Unit Description:

To bring the Nobles of the Shrine greater appreciation of happiness in life by means of capacious Clowning.

To bring a smile to the face of a young child, the elderly, or anyone else who is in need of a good Cheering up.

Clown Facts:

It takes approximately one-twos hour for a clown to put on his makeup, and another hour to take it off.

This can turn a two-hour gig into five hours! – And you thought your lady had a lot of make-up!

Clowns are busy all year, especially during the Shrine Circus, Christmas holidays, and most all summer.

The Clowns are in all the Parades, Shrine functions, The National Western Stock Show, and other requested appearances. In 2007 the Clowns were at over 90 different events and put in over 4000 Clown [man] hours.

All clowns have unique faces, names, and costumes.

Each must own his own Costume.

Each clown has to develop his own “personality.”

We will teach you ALL you need to know to be a Clown, including Make-up, Costuming, and how to act around Children, the Elderly and the Public.

Each clown commits to at least twelve appearances each year in costume. He must also commit to six visits to Denver’s Children’s Hospital.

At least two Clowns will visit Children’s Hospital every Sunday morning, 52 weeks a year. These groups attempt to visit every child in the hospital, for one goal, to bring a smile to a sick child’s face.

Our Clowns are made part of the Circus Troupe each year.

During the circus, most clowns stay in their makeup all day.

That means many have their makeup on over 14 hours!

——- This is some of what clowning is all about ———


The clowns are looking for new members. If you are interested,

please contact Swede “Cuddles” Nelson 307-214-1151 swede.nelson44@gmail.com

or if you know a clown, ASK him and say you want to participate in making a child smile.


Swede “Cuddles” Nelson, President     307-214-1151

Ken “Olie” Monaghan, Vice President     507-319-5373

Doug “Tiny” Kelley, Secretary       720-308-7169

Scott “Doc” Stewart, Treasurer      303-987-0659

Doug “Tiny” Kelley, Parade Captain       720-308-7169

Swede “Cuddles” Nelson,  Red Fez Reporter      307-214-1151




Last Thursday (except December), Davies Churkwagon  Dinner-

6:30 pm dinner -7 pm Meeting

Ladies are always invited as without them and all Family Members

we as A Clown Group Could not be the Best unit Around.

Initiation fee: $75     Dues: $40