Dune Buggies

Meetings are 2nd Wednesday at 7 pm, Various Locations


Unit Description:

A Parade & Competition Unit – The custom made cars which are all made from the same mold and assembled on full length Volkswagen chassis.


Special Equipment or Requirements:

Dune Buggy estimate $4,500 -$6,500


Uniform: Less than $100 are updated every three or four years


Initiation fee: $35 Dues: $15 year


Don Weiser, President      303-489-4390

Nomar Tejera, 1st Vice President      706-604-2691

Ron Dunsmore, 2nd Vice President      303-519-3321

Ken Jones, Secretary/Treasurer      303-588-4785

Steve Tucker, P.P., Captain      303-619-0065

Don Weiser, Red Fez Reporter      303-489-4390

Ron Williamson, Fundraising Chairman      303-668-2072