R.V. Roamers

RoamerLogoBIn 1977 a group of El Jebel Nobles decided that they wanted to share their experiences in the

wilderness with other Nobles. Thus the R. V. ROAMERS of EL JEBEL was born.

Since that time the small band of roamers has grown to over sixty families and the wilderness

has become full service campgrounds for the most part, with occasional dry camping.

We have an “Outing” once a month on the 3rd weekend of April through October, and an

“Inning” at a restaurant November through March.

Once a year we do a caravan to such places as the Shrine Hospital in Salt Lake;

Branson, MO; Yellowstone National Park; South Dakota; Utah; Grand Canyon.


The R. V. ROAMERS of EL JEBEL also belong to Western Sates Association of Shrine Campers [WSASC] which has an annual rally. All Nobles interested in the wilderness or adventure please join us.


Contact: Larry Crook, President      303-905-5707  dicrook1@msn.com

David Woods, Vice President  303-317-4151  adventurewoods@gmail.com

Bruce Hepp, Secretary  303-986-6705

Richard Talkington, Treasurer 303-466-0274


 Photo Albums:

9-18-2015  Caravan Mine Tour & Box Canyon Trip 

9-16-2015  Caravan Jeep Trip 

9-11-2015  Caravan Scenery

9-11-2015  Caravan People


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