Motor Corp (Motor Patrol, Keystone Kops, Jeep Patrol, Cooler Nobles)

Meetings are 1st Wednesday at 7:00 pm – El Jebel Shrine Card Room (Dark June-August)

Unit Description:

The Motor Patrol is a parade unit with its own special equipment:


We are also a transportation unit for El Jebel in support of Medical Clinics.

We provide drivers for vehicles at regional and national meetings held in Denver.


Special Equipment or Requirements:

Leaping Lena is a 1926 Model “T” modified to buck and whirl,

which a great attraction in parades.


LONGJOHN is a 1942 “stretched jeep” 27feet long with independent front and rear steering;
likewise a great attraction in parades.

DOUBLEHEADER is two 1935 Ford’s with two front ends.
Another crowd pleaser at parades.

Uniform: $150 for white shirt and blue windbreaker with logo, bolo tie, dark pants, black shoes


Initiation fee: $38.00       Dues: $25



Steve Hubbard, President     303-255-0900

David Hoffman, Vice President     540-419-4319

Larry Clark, P.P., Secretary 303-344-3959

Rich Silver, P.P., Treasurer     303-478-0821

Brett Hinds , Parade Captain      303-217-6107