Meetings – Varies

Unit Description:

Men’s choral group among the Nobles of El Jebel who enjoy singing; to bring them together in a closer bond of friendship and to encourage, promote and create enthusiasm among its members for the betterment of El Jebel. To provide entertainment and sociability among its members; to perform service on behalf of El Jebel Nobility, and to support, within the limits of our ability, the objectives and purposes of the Illustrious Potentate.

Special Equipment or Requirements:

Chantermobile a 40+ passenger semi-trailer “Music Wagon” with APU PA sound system, which is used by the CHANTERS as a parades unit.

Uniform: Green Blazer, black slacks

Initiation fee: none Dues: $20.00 year

Contact:  Nils Nordberg – Cell 978-501-2806

Rodger Peabody, President      303-482-7950

Allen Simmons, Vice President 303-905-2621

Fred Dare, Secretary/Treasurer      303-949-6709

Nils Nordberg, Sec. /Treasurer      303-284-6270

Robert Walker, Director      303-525-0627

Rodger Peabody, Red Fez Reporter    303-482-7950