Meetings: Various Locations, 11:30 a.m., as selected by the officers of the club.


Unit Description:

The SPORTS CAR CLUB was formed for Shriners with mutual interest in powerful and beautiful convertible cars, regardless of age. We are a social unit with parade privileges and are sometimes asked to drive dignitaries in the parades. Our outings include our Ladies and consist mainly of day trips to interesting places, including a meal.  We may participate in parades in other areas, such as to support the CSSA and other Shrine activities.


Club accepted Golf Shirt, Black Jacket with club embroidery.

Initiation Fees:

$30 includes dues for current year


$20 a year

Application for Membership:

Request from Sports Sec/Treas


Greg Rindone, President     303-918-7299

John Kesig, Vice President     303-460-0607

Contact: Hos Varner, Secretary/Treasurer     303-979-5942