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red_fez_of_el_jebel2016 The Potentate's Message





It is an honor it is to be installed as the 131st Potentate of El Jebel. I would like to thank the installing team of Imperial Sir Mike Severe, Ill. Sir’s Tony Dattilo and Jim Stewart. Ceremonial Director Ron Birely was a great help in bringing back the protocols we really needed.  Thank You! With the lead of Nobles Steve Hubbard, P.P. Doc “amigo” Powell, Bobby Juchem, Gary Loberg and Brett Hinds, this motley crew honored me by escorting me in “the old-fashioned way” after the installation. We had a very enthusiastic crowd for the installation. Most of the Unit Officers’ were sworn in by Oriental Guide (couldn’t pass the buck) Ron Pitcock.

Lady Lisa, youngest daughter Jessica and I will not forget the warmth and fellowship that was given to us that night.

The National Western Stock Show was a lot of fun! Murphy applied his law with a snow storm, but with a smile’s on our faces and daughter Sam and her husband Spencer in the crowd we got to enjoy great fellowship and a rodeo! A special shout out to the Drovers unit! Your unit is leading by example (Carson would be very proud!) The Medical Staff had put into place a Shriner’s child to attend, but the snow storm caused that to be cancelled. Thanks for your efforts Medical Staff.

The bus trip to Grand Junction leave’s on February 9th and returns on February 10th. Installation of Western Colorado Shrine Club is on the 9th. Check with Susan (303-455-3470) in the office to see if there’s still room available. This is always a good time with our Nobility on the western slope. They treat our Ladies well with tours and treat our Nobles well with fellowship! The WCSC knows how to have a good time! Don’t miss out!

            February 11th will be a Family night with a Valentine’s theme Dinner for you and your Lady. This family night is being hosted by the T-Nobles Unit of El Jebel. Reservations will be a must for this very special event so sign up soon. The “T’s” are putting a flyer together with details on this event.

The I-HOP fundraiser is back! After being gone for awhile we were notified last week the “Shriners” were needed once again. Assistant Rabban Ron Williamson quickly stepped up and took charge of this event. He is in need of your help! Please get out and support this worthy cause! Don’t know how to help? Call Ron at 303-668-2072. He can steer you where we need you (or in my case tell you where to go).

St. Patrick’s Parade is coming up! Get you parade shirts out and ready to go for a great parade season. Keep in mind that “Yes” we are having a luncheon afterwards at Highlands Lodge complete with El Jebel’s own “Pipe Band” performing. I encourage all units to attend as this should be considered a membership drive! Know of a Mason that may be interested in becoming a “Shriner”? This is the time and defiantly the place! High Priest and Prophet Ken Jones is heading up this effort once again and would like everyone’s support when it comes to this membership drive. Ken is putting a flyer together and it will be out soon with all the details.

Units please turn in and update your “Fez” articles. This is your way of representing your unit to the Nobility. Many hands make light work and this is a simple way to boost your membership. Talk about the fun, list your activities (date, time, costs and place), give out those well-deserved “atta boy’s”. As a great leader once said “What time is it?”  It’s Now!

Are you curious about what’s going on or how to get involved? Go to the El Jebel’s website and click on “2019 Calendar” to see a complete list of scheduled events. Read the Unit articles contact those units if you’re curious, get involved with the fun!

On a personal note, I would like to thank my father Robert L Marner “Bob” and mother Claudia. If it weren’t for you two I would not be here enjoying this awesome group. Pop you and Mom (God rest her soul) took me on this path many years ago, Mom with the Daughters of the Nile and you with the Motor Patrol. I have leaned many lessons from the both of you and now it’s time to publicly thank you. Thanks”Pop”! Stay warm in Arizona and Mom you are always in my heart.


Bobby Marner

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It’s a new year, a new Potentate, a new Divan (well somewhat) and the emphasis is “You are the Key” to El Jebel’s success.  Our 2019 Potentate is stressing Fun and Service as his mantra.  He looks forward to all Nobles joining together as a unified team to make El Jebel great.

On Monday evening, 14 January, we started the festivities with our Chaplain, Jim Oliver giving a prayer of remembrance and thanksgiving followed by the Potentate leading all in the National Anthem sung by the Chanters and the Pledge of Allegiance.   Then a great catered meal was enjoyed by over 130 nobles and guests for our 2019 Installation.  After dinner, our outgoing Potentate, Illustrious Rich Silver welcomed all and expressed his and Lady Janet’s thanks and appreciation to our nobles and families for their support throughout his tenure as Potentate.    Noble Joe Kent introduced our distinguished guests and their Ladies: Past Potentates Illustrious Sirs Jack Patten, Doc Powell, Mike Severe, IPP, Jim Fitzpatrick, Ron Cosens, Clint Dexter, Tony Dattilo, Jim Stewart, Matt Raia, Roger Mendenhall, Al Kaly PP, Larry Clark, and Rich Silver.  Also present from Al Kaly Shriners were; Illustrious Sir James Hinojosa, Potentate, Illustrious Sir Bart Guthrie, Recorder, Illustrious Sir Jim Burger, PP, Ralph “Doc” Hathaway, Ken Grayson, Brian Carter, and from Korein Shriners; Illustrious Sir Wayne Flagg, PP, Carl Pappert, Recorder.  Also attending were Linda Wingate, Worthy Grand Matron for Colorado Order of Eastern Star and Greg Rindone, Past Imperial Chaplain.  Also recognized were Matt Raia, Denver Consistory Secretary and Steve Hubbard, Grand Royal Arch Chapter, Grand Council and Grand Commandery Treasurer.

After introductions, Illustrious Rich called upon Illustrious Tony Dattilo and Jim Stewart to officiate in the El Jebel 2019 Officer Installation.  Illustrious Tony took the podium as the Installing Officer and Illustrious Jim as Marshal organized the officers to be installed which were: Potentate, Bobby Marner; Chief Rabban, Joe Kent; Assistant Rabban, Ron Williamson; High Priest & Prophet, Ken Jones; Oriental Guide, Ron Pitcock; Treasurer, Bill Schwartz; Recorder, Jay Bobick; 1st Ceremonial Master, Gary Loberg; 2nd Ceremonial Master, Perry Mittler; Marshal, Joel Roche; Captain of the Guard, John Titterington; Outer Guard, Bill Brassette; Director Ron Dunsmore and Chaplain Jim Oliver.  There was a resounding applause from the gathering as Illustrious Sir Bobby took his position at the podium. 

The ladies and guests were excused to their meeting as the room was reset for the Stated Meeting.  The Stated Meeting was opened in due form by our new Potentate at 7:10 pm for the transaction of business that included the Treasurer’s annual Financial Report and the passing of the 2019 Budget as well as the Recorder’s Annual Report that noted the continuing loss of membership.  The year 2018 membership began at 1,067 and ended at 977.  It was stressed that membership is every noble’s obligation and we cannot continue to suffer such annual losses.  Each noble needs to actively seek new members.  Make sure you or another noble talks about Shrine membership in every Blue Lodge meeting as well as at Scottish and York Rite meetings.  These are our sources for membership.  Capitalize on them and recruit.

Our next El Jebel meeting will a Family-Valentine Night on 11 February 2019.  I look forward to seeing you and your family there.


Jay Bobick, Recorder

El Jebel Shriners



Calendar of Events


9-10 Grand Junction Installation

11 Family Night


9 Family Day

12 I-HOP

16 St. Pat’s Parade & Party

17 Nile Installation


6  9 Health Fair at Denver Consistory

6  Potentate’s Ball

8  Stated Meeting & Ladies Program

13 OES 4 Corners Festival

21 Easter Sunrise Service at Denver Consistory

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Shriners Hospitals for Children

From                                                                                                                                                      In Memory of

Welle, Dick                                                                                                                                          Donation

Kamunen, Dan & Sonja                                                                                                                  MacDonald, Lee

Cosens, Ron & Judy                                                                                                                         MacDonald, Lee

Cosens, Ron & Judy                                                                                                                         Carpenter, Bob

Cosens, Ron & Judy                                                                                                                         Dietrick, Shirley

Parchen, Jean                                                                                                                                    MacDonald, Lee

Lucy, Robin & Stanzi                                                                                                                        MacDonald, Lee

McElroy, J.B.                                                                                                                      Williamson, Ron & Robyn

Ladder of smiles

Sandblasters, El Jebel                                                                                                                     MacDonald, Lee


Operating Fund


Akridge, Claude & Shirley                                                                                                              McDonald, Lee


MailChimp header_BLACK CAMEL

 In Memorium

Jon D. Boltz

Kenneth E. Forbes

Edward E. Rampey

George C. Welch



Arab Patrol:


Marv Feldman


Norm “Skate” Hoff

Dune Buggy Patrol:

Gary Loberg

Jay Bobick

Dail Mehsling

Jeffco Shrine Club:

Jack Russell

Keystone Kops:

Legion of Honor:

Mike McClure

Beverly Mock

Don Phelps

Provost Guard:

Jack Bird

Jim Oliver

Chuck Petersen

RV Roamers:

Mona Eckley

Marilyn Hepp

Maureen Harrison

Don Gardner

Harold Potter

Ken Johnson


Jack Bird  

Nancy Henning

Chuck Noah

Jim Oliver

Chuck Petersen


Art Anstine

Richard Hecox



Jim Oliver

Membership circle

Membership Report as of: 1/31/2019

Regular Members: 934

Associate Members: 43

Creations: 0

Affiliations: 1

Restorations: 1

Total Added:  2

Demits: 1

Suspensions: 0

Expired: 3

Expulsions: 0

Resigned: 0

Total Membership: 932          with Associates: 974




Jewel of El Jebel

Bales, Cory

Berlinger, Tom

Hering, Robert

Kato, Jim

Livermore, Harry

Metcalf, Ben

Rodriguez, Diego

Soles, Jeremy

Walker, Victor

Williams, Cary

Zoufaly, Howard

Jewel of Honor

Carson, Fred

Phillips, Erik

Teagarden, Jim

Weiszbrod, Gary

Winters, Walt

Silver Ribbon

Brassette, Bill

Lewis, Marv “Boots”

Myers, Don

Gold Ribbon

Taylor, Jim

Platinum #1

Kent, Joe

Weiser, Don

Platinum #2

Dattilo,P.P., Tony

Wittner, Sam


Aleksick, Michael

Atlimier, Paul

Bales, Cory

Barnes, Roger

Beeson, Robert

Berlinger, Tom

Bethune, Harold E.

Birely, Ron

Bobick, James C.

Bonham, Milton E.

Bradley, Curtis

Brassette, Bill

Brown, Ray

Budzitowski, Ron

Burns, Kent B.

Carson, Fred A

Cheney, Rob

Clark,P.P., Larry N.

Clarke, Michael L

Claypoo, Brent

Connely, Michael

Covarribus, Phil

Covert, Wayne

Craddock, Earl

Dare, Phred

Dattilo,P.P.,  Tony

Davis, Tad

Dawkins, Jim

Ditmore, James O

Dorn, Dave

Dunsmore, Ron

Eckley, Kent

Fishel, Glenn E.

Fitzpatrick, P.P., Jim

Frohlick, Rick

German, Burl

Gosage, Gary L.

Greene, William H.

Haddock, Mark

Hamm, Ed

Harris, John S.

Heath, Richard

Hecox, Richard

Hering, Robert

Herrman, Ted

Hilbun, Otis

Hinds, Brett

Hirt, Bill

Hoblit, Bob

Hubbard, Steve

Hurdelbrink, Emit J.

Huskins, Mark

Jewell, Gary

Johnson, Thomas

Jones, Ken

Juchem, Robert W.

Kato, Jim

Kelly, Jack

Kent, Joseph M.

Kesig, John

Kimpton, Jack

King, David

King, Gene

Kirby, Don

Kohler, Loren

Krogh, Dave R.

Langland, Dwight

 Lesher, Duane

Lewis, Boots

Lighthill, Michael

Livermore, Harry

Loberg, Gary

Lucy, Robin

Mahoney, Daran

Markell, Dick

Marner, Bobby

McCaffery, Jack

McConnell, Dean A

McCullough, Bob

McCune, Dan

McIntosh, Alexander

McKenna, Shawn

McLain, Travis

McMillan, Jeff

Mehsling, Tom

Melton, Greg

Mendenhall, P.P., Roger

Metcalf, Ben

Mittler, Perry

Moffett, Jim

Myers, Donald W.

Newland, Lloyd

Noah, Chuck

Nordberg, Nils

Oliver, James

Palmer, Michael

Patten, P.P., Jack

Patten, Bob

Paul, David

Paustian, Bob

Peabody, Roger

Penn, Randy

Percy, Terry

Petersen, Charles D.

Petty, Craig

Phillips, Erik

Phillips, Roger

Pitcock, Ron

Plaisted, P.P. Amer

Pratt, Dale

Proctor,P.P., Dennis G.

Puckett, Ryan K

Raia, P.P., Matt

Richards, Ed

Rindone, Greg

Robinson, Bobby

Roche, Joel

Rodriguez, Diego

Rushton, Don

Schillereff, Herbert G.

Schneider, James

Schwartz, Bill

Scott, Mike

Seebeck, John

Sellars, Jon

Short, Mark

Sichterman, P.P., Don

Silver, P.P., Rich

 Simons, Doug

Soto, Tom

Soule, Ron

Strand, Don

Stretch, Bob

Taylor, Jim

Teagarden, Jim

Tepper, Jerry

Terry, Mike

Thoeming, Jim

Thomas, Steve

Titterington, John

Tucker, P.P., Steve

Umsted, Billy

Van Dyke, David

Varner, Hos

Viburg, Ken

Vikman, Duane

Villhauer, Gerry

Walker, Byron G.

Walker, Robert

Walker, Victor

Wall, Richard H.

Wardrip, Jerry

Weiser, Don

Weiszbrod, Gary

Wells, Wayne

Weymouth, Chris

Williams, P.P. Dick

Williamson, Ronald J.

Wingate, Rich

Winters, Walt

Wittner, Samuel L.

Wright, Sidney C.

Zeaphey, John

Zoufaly, Howard




By Jeanne Thompson

On January 9, the Caring Ladies of El Jebel held their first social meeting of the new year.  We shared stories of our early dating days, schools, and other remanence’s of days gone by.  There was much laughter as we recalled awkward first kisses, crinoline skirts and early cars.  Miss Kitty made her rounds collecting donations for the Hospital Transportation Fund.  It was a great way to begin 2019.

If you are a widow of a Shriner or Master Mason, please come to one of our meetings.  We meet the second Wednesday of every month, 11:30 am at the Chalet Restaurant, 7340 West 38th Ave. in Wheat Ridge.  The food is good, prices friendly and service excellent.  Close and supportive friendships are forged here.  Please give us a try!  Call Kay Bell. 303-430-9001 for a reservation, or just surprise us and come on down…we can always pull up another chair to the table.



By J & J Taylor

The January 8 meeting was started with lunch at Wendy’s with 5 present.  Following lunch, the group convened at El Jebel on the second floor for the meeting with 8 present. President Elect Ed Hamm opened the meeting at 1:00 and followed the normal agenda.

Ed presented a list of possible programs for 2019:

     Helpful Applications: CCC, KS, Amazon, Audible, travel, suggestions.

     Mobility Apps & Services

     Trouble Shooting

     Home Network Security

     IoT (Internet of Things)

     Latest Changes


     Open these programs to other Shriners.  

    Ed & Taylors will set up and take photos with Optars, of the new Divan prior to the

     January 14 Stated meeting and installation ceremony.

Next meeting will be lunch at Fresh Fish at 11:30. Trouble shooting between 12:15 and 1:00 by appointment, and the meeting & program (TBA) at 1:00.

Ron Williamson, our Divan Rep, gave a report on the happenings at El Jebel.

After the business program, Ed presented his experience replacing his Hard Drive with Solid State.  After the meeting, Ed helped Jim determine if Jim’s computer could be updated to Solid State.  Not worthwhile, too old.

All Shriners are invited to join our club; dues are $12.00 per year. Wives, guests, and curious people are always welcome. 

            If you have any questions, please contact Jim Taylor, 303-795-3278,


Did ya Know?

By ejgw

There are many Nobles who work behind the scenes, helping where needed without seeking the lime-light.  One of those is a fairly new Noble with a funny-spelled name – Phred Dare.  He has been in El Jebel for only six years but has been a Potentate’s Aide for three of them and has again agreed to help as an Aide for this new year as well.

He moved here from California at the ripe old age of six months and brought his parents with him.  He figures that almost qualifies him as a native Coloradoan, which. in the spirit of fairness, is most likely true, especially since his formative years were spent here, graduating from Kennedy High School in 1967 (although he only went there as a senior – the rest of high school was at Lincoln).

Phred always enjoyed riding dirt bikes, but like most of us, he has figured out that he no longer bounces and has shifted over to “boring street bikes.”  He jokes about being a collector of broken bones, which probably help prompt the switch.  He has a rather dry sense of humor – when asked about some of his accomplishments in school, he replied “I got lapped in a two-lap race in high school.  Didn’t make the team.”  After high school, Phred served in the Army air defense artillery, married his wife Joy (with whom he raised a stepdaughter and a son), and went to work for UPS.  He is proud of his forty years and 1.5 million miles of safely herding a rig through the Rocky Mountains.  He is a member of Memorial Lodge and the Chanters (“I lip-sync real well”).  He said he would like to see more parades (groan!) and a Poker Night at the Shrine (wonder if he is fishing or should that be phishing?).  He also says, “senior bowling is fun, but can also be embarrassing.”

Didja know he spells his name “Phred” because a friend hung it on him and he just kept it?  Says it originated from a character in the comic strip Doonesbury.  That oughta date a whole bunch of us.


Directors Staff

By Ed Richards

Well here it is a new year and a new Fez Reporter, but not a new member, as I was asked by our Director if I would do the Fez article.

So here we go! A new year started off with our new officers being initiated and as I list them you will see the same names as last year.

President Greg Melton, VP and Treasurer David Dorn, Secretary and Director Ron Dunsmore and yours truly Red Fez Reporter Ed Richards.

Our Ham and Egger was a success, as we had 34 people show up, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves as the day went by.

The nobles of the Directors Staff did some quality painting to give our building a nicer look. I haven’t found out yet who our new Divan Rep is, but I will let you know in my next month’s Fez, having nothing more that I can think of at this particular time I will wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Congratulations to our new potentate Bobby Marner, may we have a great year and loads of fun. And of course, I can’t shut down without thanking our Past Potentate Rich Silver and his Lady Janet for their tireless work for the past two years.



By:   Jay Bobick

The 2019 Dune Buggy meetings started on 9 January at the same location but with a new owner and name.  The Garrison Grill is now the Scrumpy Jack’s Grill with a new menu.  Eleven Patrol members and seven ladies were present.  We met at 5:30 pm for dinner (some arrived later due to work) and at 6:50 pm our 2018 President Ron Dunsmore opened the meeting.  Secretary/Treasurer Don Strand moved to accept the last meeting’s e-mailed minutes.  Seconded and voted, the minutes were approved.  Don then gave the Treasurer’s report that was unanimously approved.  See Don for details.

Discussed at our “Buggy Business” was our 5 December Christmas Party at the Homestead Grill where all attending had a festive time and enjoyed the musician.  The CSSA 2019 meetings were addressed and a decision was made and approved to register eight members for CSSA to be held in Sioux City, Iowa the Wednesday before Labor Day.  Don Weiser volunteered to attend the CSSA Mid-Winter meeting in Oklahoma City and to secure hotel rooms in Sioux City.  Parade Captain Gary Loberg briefed us on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade where there will be no reviewing stand and the public will vote for units participating.  The joint El Jebel/Highlands Lodge St. Pat’s Party will follow the parade at Highlands.  Gary needs all drivers’ insurance statements prior to 1 February so that he can turn them in to the Recorder.  This is an Imperial Requirement that must be completed.

Kathy Villhauer was thanked and given a round of applause for the great embroidery work she did on our new jackets.  Her continuing support for the Patrol is a great undertaking and we all appreciate it.  Ron Johnson recommended that we reinstate the Buggy Rodeo and Poker Run as events in 2019.  Members agreed, and Gary will include such in his planning.  Gary then announced the annual parade schedule has changed and the schedule would be distributed soon.  After discussion, it was decided a mixture of Buggy breakfasts and lunches would be planned for each parade.  Mike Palmer discussed the Sportsmen’s Raffle to address changes to make it better.  Ron Pitcock, 2019 Sportsmen’s Raffle Chair said Mike’s comments would be addressed.  

Ron Williamson announced the WCSC Bus Trip and Installation will be 9-10 February and all are invited to take the trip.  Sign up with the office.  Also, the Grand Lodge annual meeting will be 24-26 January in Colorado Springs.

Ron Dunsmore announced the 2019 officer recommended slate that was approved by vote of the membership present: President, Ron Williamson; 1st Vice President, Jay Bobick; 2nd Vice President, Ron Pitcock; Secretary/Treasurer, Don Strand; Parade Captain, Gary Loberg; and Red Fez Representative, Jay Bobick.

Ron Williamson reported on upcoming Temple meetings and events.  He then stated that communications are a top priority and it is a “two-way street.”  He will keep us apprised and asks that we keep him apprised of events.

Our next meeting will be 13 February, 5:30 pm dinner at Malone’s Restaurant with the meeting to follow; 14455 West 64th Ave., Unit G, Arvada (Arvada West Town Center).  We look forward to seeing you there.


El Mejdel Temple No. 47

Daughters of the Nile

By PQ Carole Bolduc

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and if you’re still lucky enough to be celebrating this special day with your spouse or significant other, make it memorable.

            At our Session in January, El Mejdel Temple celebrated its 90th Birthday. A delicious lunch, and of course, “birthday cupcakes” were enjoyed by all.  We also recognized those ladies who have been members of our Temple for 25 years and for 50 years. A beautiful Ceremonial was held during this Session initiating into our Temple three new members. On January 27th, our Mystery Dinner Theatre Group presented “Murder by Denial”, a spoof on Judge Judy Sheindlin. It was a huge success, and everyone had a great time; a big “thank you” to all for your support and participation.

            This month, our Chaplain, Pr. Judy Proctor, is planning our annual Memorial Service for those ladies we lost during the 2018 year. This is always a very beautiful and moving ceremony. We are all looking forward to the “Thank-you Lunch” on Wednesday, February 27th presented by our Hospital Requests/Ways and Means Committee for all of our volunteers throughout the year. Volunteers are a big part of our Temple, and without them, many of our endeavors would be for naught.

The month of March will be officer elections and the installation of a new Queen.  Where does the time go?




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We learn to earn

Dow Jones Industrial Average

January 2, 2019                        23,346.24

December 17, 2018                      24,100.51

January 22, 2019                   24,100.51


Year to date:   Up  603.87


From our last meeting in December to our January 22 meeting, the Dow was down 31.12, what a ride, but stay the course!  

We hope you did as well as we did in your portfolio, (2018 – down 10.3019% year-to-date) and (2019 – up 10.3019%).  If not, come check us out!

If you would like to come to our next meeting on August 20, 2018 and see what we do, please e-mail and we will send you an invite for the club.

necscLogo_blue walk

North East Colorado Shrine Club

By Jerry Wardrip

     Our January meeting was called to order by President Noble Cecil Souders.  He then led us in the pledge of allegiance followed by a prayer.  The minutes of our last gathering were reviewed and approved as printed.  Treasurer report was given by Secretary Jerry Wardrip as Noble Earl Craddock was out of commission due to some foot surgery.  It was unchanged from the last report.   The report was accepted as reported.  
    Our Children’s workshop with Santa at the Home Depot went very well this year.  We were asked to help, and we had over 200 kids each weekend.  The kids had a great time building toys and we had a great time helping them and Santa appreciated the help.  We will try to help out again next year. 
     Sterling Lodge is gearing up for the School awards program with the 7th and 11th grade students and getting out Scholarship information to the seniors.  We have 6 students requesting interviews already with more coming.
    With the New Year upon us it is time to apply for our 2019 fireworks permits.   Fireworks sales is our best support each year.  I hope the weather stays good.  If it gets to dry all our preparations will be for not.
     As we seem to have covered all our necessary business it was now time to move on to the rest of our day.  The President Nobel Cecil closed the meeting at about 7:25 AM with peace and harmony prevailing.

    You all have a standing invitation to come out and meet with us the second Monday of each month here at the Overland Trail Café at the Atwood interchange at 6:00 A.M. That is the Sinclair Station at Exit 115 off I-76.  Good food and Great Fellowship.


By J & J Taylor

Optars met at Village Inn for a meal and camaraderie before the meeting on January 8th; our meeting night was postponed a week because of New Years Day being on our Tuesday.

          President Ron opened the meeting at 7:00, went through all the preliminaries, and then asked about “Sickness and Distress”.  Ron didn’t look or act sick, but his ear sure looked distressed!  We all had a few good laughs, knowing both Rons have had their left ears “done” (is it catching?)  

          The Children’s Christmas Party was talked about, and was a successful venture with the Optars and Computer Club doing the pictures of Santa.  We sold some extra photos and made a little money for both clubs—traditionally, the first picture is free.  It was agreed that 4 X 6 prints are quite enough for this event; it only takes one printer, one size of paper, and much less hassle.

          Pictures of the Divan will be on January 14th before the Shrine dinner, meeting and installation.  Some time was spent deciding where to take these that have a flat white wall for a background—very few to choose from.  We found that the photographer has to stand in the kitchen, two people need to hold the doors open, and the subject” needs to be in the middle of the hall!  At least we don’t have to haul a barstool to our “studio”…

            Our program was on “Selling Your Photography”, by Ron Dunsmore.  It was very interesting hearing of his examples of photo releases and publishing efforts.  Even those who don’t want to sell any photos benefited from knowing the processes, and the do’s and don’ts of those things.  He also gave out handouts with many sources of where to go and how to go about publishing.  Thank you, Ron; too bad more of you (Shriners!) couldn’t be there!

          The next Optars meeting, February 5th, will start at 5:30 with a dinner/get-together at Village Inn.  The program will be a surprise!  But these are always good, because they relate to our passion—GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY!  (We’re improving…)

By Kent Burns

Last month I mentioned that long, cold, dark part of the year that stretches for what seems like forever between New Year’s and spring.  Little did I know how prophetic that was.  Don’t remember last year being this cold.  But then, as the years add up, it seems that winters get colder and memories get shorter.  And I also think I have shoveled more snow more often so far this year than all of last year in total.  However, we shouldn’t complain too much.  The Band makes three or four pilgrimages into or through the mountains every year and usually with good weather.  It’s been many years since we encountered bad weather and/or bad roads.  Oh, there have been some trips when it snowed on Vail Pass or near the tunnel, but (knock on wood) the conditions were pretty mild.

We made our first such trip of this year mid-month in January and the roads were pretty clear, even dry on the way back home.  We had our usual wonderful time performing with the AFA cadets at Winterskól in Aspen.  They also had a great time and are pressing for more such performances, and soon.  Which is music to our ears – pun intended.  An interesting tidbit about this annual performance:  There is a couple from the Bahamas who was in Aspen about ten-twelve years ago when we were there.  They have returned every year at the same time to see “our show.”  They don’t ski, they just enjoy the mountains.  Last year she baked a rum cake for us and put it in a round tin like a Christmas fruit cake.  She did the same thing again this year but had to juggle it with her crutches.  She joked that she was probably the first person to ever come to a ski resort on crutches instead of leave on them.  Little did we know we had our very own pair of groupies!

Our next foray up into them thar hills will be the second weekend in February when we wonder over to Grand Junction (again) to wake up the guests in the hotel – or maybe I should say, entertain the West Slope Shrine Club for their installation and the creating of three new Nobles.  And then again, the first Tuesday in March back to Snowmass for the Mardi Gras parade and celebration.  There is a chance we might be there again for the real St. Patrick’s Day, but those plans have not yet been finalized.  As always, we look forward to these trips as much for the trip itself as well as the performances while at our destination.

Should there be any out there who would like to join in on all this fun and frivolity, the Band meets every Thursday evening at the Shrine at 1900 (or 7:00pm for the uninitiated).  Come on down for the fun.

El Jebel Provost Guard

By PPM Ed Richards

Well here we are again in a New Year. And I have been nominated to do the Red Fez Articles’ for this year. I have done this in the past, but illness has prevented me from doing it every month, so here’s hoping that I can get it out as it should be. We had our Officers Installation on January 16th and I will list the new Officers as follows. Provost Marshal Jim Oliver, 1st Assistant Provost Marshal PP Tony Dattilo, 2nd Assistant Provost Marshal PPM Ed Richards, 3rd Assistant Provost PPM Ron Dunsmore, Secretary / Treasurer John Carr and yours truly Red Fez Reporter PPM Ed Richards and last but surely not the least our Quartermaster PPM Greg Melton. And of course, our new Past Provost Marshal Joe Summers. We are hoping for a better year this year as we have had Death and Illness abound. I don’t think that I have enough paper to put it all down. We Have missed John Carr as he has been busy trying to get things done after Ben Hartman passed away, Ben was Johns father in law. And John recently lost his brother too. Our thoughts are with John and his wife Jan

We as a Unit have quite a few members but they are not attending the monthly meetings. I hope that as they read this article it is imperative that they attend our meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at Malones Restaurant at 64th and Indiana. If you a were a member and you still have your issued uniform, we ask that you bring those articles in as they can be distributed to New members. The shooting range is available on Saturday’s and Sundays, but you have to call Boots Lewis to let him know if and when you are coming out, as this is the way it is arranged. Well since I really don’t have any more to write, I want to congratulate Jim Oliver as being our new Provost Marshal, I know he will do a great job. Saying prayers too.

By Michael Marcus

The Radops would like to congratulate each of our new officers on their election and for their willingness to serve our unit in 2019:

The Radops 2019 Elected Officers:

Jim Stewart – President

Jim Oliver – Vice President

Ken Behrens – Secretary

Rich Wall – Treasurer

Our weekly on the air meetings are held every Sunday evening at 7:00pm on 146.985 MHz. We also have an in-person meeting on the forth Monday of each month at the Shrine starting at 7:00pm.


By J & J Taylor

          On December 20th, (the Red Fez deadline!), Roamers met at Malone’s Clubhouse Grill in Arvada, for their meeting and installation. Tony and Ellen Dattilo were our hosts.  This “inning” will be reported in next month’s Red Fez.  But for now:

          We thought you’d like to hear about (and see) our get-together on January 2nd.  Mary Salz (Will Salz was a former Roamer who passed away last year) had an open house with invitations to visit with Diane & Larry Crook, who were in town for the holidays.  Over 20 Roamers and former Roamers showed up!  See pictures—Rices even left before we could snap them!

          Another reunion, this time on a sadder note:  We attended Linda Pattison’s memorial in Windsor this month.  Linda & Ken had been Roamers’ members, and had been very active for many years; they were Roamers’ President in ’97, Wagonmasters in ’97, and helped in many other ways.  It was good to reminisce with Dottie Wetzbarger, Jim Norrgard, and of course, Ken. 

          FYI again!  RV Roamers members do not have to have an RV; we have lots of social members who just join us for the “innings” 8 times a year, and even others who rent an RV or else a cabin for “outings”.  Come join us for fun and friendship.

By Claude Akridge

The Sandblasters January Meeting was held on January 30th at the Golden Corral located @ West Hampden Ave. and South Santa Fe Drive.  Lunch was enjoyed first, and our newly elected president called the meeting to order with the Pledge of allegiance to the flag and prayer.

President Carl brought everyone up to date on the Sandblaster winter trip to Arizona.  The outing starts February 20th thru February 26th.  There is plenty of room for any late comers who may be interested.  If so please call Carl or Margaret, H 303-934-4527 or C 303-929-7962 for all the details and cost. They will be happy to hear from you and any guest who may be interested.  There will be no regular monthly meeting in February due to the Arizona trip.  The next regular meeting at the Golden Corral will be March 27th. The 2019 Sandblaster Roster will be ready soon.

On a sad note I need report the passing of Sandblaster Leland MacDonald. Lee was a great golfer and Sandblaster and more important Lee was a GREAT guy.  Our prayers go out to his wife Gloria, daughter Debbie, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He will be missed by all that had the pleasure of knowing and golfing with him.

Neal Yorker passed away in December at the age of 94.  Neal was an active Sandblaster in past years. I personally knew Neal back in the early 1960’s before he or myself were Sandblasters. I knew Neal to be a very honorable man who always took care of his family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He will be greatly missed.

The Sandblasters congratulate our new Potentate Bobby Marner and his Divan and wish them well as they carry out their duties of El Jebel in 2019.

Three Sandblasters were at the January 12th officers meeting and several were at the January 14th instillation of the 2019 Potentate and his Divan meeting. 

Don’t forget you are always welcome to come to our lunch meeting on the last Wednesday of the month.



By Wayne Covert

Installation of officers are done, and we are off and running in a new year. The dinner was good, and the company was great. We as VIP’s want to promote good camaraderie and fellowship always. We have move our meeting place to TIA MARIA. One block south of Boulder turnpike, on Pecos. East side of the street., they were happy to accommodate us. We will still be meeting at the same time, second Wednesday the month at 5:30 for dinner. Check the calendar for this month, and don’t forget, the 14th Valentine’s day for you sweetheart. We are having family night on the 11th. Parade season will be starting next month with St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Remember, I need to have a copy of your insurance card before you can participate. Our new Divan has put together plans for a fun year, so come out and enjoy the fun. Dave Cooley is home from rehab and so far he is improving. We wish him a good recovery, we miss him at our socials. Bob and Sandy Hoblit will be our host for February social. Always remember, we are Masons first. Keep it on the square and on the level.


By Steve Thomas

Well we are coming outta the dark. We will have had our January meeting by the time you read this and making plans for Feb. I’m still waiting to win the 50/50 cash prize so maybe I can drive to Hawaii (It is a part of the United States for those of you who don’t know) and stay in one of those $5000 a night hotels.  I’ll let y’all know how that works out for me next month when we meet at CB’s Tavern in Delta Feb. 23rd at 1pm under our new leadership.

Looking forward to the Installation of WCSC officers in Feb. and spending some quality time with the folks from Denver. That is always fun to renew old friendships and meet new friends.

WCSC Clown report by Steve Thomas:

Hope y’all had a great holiday time with friends and family.

We are now storing and working on the cars for next year parade season. Don’t have a lot going on right now but we are always up and ready for whatever comes our way. I hear we are about to get a new member. Scott Krebs of Montrose Masonic Lodge #63 has sent his petition to El Jebel and wants to be a part of the most fun unit in western Colorado. Now we have to dig through our parade vehicles and see what he may want to drive. I’m sure he will fit right in with the rest of us nimrods.

Love to see the Denver people at our Installation of Officers Feb. 9th.

Here’s to a great 2019! Onward and upward.




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