Investment Club

Our Club was founded in March of 1966 for the education, studying and investments

in the stock market and for the social activities of its members.


Meetings are 1st Monday after the 3rd Friday,

10:00 a.m. – at El Jebel

e-mail for information and location


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Unit Description:

This a social unit of El Jebel that has two purposes:

(1) To help further the programs of our Illustrious Potentate and the Temple;

and promote good fellowship and fraternalism among its members and

(2) To act as an investment group that invests the Club’s assets in stocks,

bonds and securities for the education and benefits of the members.

Membership is limited to 20 Nobles from El Jebel


Special Equipment or Requirements:     None


Uniform: None


Initiation fee: buy in at Market Value


Dues: $30 year – plus monthly investments of $30



Claude Akridge, President      303-369-5756

Doug Lenon, Vice President      303-734-0708

Phil Hause, Treasurer/Secretary       303-934-5488