T-NOBLES Meetings are 2nd Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.

Unit Description:

The T-NOBLES unit is a uniformed, motorized, mobile parade unit and social innerbody of El Jebel whose purpose is to promote good fellowship, sociability, and fraternalism among its members and to form a solid cooperative body of Nobles who assist, drive and promote miniature autos, wreckers, and fire trucks, which the Illustrious Potentate can call upon and depend upon to perform services on behalf of El Jebel. A social activity is held once a month where the active and social members and their ladies gather to enjoy the friendship of one another.

Special Equipment or Requirements:

Miniature Model T Car, Wrecker or Fire Truck


Black slacks, shoes, belt. White short sleeved T-Noble embroidered shirt,

Red T-Noble embroidered jacket, (Red Sports coat for social events)

Initiation fee: $10.00        Dues: $12.50    Social Members  $8.00 per year


Ryan Puckett, President     720-218-0770rpucket310@gmail.com

Travis McLain , Vice President  303-250-8646 travis.james.mclain@gmail.com

Robert (Bobby) Juchem, Sec. /Treasurer  303-570-1266 rwjuchem@gmail.com

Chris Weymouth, Captain 559-960-2339 chrisandjudy1967@gmail.com

Jodi Dreher, Lieutenant  303-601-7306 jodidreher@gmail.com