Meetings as determined by the President at various locations usually for dinner


Unit Description:

Primary objectives of the Classics is to be a uniformed parade unit as well as a social unit. There are fourteen Mini Mark vehicles, individually owned. This unit is normally employed to transport the Divan during parades. The Mini Mark is a fully licensed road vehicle. The Classics were formed in 1981 as parade unit. We drive a road acceptable vehicle which is a kit car based on a 1970 vintage Continental.

The Mini Mark comes with a hard top as well as a convertible and is mounted on a Volkswagen chassis and powered with VW engine.

Special equipment or requirements:

Mini Mark vehicle, established cost $8,000.



Jacket, light and dark brown pants and shirts, bolo tie and buckle.

Estimated cost $150.

Initiation fee: $50 Dues: $20 yearly


Curt Sorensen, President      303-659-3883

Bobby Robinson, Vice President    303-350-7327

Sam Wittner, Secretary/Treasurer      303-986-5416

Glen Smiley, Captain      303-669-1036

Bob Weidler, Membership Chairman      303-657-5567

Bill Eucker, Fundraising Chairman      303-813-9303