s time for you to get into fun . . . and, Honey, the fun don’t get any better than being a Shriner Clown! 

Cooler Nobles

By: Cooler Krew

The Wheat Ridge Parade was a great time; plenty of room to maneuver and entertain the spectators. Thank you, Dune Buggies, for the fun and fellowship shared at breakfast and lunch.  We appreciate the invites you extend.  We are looking forward to the Arvada parade and the Shrine “High School Throwback Party” that evening.  Our “Burgers n Beers” will be in September; contact a Cooler Noble to get on the list.  Join us for fun at these events.

If you are a Noble seeking fun and fellowship, come join us!  We are a fun-loving bunch looking for likeminded parade and social members.   To join or for more information about the “Cooler Nobles”, contact Ken Jones at 303.588.4785 or



By Paul Altimier

Carson Ribble

1/20/1962 – 8/11/2018

Carson was our last serving President of Daraja during this year of 2018. However, it was not the first time he served as President, nor the first leadership role he volunteered for and/or was elected to in our great Philanthropy and Fraternity. You know, Carson was not the shy type. He always spoke his mind and often swam upstream while the majority of others swam downstream. The fun times he occasionally had was asking often if a totally different pond could be available and that we should all check it out and swim there for a while! Carson was an accountant and a C.P.A. I recall when he passed his exam how happy he was, and maybe a little surprised even with himself. His true passion though was his Family and his Ranch. This was often demonstrated in his participation in the great Western Stock Show. He was our Ambassador there for many years and seemed to be more at ease on his Horse than he did on Motorcycle #6! Carson was past President of The Drovers, Daraja, Past Camaxtli of the Order of Quetzalcoatl, Marshal of El Jebel, and many others. He loved to fish and to hunt, he was a better shot than me and almost as good as Ernie Edwards, just not quite. I caught a few more Yellowtail than he did but that seemed to go over Ok as a lot of folks enjoyed the fish feast in Mexico! Carson wrote many articles on behalf of Daraja under his tagline “Motorcycle #6”. He always kept us laughing and smilin’ for what we do and how we do it. For Daraja, he coined the phrase we like to use at all parades and events, “We Ride so the Children Can Walk”. This was always a big hit as we did maneuvers in front of the viewing stands. 

            The last text I received from Carson was sent from the Holy Lands in Israel. He was taking photos of the Wailing Wall and Jerusalem before heading to the airport and flying home. He left this life sooner than any of us wanted, but apparently God had a talk with him and he had other plans for Motorcycle #6.

            He is serving the Great Architect now and forever. In that we will find some comfort and Peace.  May God Bless Motorcycle #6 and his Family!

Ride On!

Did ya Know?

By ejgw

I wonder what goes through the minds of visitors or even our tenants when they see Walking Tall as they walk up to the front doors of the building.  For those who may not know, that is the name of the statute depicting a Shriner carrying a little girl and her crutches.  A little bit of history:  The girl who inspired the statue, Bobbi Jo Wright, is now fifty.  She was only five years old when she attended a children’s fair in Evansville, IN’s Mesker Park and was having trouble getting around.  A Kosair Shriner Noble (Louisville, KY) named Al Hortman saw her struggles, so he picked her up and carried her from ride to ride.  A photographer named Randy Dieter had one shot left in his camera, but this was one of those “have to have” pictures – the little girl with cerebral palsy in one arm and the crutches in the other.  Now, more than forty-five years later, Bobbi Jo has a degree in English from Anderson University and is invited around the country to tell her story.  “I just let them know what they [Shriners] do makes a difference, not only in my life but the lives of so many other children,” she says.

We owe our particular statue to Noble George Frohlick who more or less single-handedly kept our revered Temple in good repair through his philanthropy.  George was an Ambassador so many times we lost count.  He could have been an “Ambassador Emeritus” but, more than that, he was the best Ambassador to the world El Jebel has had in a long time.  Among other things, George donated the statue and its original base to El Jebel and funded the plaza where it originally stood.  He also put a new roof on the building.  To comply with the flag-etiquette requirement (our national flag must either be taken down at night or it must be lighted), George was involved in installing a light and provided the crane to replace the bulb and provide other necessary maintenance on the pole and flag. 

There are two $1,000,000 plaques – one hanging on the walls of the Salt Lake City hospital commemorating his donation to the Inner-Mountain Unit of the Shriners Hospitals for Children, and the other down in Tampa in the Imperial Headquarters.  The stained glass that hung in the Oasis behind the bar was rescued from older buildings around town that were being remodeled or torn down.  When the Denver Athletic Club was renovated, George rescued many of the wooden objects as well as furniture and other fixtures and gave it all to El Jebel.  For those of us who may remember the old calliope that was in many parades – well, that the calliope was owned and restored and maintained through his generosity.  His son Rick still puts the calliope in parades on occasion.

George was a veteran of World War II.  When it was over, he and his brother Alfred started Frohlick Construction Company.  They had purchased a crane to use in this fledgling construction company.  When others wanted to use the crane, it evolved in Frohlick Crane Service.  Through the same dedication and hard work, he has exhibited for El Jebel, he turned this new enterprise into the largest crane service in Colorado.  As time went on, he only bought the best – the best equipment, the best cranes, the best yacht in Florida (which he moored in the Ft. Lauderdale area).

Yet with all his accomplishments, the best thing he ever had was his heart and with that he gave without reservation.  For that as well as the statue he will be fondly remembered in the annals of El Jebel.




By:   Don Weiser

           August has passed us by, and we are now into September, which is our last big month of parades. As we transition into fall, let’s all do our best to attend the upcoming parades and represent the El Jebel Shrine with our Buggy’s. 


            August 8th was our monthly meeting, at Garrison ST. Bar and Grill. We had another well attended meeting, with most of our active members present. Many of our Lady Bugs were present also.

             The Wheat Ridge parade was on August 11th. We met at the Sunrise Cafe for breakfast, with a great number of our members present. There were 7 Buggies on parade with great maneuvers for the crowds to enjoy. Afterwards, many of our group enjoyed lunch at Amici’s

            On August 20th, Don and Cathie Weiser ventured southeast to Branson, trailering their Buggy, for CSSA 2018. The trip was an 8-day, fun filled, excursion. Don and Cathie worked hard to shine up their buggy for Show Car Class, and were successful in their labors, coming home with a 3rd place trophy in Special Interest Class. Don also ran the Obstacle Course, with a great time, even though he did knock over a cone. Unfortunately, it takes 2 separate scores to qualify for a win, so he ran the course just for fun and experience. Lastly, was the Saturday parade. Don’s Buggy was proud to be the Official Entry from El Jebel Shrine, and was the Ride for Ill. Sir Jack Patten, PP., who represented El Jebel Shrine Potentate, Ill Sir Rich Silver.

            Lastly, on August 25th, the 8th annual Sportsman’s Raffle took place. The Dune Buggy’s once again had their Edwards Meats Raffle, and hopefully it was a great success.


Saturday, August 8th:  Arvada Parade THIS IS A CALL OUT PARADE. We haven’t received any information for the parade yet…

Saturday, August 8th, High School Throwback Party, Lakewood Elks Lodge.  Call the Shrine Office to get your RSVP in.

Monday, September 10th, El Jebel September Stated Meeting, Social 5 pm, Dinner 6 pm, Meeting 7 pm.

Wednesday, August 12th    Dune Buggy Patrol Meeting at our usual place, Garrison Bar and Grill             5:30             Social time, 6:00 Dinner,  7:00 Meeting

Saturday, August 15th:  Broomfield Parade   THIS IS A CALL OUT PARADE.  We haven’t received any information for the parade yet. There is an annual cookout planned to follow the parade.


 September 25th  Roger Mendenhall  

 September 27th  Rod Johnson


El Mejdel Temple No. 47

Daughters of the Nile

By PQ Carole Bolduc

September, the beginning of the fall season, with holidays just around the corner, and a summer full of events…. gone!

            The Summer Function/90th Birthday Celebration held on July 31st was great fun.  A program featuring decades from the 30’s through 2010 along with fashions of the times was enjoyed by all.  So many facts, so many forgotten events during those years; brought back a lot of memories for the ladies.

            Due to the Labor Day Holiday on Monday, El Mejdel held their September Session on Tuesday, the 4th.  Before Session, a chili and corn bread snack was provided by the Dancers and Pageantry and enjoyed by all.

            On August 16th, many of our members made a trip to the Colorado History Museum (the new one). What a great time we had….so many interesting facts and artifacts.  It was the Queen’s event, and she couldn’t have chosen a more interesting and informative venue. Everyone came away with a sense of knowing a lot more of Colorado and its very colorful history.

            Don’t forget the Bus to Black Hawk on Thursday, September 13th. This is a fun time, and it should be a pleasant trip without the heat of the past months; lots of laughs and camaraderie. All are welcome, so get a group together and meet in the north parking lot of Highlands Masonic Temple at 10:00 a.m.

            On September 13th – 16th will be the Official Visit to Zora Club in Grand Junction, and the “Walk for LOVE™” in Salt Lake City, UT. This is always a significant event, and if you haven’t participated in the “Walk for LOVE™”, now would be a good time. Not only is it inspiring, but it shows our support for these children who are our future. Check out our website for the Walk for LOVE™”:

            We will be having another Membership Coffee coming up in October. Details will be forthcoming.

            We hope you all enjoyed your summer with friends and family. Cooler weather is coming, and the holidays sneaking up on us.

            Remember to hold your loved ones close and be safe and happy!

Englewood Shrine Club

By Don Phelps

We enjoyed a night of Comedy on August 1st.  Twenty-Five of our Club, with some non-members, went to this event.  

On September 8th. the Club is going to join the Shrine event at the Lakewood Elks Lodge for “The High School Throwback Party”.  We have reserved two tables for our Club members.  The cost is $25 per person which includes music, games, food, and dancing.  There will be a cash bar.  Make your reservations at the Shrine office 303-455-5410.  If you would like to sit with us let me know (Don Phelps 303.-471-2481.  We would love to have you. 

Jeffco Shrine Club

By Jim Cram

During our July 25th luncheon, we were pleased to welcome new member Les Mayer.  Les is also a member of three Innerbodies: Finance Advisory, Classics, and Drovers.  It is nice to have Les as a member of our club.

During our meeting on Aug 8th our Divan Rep Jim Oliver reported on current and future Shrine activities. He also presented to each of us, a very nice 8×10 enlargement of the photo taken at our June 20th picnic. 

President Herb reported on an August fishing trip to Big Horn Mountain in Wyoming. He was accompanied by his hunting companion – a retired Navy pilot with the rank of Captain, who drove his van.  Fishing in Wyoming is always super-great. The limit is 6 – Herb caught 5 and his friend caught the largest fish – a 15-inch German Brown that was a beauty. This pilot is also a great contributor to the Sportsman Raffle, helping Herb sell 10 books.


Legion of Honor

By Don Phelps

We have been dark all summer, except for parades.; Ed Richards, Commander has been at every parade with his car, flags on the back.  Thank you, Ed from all the Veterans of the Shrine.  

September 25th. is a very important meeting.  We are going to decide where the unit is going from here.  We have twenty-seven members, but only five or six active at the meetings.  Only one or two of those are willing to carry a flag.  The reason being we mare old and physically unable to march.  Officers of the International Legion of Honor will be in attendance to work with keeping the unit going.  We meet at Black Hawk Lodge at 13:00.  Some of us come at 11:30 and have lunch at a Mexican restaurant across the street from the Lodge.  All veterans are welcome even if you don’t belong to the unit.  We would welcome your input.  If you need further information call me at 303-471-2481.


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We learn to earn

Dow Jones Industrial Average

January 2, 2018                        24,809.35

July 23, 2018                              25,058.12

August 20, 2018                         25,669.32


Year to date:   Up  859.97


From our last meeting in July to our August 20 meeting, the Dow was up 611.20, what a ride, but stay the course!  

We hope you did as well as we did in your portfolio, (2017 – up 9.7711% year-to-date) and (2018 – up 3.0855%).  If not, come check us out!

If you would like to come to our next meeting on August 20, 2018 and see what we do, please e-mail and we will send you an invite for the club.

necscLogo_blue walk

North East Colorado Shrine Club

By Jerry Wardrip

The Northeast Colorado Shrine Club and the Outpost #1 of the Colorado Consistory had our regular monthly meeting at the Overland trail café at the Atwood interchange of Highway 63 and Interstate 76 in the wee hours of Monday morning and the sun rise was great as usual.  All the opening protocol was accomplished, and we discussed some of the programs we have coming up in the next few months.  We have the Masonic Picnic coming on the 26th on August.  It will be hosted by Sterling Lodge 54 and includes Wray Lodge, Akron Lodge along with Brush and Ft Morgan lodges.  We are planning to all have a great time.  This time of year all our lodges are dark for the summer so there is not a lot going on that has not been scheduled and set up for a couple of months.  We are planning on getting back at the work with everyone well rested and ready to jump into our Masonic labors with both feet.  

We would like to remind everyone that there is a standing invitation to join us at our monthly meetings, held at the Overland Trail Café at the Atwood interchange the second Monday of each month at 6:00 AM for a great breakfast and renewing friendships, along with our business meeting.  


By J & J Taylor

          The Optars’ table at the Sportsmen’s Raffle was the site of a successful venture—the raffle of a full Drone Flying Kit.  Optars members had sold tickets ahead of time, contrary to last year, and that made the difference between the profits.  This year over $850 in tickets were sold, which after the drone was paid for and the table “rented”, left the club with some money to continue operating.  Kerri Kent won the drone!  See some of our pictures of the Raffle in this issue.

          It was funny, because the vendor next to us (the honey guy) wanted it for his upcoming outdoor wedding.  He would sell some honey, then come running with his money (“honey money!”) and buy more tickets!  After Kerri won it, he tried to buy it from her, but she said, “No, I’m going to play with it for a bit!”  Maybe SHE can photograph his wedding!

          This month’s dinner meeting will be at Kennedy Golf Course Grill, on September 4th, at around 5:00.  The plan is for everyone to bring a picture that tells a story, and then tell it—a real “show and tell”.  Come and join us for some fun—we’ll be at the Shrine building, around 7:00, telling stories—almost as usual!

By Kent Burns

Now that the Band is preparing to go to the annual Estes Park highland games the second weekend in September, we can “officially” say autumn is just around the corner.  Estes has long been the standard against which all the other local games (and even some performances and other events) are compared.  It was (and still may be) the largest such games between Pleasanton, CA and Grand Father Mountain in Georgia.  But in any case, it is the last vestige of summer, portends the coming of fall, and (at least in the past) has been the Gaelic shopping event of the year.  The crowds are noticeably smaller than in years past, but the atmosphere remains unchanged.  What we in the Scottish community all say is that we desperately need another Braveheart-type movie or similar event to kick-start a resurgence in things Celtic.  Maybe that would increase the crowds.

However, that does not mean we can relax after these games are over.  We will immediately start work learning the new tunes requested by the Rocky Mountain Brassworks for the two Veterans Day concerts in mid-November (more about these in coming months).  Since our relationship with the Air Force Academy Cadet Drum and Bugle Corps is not what it used to be since the director, Bill Smith, retired, the Band must satisfy its “play with brass” urges with this group.  They are much better musically, and we thoroughly enjoy our relationship, but it still lacks the energy of roomful of Cadets.

Speaking of energy – the Sunday following the Estes Park performances (16 September 2018) the Band will be at Oak Park (64th Place and Oak, Arvada) for the English car show.  If you have never been around a field full of Rolls-Royces, MGs, and other British as well as classic cars, come on out for fun afternoon (albeit a little reminiscent of the derby scene in My Fair Lady).

Most of our favorite events are playing for the veterans.  We will be welcoming three Honor Flights back this fall, the first of which is the Rocky Mountain Honor Flight at DIA on Saturday, 22 September 2018, ETA 2020.  One of El Jebel’s finest will be on this particular flight – Ed Richards, a Korea and Vietnam vet.

If any are interested all this fun and frivolity, come on down to the Shrine center any Thursday evening around 1900 and check us out.  Admission is free.



By Claude Akridge

     The last meeting was held on July 25th at the Golden Corral located at West Hampden Ave. @ South Santa Fe Drive.  

     13 Sandblasters were present and after lunch President Randy called the meeting to order with the usual pledge of allegiance and prayer.  Randy discussed and brought us up to date on all the present sandblaster club business.

     Golf Manager, Jim Teagarden had to change the Walnut Creek golf outing from August 9th to August 16th. There are 2 outings planned for September. Sept. 6th @ Meadow Hills and Sept. 20th @ Fox Hollow. Those outing’s will close out the 2018 golf season.  Thank you, Jim, for all your efforts for this season.

    Our Divan Rep III Sir Rich gave an up to date report on the upcoming Sportsman Raffle and 50/50 drawing and encouraged all members to sell the raffle books and 50/50 drawing tickets. It will be held at the Douglas Event Center in Castle Rock on Saturday August 25th from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

     The Sandblasters again will have a table at the raffle event and sell chances for a weekend stay at our member “Marvin and Pamela Hart’s condo in Estes Park”.  Thank you, Marvin and Pamela for your generosity.  It has been a good money maker for us and we really appreciate it.

     President Randy arranged the Sandblaster Appreciation Lunch on Sunday August 5th at the Hill Top Inn in Broomfield. The food and atmosphere were GREAT and was well attended.  Thanks Randy, good job.

     The Sandblasters were saddened to hear that Ree Goth, Jack’s wife passed away in July.  Jack and Ree are long time members of the Sandblasters.  Our prayers are with the Goth Family.  Also, member Bill Peden passed away in July.  Bill was president of sandblasters in 2001. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bill’s family.

     We have received word that Sandblaster Chuck Petersen has had some health problems.  Chuck, we wish you a speedy recovery. Get well soon, we need you.

     Please remember we meet the last Wednesday of each month, come join us. We are a friendly group.


By Greg Rindone

Wow this summer is flying by and I have been bad about writing articles for the fez, I should be fired.  We have had two great events this summer.  The first one was hosted by our Secretary/Treasurer Hos Varner at his home in June.  We had around 25 in attendance and Hos supplied the main course and everybody else brought a side dish to share.  It was delicious and a very relaxing afternoon.  The second event was hosted by Greg and Kendy at their home first of August.  It was in conjunction with the Dragoman Club and there were 39 in attendance.  I guess the steaks were good because poor little Emma the dog didn’t get any table scraps and only one person needed a doggy bag.  The day was very warm but again a nice relaxing afternoon.  Upcoming parades are the Arvada parade September 8th and the Broomfield parade September 15 with a cookout; we don’t want to miss this one.  Don’t forget we come out of being dark for the summer with our Stated Meeting on September 10.  A couple of other shrine events happing in September is the high school throwback party at the Lakewood Elks lodge on September 8 and Dine at the Old Mine in Erie Colorado September 24th with 100% of the profits going to Shriners Hospital for Children.  Check El Jebel’s website for further details.


By Bobby Juchem, Secretary-Treasurer




By Steve Thomas

I missed the July meeting, so we didn’t have the drawings. We were going to go dark in August until we found that there is an open weekend August 25th, so we will have had that meeting as you read this. It was decided to have our annual cookout at the Ditmore’s house this year Sept. 29th so as to hopefully avoid some of the hot weather. Their address is 68770 Open Field Dr. Montrose CO. I hope to have the door prize by then and we can have the drawings again. Would like to have RSVP by Sept. 25th so we have enough food for all.

I understand Sky Fairlamb is recovering from his knee surgery and doing well.

WCSC Clown report by Steve Thomas:

            At the Delta County Fair parade in beautiful downtown Hotchkiss Bob “Boomer” Beeson broke again and rode with Mike “Bubbles” Briscoe on his ATV. Took his truck to a small engine repair and we hope it will be ready before the season ends. I missed this one as I had a family get to gather on the same day in Fruita. Well talk about Palisade Peach Days Aug. 18th and Ridgway parade Sept 3rd. on our next report. 


Make sure you have put our Craft Show & Cowboy Christmas on your calendar. 

It will be held at the same location as our Raffle, the Douglas County Fair Grounds October 26-28, 2018.  Admission and parking is free.


Proud Supporter of El Jebel



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