Meet the 1st Wednesday, at Lulu’s Inn – 33355 Hwy 36, Watkins, CO 80137

Dinner at 6 pm meeting at 7 pm

Unit Description:

From the end of the Civil War until the turn of the century, about 5 million Texas Longhorn cattle were driven to the northern railhead towns, put on trains and sent to other cities.  The Drovers or “Cowboys” who did this difficult & dangerous job have become symbols of the American West.  We ride our horses in parades and fundraisers, and have an updated wagon to allow those without a steed to ride along as well. We also do mounted Color Guard duties.   Our main requirement is to have fun.

Special equipment or requirements:

A horse is not required, if you have a horse and want to ride with us, please make sure your horse is solid broke enough to ride in parades.  Come work with fellow nobles who enjoy the western life style and like to ride and drive our wagon in parades!


 Any cowboy attire of your choice.

Old western attire is preferable, such as what would have been worn in the 1880’s’ – 1910’s.

Initiation fee: $30

Dues: $20


 Trail Boss: Ben Metcalf, (307)631-8959 cowboy_bbm@yahoo.com

Ram Rod: Wayland Britt, (303)548-5889 homestake2@aol.com

Tallyman: Al Harrington, (720)205-8113 ah80116@q.com

Brand Inspector/ Wrangler: Hoss Monsebroten, (303)550-8700 leeslake@gmail.com

Wagon Master/ Marshal: Nate Alton (303) 809-9672 sargeumcco@gmail.com