Meet the 1st Wednesday, Dinner at 6 pm meeting at 7 pm

Unit Description:

From the end of the Civil War until the turn of the century, about 5 million Texas Longhorn cattle were driven to the northern railhead towns, put on trains and sent to other cities.  The Drovers or “Cowboys” who did this difficult & dangerous job have become symbols of the American West.  We also do mounted Color Guard duties.   Our main requirement is to have fun.

Special equipment or requirements:

A horse is not required.  If you have a horse and want to ride with us you need a horse which is compatible to people.  Come work with us and our 100 year old Chuck Wagon.


any cowboy attire of your choice

Initiation fee: $30

Dues: $20


Trail Boss                  Otis Hilbun     720-298-3097                         

Ram Rod                   Wayland Britt      303-841-5769

Wrangler                   Ed McKenna     720-771-7137

Marshal                      Bud Jenkyns     303-722-2793

Brand Inspector       Al Harrington     303-688-9385

Secretary/Tallyman/Treasurer   Ed McKenna     720-771-7137