CAD – LINC Unit of El Jebel

Meetings as called by the President


Unit Description:

The El Jebel CAD-LINC UNIT extends an Invitation to all Nobles who own a Cadillac or Lincoln automobile to join us for service, fellowship and camaraderie.

Special Equipment or Requirements:





Uniform: Shirt with name badge

Initiation fee: none                      Dues:  $10.00


President – John “Buddy” Tetirick   303-341-4835

Sec/Treas  Fred Groom   303-758-0959

Captain – Fred Groom    303-758-0959

Invitation: To All Nobles

If you own either a Cadillac or Lincoln automobile, it is our hope that you will consider joining our group. We parade relaxing in our chariots of luxury; we keep our cars in mint condition, and proudly cavalcade with the other “parade units” of El Jebel. If you are a member of El Jebel, we would be honored to have you and your beautiful automobile join us. If you do not have a car, then come ride with us in unbridled comfort and in the company of a fellow brother. If you have never before had your car in a parade, give it a try! We’ll bet you have lots of fun!