Director’s Staff

Meet the 1st Wednesday, 7 PM business meeting;  2nd and 4th Wednesday are work nights

Unit Description:

The Director’s Staff of El Jebel is a service unit, with parade privileges.

Our involvement includes building props, creating the stunts at the Ceremonials and assisting with the programs for initiation. In parades, we carry the “El Jebel” sign at the beginning of the El Jebel parade units. We also set up the sound system and lighting for all Shrine meetings and social events. We are a very social unit, with our ladies included in many of our fun events.

Special equipment or requirements:

A desire to serve El Jebel Shrine


Director’s Staff provides: The Embroidery on two white dress shirt. Members provide: grey trousers, black shoes, white dress shirt, bolo tie, and dress tie


Initiation fee: none       Dues: $10


Don Douglass, President      720-300-6200

Ron Dunsmore, Vice President     303-279-6272

Wayne Livermore, Secretary/Treasurer      303-985-2604

Don Douglass, Red Fez Reporter     720-300-6200

Don Douglass, Fundraising Chairman      720-300-6200

Dave Dorn, Sunshine Chairman      303-344-0237