Meetings are 4th Tuesday, 1 pm at Friendship/Schiller Temple

4625 Morrison Road,  Denver, Colorado 80219


Unit Description:

The LEGION of HONOR is a uniform parade unit representing the Armed Forces of United States, and its allies. Our objectives are to promote a spirit of patriotism and love of country and its flag, to remember and honor those who have made the supreme sacrifice in the service to their country. We provide a solid , cooperative body of Nobles upon which the Illustrious Potentate may call to perform dependable service for El Jebel Shrine.


Special Equipment or Requirements:

Membership shall be open to all Nobles of this Temple who have been honorably discharged from the armed forces of their country or are presently on active duty or serving in the active reserves or National Guard components of the armed forces of the United States.



Contact unit Commander or Adjutant for requirements


Initiation fee: $45.00      Dues: $25.00




Charles Stevens, Commander      303-432-0528

Ed Richards, 1st Lt. Commander      303-908-1399

Eddie McGrady, 2nd Lt. Commander      303-798-9572

Donald D. Phelps, Adjutant/Finance Officer     303-471-2481

Charles Stevens, Captain      303-432-0528

Don Phelps, Red Fez Reporter      303-471-2481

Charles Stevens, Fundraising Chairman      303-432-0528